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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Neat Conjure Tip For A Holiday Gift......Amulet Wall Hangings


Looking for a cool, DIY magical Christmas gift for these COVID times?  How about making deorative amulet wall hangings/Christmas Tree decorations!  You can even hang them in the car if you want.

Above is my cross that conceals Psalm 91, a SATOR square, one of the earliest symbols of Christianity,  and anti-Lilith charm complete with the three Angels who pursue her (Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semengelof), as well as "Adam and Eve barring Lilith:", and finally an ABRACADABRA charm, all on wood pieces bought at the dollar store. 

These take colored ink and even colored pencils rather nicely. Attach whatever you may and be creative about it. On my SATOR square I used the copper wire left over from some fairy lights I bought that did not work. It looks pretty cool. I gave them a quick rinse in brown paint that I severely wattered down to give it an aged appearece. When they are dry simply attach a hanger and felt to the back if you prefer.

I think I'm going to make some Planetary squares next, followed by actual seals from the various grimmoires. I might even make some with pictures of old hoodoo catalogs, such as from King Novelty. I'll be sure to post them as I complete them.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

My Line of "7 Day Glass Candles"

Above are two pictures of some of my "7 Day Glass Candles". Note that all of the artwork is hand-drawn. When I first started working candles for clients I began to plan elaborite designs with computer graphics. However, I have since abandoned such idea. It's much easier and creative to make it yourself. Literally get a sheet of paper, any will do but parchment paper works nice, and draw, draw, draw! Use scissors and tape or else white glue to stick it to the candle glass. Of course if you simply can't draw worth crap then use clip art or stock images.

I never charge an arm and a leg for candle work like some can. With this covid thing, I've even lowered the fee for a candle setting to just $25.   


Friday, November 27, 2020

Latest Creations - The Mystical, Magical "7 Knob Wishing Candles"



Well, I tried at least. It can be hard trying to reproduce long beloved image candles by making everything one's self. Just joking. I think they are okay and I'm not done with them. I can sand them down smooth and perhaps a final dip and buff for shine. 

The "7 Knob Wishing Candles" where always my favorite. They are just easier to use when you need to burn a candle in sections.  You could use the 7 day glass candles but we all know they don't last 7 days, let alone the 9 they were originally supposed to last for.  A good trick with this is that I love using them in conjuction with a lodestone to draw something to me. Try it and I'm sure you will agree that the combination of both the 7 Knob and Lodestone is very powerful.

As with all my candles, I make the mold myself. The molds I make are only good for one casting so I have to make a new one each time I make a candle. Thes are two sizes, the large is about 10 inches and the small are 6 inches. The traditional ones that were on the market tended to be around 6 inches as well. 

For those who don't know how to use them, you carve your one wish on each knob or a different wish totallying seven on the knobs and burn one segment a day for a week. You can dress the candle with the appropriate oil and make sure to pinch it out in between burnings. Burn incense with this candle even if you don't plan to use a lodestone.

Once completed, I will be offering them for sale, as well as with all my candles I make.  Of course they are also used with my cients cases as well. 


Saturday, October 31, 2020

Candles and Sugar Cookies -or- What Good Is Halloween When Wearing Masks Everyday

 So it's finally arrive, Halloween 2020.  This Halloween looks to be a bit like last years, though this time we have that dreaded boogeyman, COVID19 hiding behind every bush fixing to pounce upon us when we least suspect.  Anybody else tired of wearing these stupid masks as if we were Asian casino players, because those sly folk knew what they were doing. For years I saw them at the casino and everyone of them had a mask on. They knew something was going to happen. Maybe like a sixth sense. Anyway, I'm tired of walking around like a zombie with us being 6ft apart, just the same as 6ft under. So I guess this Halloween it's come as you are instead of come as your aren't. I doubt I will have even one trick-or-treater.

I've been keeping busy. Just as with last year I have made a lot of candles for my practice. Halloween just begs me to stock up on the "enemy work" paraphernalia. So I did a lot of skull and crucifix (black), and I atried a witch one but was not impressed. I also took a break last night and made some Halloween sugar cookies for both my newphews and myself. I haven't made these in a long time. Of course I had to do it the old fashioned way, cut them out by hand with a knife, as I don't have a single holiday, let alone any, cookie cutters. I then dust them with colored sugar or if I want to truly impress I use store bought frosting, dyed accordingly. This really makes for the perfect cookie. Move over royal `icing, as cake frosting is to die for. It literally makes sure the cookies is always kept moist while the frosting itself hardens a little bit. 

I guess I will just stay in tonight, order a pizza and then go pick it up since most deliveries are no longer an option (I really hate Dominos and their b.s. commercials about "curbside delivery".) Perhaps there will be a scary movie on or maybe I might give that new The Craft remake a try. I will do the standard carve a pumpkin today, though, as it is the only tradition I guess I can do at my age. I bet it will be a sad pumpkin. I think it will cry pumpkin seed tears over the state of this world. Can't wait umtil I hear someone say, "post COVID19", in the same manner as they might say, "post Katrina". 


P.S. Why isn't there a "Black Lives Matter" political party? Jeeze, a major opportunity was wasted.  You can't just protest and march down streets. If you only do that you will never succeed. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hoodoo Tip: Substition For Magnetic Sand When Working With Magnets/Lodestones

Just a brief tip here, if you work with magnets and lodestones and use the traditional method of deploying them, that is by adding pinches of magnetic sand to them every day for a set number of days, then running out of magnetic sand can be a bad thing. Well, the answer is quite simple. I would suggest substituting with either metal paper clips and/or open safety pins. Instead of a pinch you can just add one each day. If you use the safety pins then you have the extra symbolism of snagging what you want and again drawing it to you over and above the symbolism of the magnet or lodestone itself. I have tested this myself and I can assure you it works. You may need to adjust your command phrase you speak over your magnet/lodestone to reflect this change though.