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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Reconstituting Roots

The picture above is of a "reconstituted" John the Conqueror Root (left) and Angelica or Archangel Root (right). 

How many of you who are workers and especially those who have had to make mojo bags at the last minute realize that the one ingredient your bag just has to have is only available to you in the powdered form? So let's say you desperately need a John the Conqueror Root but you only have say chips and powder. What would you do? Would you use them? Traditionally, these types of roots were always employeed whole while other roots and herbs can be used by themselves. The reason being is that these roots had power, were special, and were "alive". So to cut them up is to cut the power up as well.

In the past I've always used whatever I had but now I'm leaning toward being creative. I've now tried reconstituting root chips and powder using wax and it's awesome. I promise you they look extremely authentic and even will have the same smell. The only difference is that they don't have the same weight. Even this can be corrected if you are willing to spend a bit more time and say make a center of sand or something a bit more heavy like coins or even lead.

In the picture above I have a "reconstituted" John the Conqueror Root as well as an Angelica root or an Achangel Root. Believe it or not these are quite simple to make. The John the Conqueror Root began as a need for a medium-sized root that I can use in my mojo bag. The one I bought online, and yes it was getting bad as there was a shortage online and it was going for like $40 to $60 an ounce to two ounces. So I finally got one listed at only $4 for an ounce, which turned out to be too large. So I was pissed as it just couldn't fit in the mojo bag I needed.  I decided to set the root in a small candle holder and covered it with whisky and left it over night. The next day I had to top it off with more whisky as it was still a little dry. By that evening I was able to take it and cut off pieces with a strong pair of scissors. I set the chips out to dry. When dry I took them and chose a brown candle and a purple candle and began to form the skeleton of the piece. I glued several of the largest pieces together to form the general length of the piece. I then covered it with brown and purple wax and then rolled the entire thing in the powdered John the Conquer Root. It looked fantastic! I ended up repeating the process of coating it with new wax and then rolling it in powdered John the Conqueror Root about two more times.

I did a similar thing with the Angelica Root. This time I had to be reminded what it looked like so I went online and saw some pictures. I then quickly fashioned it. When the wax is hardened one can then carve little grooves or lines on them that suggest grooves and places where the root send up leaves.

Now, there are times when you do not need to fashion anything into a root form. For example, I used Churchyard Dirt but used wax to form a little pellet of concentrated dirt. This way if I wanted to use it in a mojo bag so that it won't fall out. By the way, these pellets are really good to use for enemy work if you know what I mean, wink-wink. In the Ozark tradition I believe these pellets are called witch's shot or bullets, if I'm not mistaken. The Germanic people often have similar "elf shot" type of thing as well.

If you prefer that your little reconstituted root or pellet is water-proof, over and above the wax, then simply use something like clear fingernail polish  or varnish on them. This way even if they are put into the laundry by accident then you don't have to necessarily use a new root as this one will survive the process and may not end up with a mojo hand that needs to be remade. Another technique you can try that will also add longevity to your piece is to use a hot glue gun and apply a very thing layer of glue all over the piece. Work in section and as soon as you got a section covered immediately roll it in powdered root to cover it.

In my next blog on mojo hands I will "most likely" go ahead and give a very good secret away about making a mojo that will survive being accidental laundered. Seriously, wash it how many times you want. It doesn't matter and you will never had to remake it. You have to do something to refresh but never have to remake it nor even add anything else to it. So it's sewed up completely. More to come on that though.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Ridiculous Prices For Devil's Shoe String Root

Heads up.... There's some insane price wars going on with Devil Shoe String Roots on Amazon and eBay. One ounce was going for $150 to $200. I don't know why. It isn't a rare plant. I did manage to find a seller on Etsy who offered an ounce for $7, so that's a relief.

A similar thing happened with John the Conqueror Roots some time back. Nobody had them whole for any reasonable amount. Wisdom Products were simply out of stock for over a year. Amazon and eBay had them for about 1 oz (usually one piece) for up to $60. There' still one listing that's for one so-called "large" one that is listed at over $100. However, that one doesn't quite look like a real one and may be Scammony or something else. It shows it coming in of all things a purple Crown Royale bag. lol

Monday, June 24, 2019

Mojo Making Tip: Using Rock Salt

A quick tip I will share with readers is that if you are like me then you might not be found of having too much loose stuff in your mojo bag. Some herbs can be difficult to use in mojo bag due to their size, sharpness, or smell. For example, some herbs may have stems or other parts that will poke through the cloth of the bag. Sometimes the holes can become so large that you fear that other things will fall out of the bag and so you are forced to start over with a new one. Even Salt can be problematic when added to a mojo bag. Most workers tend to have the standard kitchen salt available, meaning that it can often work it's way out of the mojo. If you are using salt then be aware that it doesn't mater what type of salt you use. If you want salt that won't spill or work itself out of your mojo hand then try using rock salt. A larger piece can even be brushed with clear fingernail polish or varnish and this will prevent it from dissolving when feeding the bag or if accidentally leaving it in a pocket while laundering your clothes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Revenge Oil

As I have been working on my oils as of late I thought I would blog a bit about one of the easiest oils you can make, a powerful enemy work oil that can be used to get justice and revenge against someone who has already caused damage. The oil is called Revenge oil and it's very simple to make.

