Monday, September 1, 2014

Dr. Pryor's Japo 7-11 Brand Sacred Oil

These are three bottles of Dr Pryor's Japo 7-11 Brand Sacred Oil. I purchases these to add to my collection of hoodoo paraphernalia. The Dr. Pryor's brand line of oils is owned by Indio/Wisdom. However, the line is discontinued. I contacted Indio/Wisdom to see if they had any plans of resurrecting this line of oils and they made it clear they will never bring them back. I believe it's because of two reasons. 1. The term "Japo" is considered racist in modern times. 2. The Dr. Pryor's brand oils are alcohol based. You can tell by the smell of the oils, their cooling effect they have on the body, and how easily they evaporate. Using an alcohol-based spiritual oil can be problematic and even outright dangerous. If you are just dressing offertory or stick candles then you won't have problem if you let them dry before lighting them. However, if you are using this product in 7 day glass candles the it can prove to be a fire hazard. So I personally believe these are the two main reasons why Indio/Wisdom have retired this line of spiritual products.

True story: Back in 1999 I visited a local occult shop and saw two bottles of Dr. Pyror's oils for sale that were hidden in with the rest of the oils. I bought them both. One was Uncrossing and the other one was John the Conqueror (I think but am not certain). I used them both. I really liked them and went back to the store as I read a sign saying they could order any product a customers had in mind. So I knew they were out of them as I had purchased them. However, I just figured they could order me some more. Boy was I wrong. That's when the owner told me that that line of products is no loner made and that the bottles I had purchases were very, very old bottles she had found stashed in the back. I had foolishly used the and threw away the bottles when in fact I should have have never used them, let alone thrown them away, and should have saved them. So I was really happy to find a botanica online that just happened to have three bottles of the 7-11 oil for sale. I bought all three. You may not be able to tell but the bottle on the far right is actually an archaic bottle that is no longer used by Indio/Wisdom. It is slender on top and widens at the bottom. It also has a rectangle base set in glass that new bottles don't have. I like it. These three bottles will not be used and will be included in my collection.

For those wondering about the back of the bottle, here are the instructions printed on the back label of all of the Dr. Pryor's oils:


Anoint thy hands with the oil daily and make a sign of the cross. Concentrate on your desires. Sprinkle a few drops around the room or place of business. Read the 23 Psalm daily. 


Dr. Pryor's brand of oils are unique for they contain this back label. If you happen to come across any Dr. Pyor's oils I strongly urge you to snatch them up as they are indeed collector's pieces. If you don't want them, hit me up. I'll buy them!

7 Sisters Of New Orleans - Lucky 13 Oil

This is a bottle of 7 Sisters of New Orleans Lucky 13 oil. I purchased it to add to my collection of hoodoo-related paraphernalia as this particular title is either no longer offered for sale or at the very least only offered for wholesale buyers. It is not listed for sale on the public website. The oil is red and has the typical fragrance that most of the red oils from Indio/Wisdom have. If you are a collector like me then you might want to pick up a bottle or two if you come across it. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

"Crossroads Rite" In New Movie And OKC Is Apparently The New Satanic Capital Of The U.S.

I saw At The Devil's Door last night and it was good. The story features a girl (Ashley Rickards of MTV's Awkward) who gets mixed up with a Satanist boy who then takes her to meet a scarier, older Satanist guy. She then makes a pack with Satan. The Satanist tells her to go to the crossroads and call out her name so that he (Satan) will know her name when he comes for her. This pact lets loose a chain reaction of evil. I thought the movie was really interesting. The movie is suspenseful and definitely keeps your interest. The ending is not so good and is far over-played.

Also, it seems we are getting another Satanic Black Mass here in Oklahoma City. We had our first one about 4 years ago. We've had a few others that didn't get much attention. Another one planned for September 21, 2014, is drawing International news because the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City sued the Satanic group over the theft of a consecrated host. The group wanted to use the host in the black mass but eventually returned it. The lawsuit was then dropped. The black mass will be open to the public but is not free. I actually would like to go just to see what it is they actually do. I wouldn't take part in any fashion though.

We still are supposed to be getting a Satanic monument put in downtown sometime in the future.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Rising Trend In So-Called "Marine Spirits/Demons"

I'm very perplexed by this rising trend of the belief in marine spirits/demons by various Pentecostals and other denominations. I first came across this last year and I'm seeing more and more of it. It seems to have started in Africa and is now spreading across the world. For those who are not familiar with this belief system, believers claim that Satan's kingdom lies at the bottom of either the Pacific or Atlantic ocean (all this time I thought he was the prince of the powers of air). Believers claim that demons have built this vast, beautiful kingdom beneath the waves, probably similar to the one the Little Mermaid came from, and are using it as a base for world domination. Believers claim that these marine demons make pacts with witches and wizards to give them powers to be able to transform into a mermaid (I kid you not!), and similar to the medieval notion of the Devil giving men the power to transform into werewolves. These mermaid/merman witches are then able to travel to Neptune's, I mean, Satan's palace at the bottom of the sea and can breathe underwater. In fact, the geo-political system of this demonic underwater realm is so complex that there are even "marine queens", powerful witches who have been given dominion over territories of the ocean. Of course these sea demons are believed to possess people. So that's the story, their belief system. It's spreading and it doesn't show any sign of slowing down at this point. These people truly believe this is real and is happening. It's the modern underwater version of the witches' sabbat.

