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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Unsolved Mysteries With Dennis Farina - Season 1

The first season of Unsolved Mysteries with Dennis Farina, has been released for free on YouTube. You can watch the entire first season below. Although I prefer the series hosted by Robert Stack, the one with Dennis Farina is also good. I remember as a child of the 80s, that the theme music from the opening of the show always scared the crap out of me! I loved all the UFO, Ghost, and Occult segments. So if you haven't watched the seasons with Dennis Farina then have a go at it below.


Hyacinths are one my favorite Spring bulbs. I love the traditional purple-blue color and they are so fragrant that they literally can be smelled all throughout the home from just one plant. I really like to grow them indoors. Growing Hyacinths indoors is a very old practice, originating in the Victorian age where they were grown in small vases, actually called "Hyacinth vases", just large enough to hold a single bulb. The bulbs do need to go through a cold, dormant period before they will bloom. The good news is that this can easily be achieved in the fridge. When you buy bulbs simply place them in a shallow dish with potting soil and sprinkle just an extremely light amount of water on them. Then place them in the fridge for 1-2 months. You can also place a single bulb in a Hyacinth vase that is filled with water but making sure that the surface of the water does not touch the bulb, lest it begin to rot. Then after 1-2 months just take it out and keep it in a place with indirect sunlight and it should soon begin to grow. 

Hyacinth is traditionally a deep purple-blue in color but can also be found in shades of blue, purple, white, pink, orange, and yellow. 

In Greek Mythology, Hyacinths were named after a youth named Hyacinthus who was loved by both the god Apollo and the god Zephyrus, the god of the West wind. Both gods competed for Hyacinthus' affections but the youth clearly preferred Apollo. Zephyrus, enraged with jealousy, spied the pair playing discuss and when Apollo threw the discuss, Zephyrus blew it, causing it to to strike Hyacinthus in the head with a mortal wound. Apollo ran to his side but was unable to save his life. In his grief, Apollo changed every drop of Hyacinthus' blood into a Hyacinth plant. Zephyrus went unpunished for his crime, as gods often do, and turned his romantic attention to Chloris, the goddess of flowers. The two eventually wed and she bore him many children. Apollo, though considered the ideal of male beauty, was never successful in love.

In reality, the plant that we call Hyacinth today is not the same flower mentioned in the Greek myths but it does bear a close similarity to the flower. 

Due to the same-sex romance associated with the flower from the myth, Hyacinth oil can be used to create gay love-drawing spiritual products. The only drawback is that because the essential oil is unstable that it really can only be purchased as a fragrance oil. 

Note: If you are wanting to try growing a Hyacinth bulb in a Hyacinth vase then just know that sometimes the plant will grow so big that it will tip over and can really get on your nerves by how often you have to fix it. You might need to set it up against something to keep it upright. If you are wanting to purchase a Hyacinth vase then try Amazon and eBay. eBay has some a lot of vintage one, some dating to the 1800s. Just keep in mind that the vintage Hyacinth vases can be quite expensive. If you put the bulbs in the fridge you can have Hyacinth flowers by February. I really like them closer to Spring and they seem more of an Easter decoration to me for some reason.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Spell To Bind Donald Trump

They are at it again! No-power-having hacks have decided to spread a "binding curse" against Trump that has gone viral online. You can read the curse at the link below:

I really hate how people can be so stupid. Sure, there is strength in numbers but you can't talk about what you are doing. Power shared is power lost. Also, this spell is rather stupid. So you have a picture of Trump as your personal concern. Great. So why in the hell would you use an orange candle? Is the color meant to represent his hair? Makes no sense to me. So it calls for a nail. However it says for the nail to be rubbed up and down the candle. What's that supposed to do? I do love the Tower card from the Tarot. That's probably the best part of this spell. The chant is stupid. This is really a very poor and uninspiring spell. I'm just shaking my head as to why this suddenly became a thing.

I've already written in past blog entries that Trump has power. He has to be very powerful to be a billionaire and to have won the presidency. So if any silly new-age fluff bunny Wiccan or the like thinks that they or their friends are more powerful than him, you might think again. Are you a billionaire? Do you live in a massive skyscraper? I think not. I'm not a Trump supporter at all but I am a realist. This spell is stupid. If Trump harms you specifically then yeah, do your thang on him. However, quit hating just because you don't like what the man says. Do I what I do and turn off the t.v. Choose your battles wisely.