So before I give the recipe I thought I would share why a person, be they Christian or not, may use a spiritual product called Revenge in the first place. Well, let's face it. Many times a person is able to hurt us because we didn't catch on to them quick enough to be able to neutralize them either by conjure work or more normal means, as in clenched fists in faces. So, when the damage has been done there's not really much that can be done for us, save for work to help us repair and get back up to speed. If we caught it quick enough we may have been able to reverse it back on them and we could theoretically still do reversing work to get any remaining negative energy out and way from our lives and have it returned back to the sender. However, most of the time we are now forced to do any conjure work from a different mind-frame, that of justice work or work to stop them from hurting other people. It's just that as they are stopped from doing more harm that we luckily can get a bit of revenge for ourselves at the same time.

So Revenge oil. It's one of the easiest oils yet nearly everyone who makes this can feel the energy of it. It's pretty powerful. Buy a container of black pepper powder. Get another empty container, such as a spice container. Add the black pepper and top with an oil of your choice to just slightly over the pepper powder. Mix well and set aside in a cool, dark place. Every few days or at least once a week, take it and mix it well. After about 1-6 months, or even longer if you prefer, you can use it. I left mine for about a year before using. Take it and strain the contents, throwing away the black pepper and saving the oil. The oil will be stained a darker color and will have the classic black pepper smell. If it is not as strong as you like simply repeat the process with more black pepper powder but use this oil to top it with.  Now for the other ingredients. They are quite simple. Add 9 black peppercorns to the bottle (optional) and some ground ivy (creeping charlie) root. You may also substitute with English Ivy if it's not available. Now, here's the deal. I try to use not the ground roots but the little roots that form on the English ivy that will climb up the side of fences because I want the symbolism of this digging into the sides of my enemies and burrowing deep and not letting go. That's it. That's the recipe. I think the smell of the black pepper just makes it feel so potent.

Black pepper oil by itself is used for both revenge as well as to banish a person in a less than extreme and possibly dangerous way through Hot Foot oil. However, there is still a chance the person may be harmed so if the person is genuinely innocent and did you no wrong but needs to leave your life then I would recommend blessing them with something that will take them away, such as a new career, new relationship, etc. They don't deserve to be hurt but blessing them will help them and help you by not having to put up with them. Just my opinion, to each their own.

FYI: Black Pepper oil is also a great ingredient, including a fragrance for other enemy work oils, such as; Black Arts Oil, D.U.M.E., and milder Banishing products.

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Ten Lost Books of the Prophets


I came across this book a while back. It's by Lewis de Claremont, a staple in the early days of this type of occult book (pamphlet) that were sold in hoodoo drugstores and pharmacies across the nation. Due to the title I'm assuming that this is a companion to the 6-10th books of Moses that were very popular with hoodoo practitioners. I also discovered that I had accidentally ordered two copies. So I am thinking of offering one copy for sale at a very special price of more than 50 % off of what I paid.  If you are interested in purchasing this book then shoot me an email at 

At the time of this blog entry, is listing this book for as great as $1400 and as little as $400. I kid you not! Of course this just means that people are asking for that amount and doesn't reflect what buyers wold actually be willing to pay. Due to this drastic price increase, I assume that the book may now be out of print yet again. This is quite common with these sorts of book. I had to wait 20 years to get a copy of the Terrors of the Evil Eye Exposed!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

7 African Powers Statue

Item for sale. Need to get rid of stuff and make some room for new things. This is an older 7 African Powers statue for sale. I either bought it or was given it by a client some time back. I am selling it for $15 (includes s/h) or $35 (includes s/h and ritual blessing of statue). If interested send me email to 

My New Hoodoo Condition Oil Labels

I was feeling a bit artsty-fartsy for the past few days and since I had some free time I began to design my own condition oil bottle labels. Prior to this I was making labels by using coffee or tea to stain the paper and then light the edge on fire a bit to darken them and give them a vintage/antique look. These vintage type labels are visually interesting but I do miss those funky retro looking labels on the old hoodoo oil bottles from King Novelty, Valmour, and various candle shops around the nation back in the day. So I decided to make my own and here they are. I do sell some of them but rarely advertise them. Since they are all hand produced with one-of-a kind graphics I have to charge a bit more than what you mind find online or in your local area occult shops. These 1 oz square glass bottles go for $16.99 (includes s/h). If you want to buy more than one then please email me at and I will give you a custom quote so you don't end up paying shipping on each one ordered.

FYI: A few of my fave oils are the "True Blue oil", "Waters of Life Prosperity", and the "Blue Penis oil." Many people may still be shocked to learn that back in the day the color blue was used for both money and prosperity as well as in love spells for it's "loyal" significance.