The 4 Laws of the Mage
1. To Know
2. To Will
3. To Dare
4. To Keep Silent

Spring Has Sprung

So we officially have an early Spring in my area. The Flowering Pear trees are in full bloom. Bulbs are blooming. Spring onions are out in full force. Soon the Redbuds will be in bloom. So I guess the prediction on Groundhog Day proved correct. My guess is the reoccurring days of temps in the 80s and 90s have triggered the flora. The day before Valentine's it was 91 here! That's freaking insane! I'm no going to lie. I'm loving this weather. It's just that I'm concerned as to whether or not this is an omen for a very hot Summer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Favorite Night Visions Episodes

Night Visions was a one-season television series similar to The Twilight Zone. It aired in 2001 and was hosted by Henry Rollins. Actor Gary Oldman was originally set to host the show but network executives felt that he was not young enough and relevant enough to draw in viewers. The show ran into some controversy after critics complained that it was far scarier than one would expect for television. Despite it's appeal, a second season was never ordered.

In this episode below are the two stories, The Passenger List, which appears to be a potential inspiration for the Final Destination movie franchise. The second story, titled, The Bokor, is a tale of Voodoo (probably hoodoo). A Bokor is a sorcerer in the religion of Haitian Voodou. My favorite line from it is "A Bokor's lover's heart must be as pure as the sky while the Bokor's heart must remain as black as the earth".

In the episode below, titled Dead Air, a jerk upsets the wrong person. I'm not going to lie, I saw this one on a literal dark and stormy night and I found it to be really good and scary! The second story is titled The Renovation. I'm not a big fan of that story.

In this episode below, the first story is titled, View Through The Window, and concerns a tale of human stupidity and a reminder that the grass isn't greener on the other side. The second story is called, Quiet Please.

In this episode below, a man believes he is cursed in the story titled, Hate Puppet. The second story, titled, Darkness, is a tale of a generational curse, of sorts.

The following episode contains the stories, A Bitter Harvest, a cautionary tale of how you shouldn't mess with the son of a witch as his momma may have taught him a thing or two, and My So Called Life And Death, a ghost story.

The following episode reveals a hidden fear that many men have of women in the story, titled, The Dog House. The second story, titled, Still Life, is a woman who achieves the most creative prison escape.

In this episode a would-be good Samaritan is punished in, Cargo. The second story is titled, Switch. A woman with multiple personalities doesn't quite understand herself as much as she assumes she does.

The following episode contains my favorite story, titled, Patterns. Ever want to experience what it's like to be God? Trust me, you don't! The second story is titled, Voices. A woman's new found hearing may turn out to be a curse instead of a blessing.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Crowhaven Farm (1970)

A couple inherits a farm and moves in, not knowing that its haunted and of its connection to witchcraft.

Bay Cove (1987)

A new family to a small town starts to suspect that their neighbors are witches/warlocks.

Midnight Offerings (1981)

I had to delete this and post it again. The video I chose on YouTube was to wonky and had too many errors in it. So I'm posting it again with a far better copy.

I remember when this aired on t.v. This was one of the first witch movies I saw that started my fascination with the occult. It's a classic "good witch" vs. "bad witch" film, and of course they are fighting over the same guy! I really enjoy this one. It's sort of like the 80's version of "The Craft".

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Coming (1981)

The ancestor of an accuser during the Salem Witch Trials believes she is targeted by the restless spirits of the innocent people wrongfully convicted and hanged as being witches.

Stranger In Our House (1978)

Stranger in our House, a.k.a. Summer of Fear, is a book and a t.v. movie which aired on Halloween night in 1978. It's an interesting old flick. A teenager named Rachel is suspicious of bad things that begin to happen after her cousin Julia comes to stay with her family. Julie, growing up in the Ozarks, knows all about the superstitions in Ozark folk magic. Rachel finds evidence that Julia may be more than merely knowledgeable concerning "old wive's tales". With time, Rachel begins to suspect that Julia is a witch.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Actual YouTube Conversation

Just thought I would post this here for the sure hell of it.

So I was on YouTube tonight and I was watching a video on graveyard dirt. I read one of the comments from a person who asked if he could add herbs to the graveyard dirt to give it power. I replied to him explaining that though you can add herbs if you like but that graveyard dirt would be the most powerful thing in that mixture, more powerful than any herb alone that you may add, because you are working with that spirit, that is if it's gathered correctly. The guy replied back saying "not really" and "the only thing graveyard dirt is good for is to use as a base for herbs". I read the comment, lowered my head, closed my eyes and rubbed my eyes with my fingers while shaking my head from side to side. No further comment from me!