What really troubles me is that these types of Christians are right now teaching that Yemoja/Yemaya, Olokun, Mami Wata, La Sirene, Oshun/Ochun, River Mama, and similar water spirits of the African diaspora are in fact powerful marine demons and their worshipers are labeled as satanic witches possessed by marine demons. This could really develop into a dangerous situation in the future. It might explode into a new round of "Satanic Panic".

Here are a few videos so you know I'm not making this stuff up:

Now, there is some truth to what these Christians are preaching but it's a truth that eludes these Christians. The truth is that water spirits have a dark side. They have this dark side because it's the nature of water. Water can refresh and sustain and it can also take life via drowning. Over on my blog, The Demonical, I've documented several demons that were said to take the form of part-women, part-fish. Many of these female demons were baby-killers and were believed responsible for miscarriage, what we now call crib death or SIDS, infertility, and female problems. At least one of these mermaid demons is alleged to be the cause of migraines. So what we have her is not something new per say, but just a new take on this old belief system.





So how does this fit with hoodo/conjure work? Well, I can't speak to people transforming into mermaids or of a Satanic palace at the bottom of the ocean. What I do know is that witches, not Wiccans, can send various elemental spirits out to spiritually attack their "enemies" (innocent victims). When a water elemental is summoned by witches it tends to inflict these same types of problems on it's victims. A person under attack by a water elemental could begin to experience edema (swelling), water retention, lung problems such as pneumonia, emphysema and asthma, or simply inability to adequately breathe, emotional disturbances, insomnia and night terrors, problems urinating, problems with kidneys, and miscarriages, infertility and female reproductive problems. Theses symptoms would occur in conjunction with other signs that a water elemental spirit was at work. For example, if the air in the home is just outrageously humid when outside it's not humid, condensation dripping off the walls, ghostly wet foot prints, etc.

So I  thought I would blog on this to bring it to people's attention. On one hand it worries me because I fear that a new round of Satanic Panic can pop up. However, on the other hand I find it fascinating because this belief in marine demons is not new and is just as old, if not older, than Christianity itself.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cursed (2012)

All across the world people believe they have been cursed. For some, their problems arose from acquiring a cursed object, breaking a taboo, or moving into a cursed home. For others, "voodoo"(hoodoo), witchcraft and Native American vengeance curses are to blame. The most unfortunate are those born into a family suffering a generational curse. The following series examines the lives of individuals who believe they've been cursed.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

When It Comes To Candle Omens....Relax.

One of the things I've noticed is that some people are getting a bit carried away with regard to reading the omens after a candle burn. I know one woman mentioned to me that she pulled up a chair and studied the glass for about a hour, writing down details. I think that's a bit much. The glass is not a crystal ball. Omens should be picked up rather quickly. Below are some advice I would give on this matter.

1. The candle wants to openly communicate the omens. The candle will not be subtle, coy, tricky or even passive-aggressive. The candle omens are straightforward.

2. The candle omens are quick to pick up on and do not require a lengthy time to interpret.

3. The candle gives omens the entire time of the burn and not just at the end. For example, if you notice  that wax is building up heavily on the sides of a glass candle and then later on all of it melts and burns away, then this means that there will be further obstacles in the future but that the person will ultimately prevail and overcome them. If you only read the candle at the end then it would imply that it would be smooth sailing the entire way until the manifestation of the goal/desire which is not what the candle is actually communicating at all in this scenario.

5. When working with candles it's important to be able to switch back-and-forth between two different mind frames. An active mind frame is needed to push out one's desire into the universe so that it can be manifested into reality. However, to read the candle one needs to then switch to a passive or receptive state so that one can be able to perceive the omens. With practice the transitions between these two mind frames will become easier and will require little effort to achieve.

6. Not every omen is good. Not every omen is bad. For some reason I am seeing more and more of people who always interpret every candle omen as being good. So if your glass candle shatters and burns your house down, then that's really good because the candle is desperate to work for you! Likewise there are quite a few "Negative Nancies" out there who are very pessimistic and interpret everything in a negative light. Avoid an overly optimistic or pessimistic attitude. Choose a middle road between them. Be open to the good and the bad omens.

7. Not everyone is going to be unbiased enough to read the omens on their own candles. If after many, many failed tries one might wish to hire a worker to set candles for them and read the burn.

8. If all the omens happen to be negative set a second light for clarification.

9. Know your candles. Know where you burn them. If you are burning a new type of candle for the first time or are wanting to burn a candle in a new place, set a test light just to see how the candle burns. Some candles are poorly made and will often leave so-called negative omens but which aren't really negative omens because all of those same candles burn the same horrible way. Some locations are also poor choices to burn candles and may not have level surfaces or may be located next to a window or door where there are drafts.

10. Don't over think it and don't force it. If you don't see an image in left-over wax then don't try to force it or spend a lengthy time staring at it. An omen in the form of an image will jump out at you. The same with any images on the glass. There's no need to stare it down like you would a person in a blinking contest.

These are just some pointers. With time people should get the hang of it. Practice does make perfect and experience is the best teacher.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Real Life "Purge" To Take Place In Oklahoma On August 30, 2014

Police in Oklahoma are investigating claims that a real-life "Purge" will take place in Oklahoma on August 30. Flyers claiming that all crimes, including murder, will be legal from 7pm on August 31, to 7am on August 31, are being spread around. Authorities are now using an intelligence gathering network to help monitor the situation. In response to the police, the people behind this alleged purge claim that they will simply change the date to avoid the police. Police do not think there is a threat at this time but are monitoring the situation. The creators of the website, Snopes, claim that the whole thing is a hoax.

I Got The Ice Bucket Challenge

So I was challenged by a group of people to do the ice bucket challenge for ALS foundation. I will accept it but unfortunately I won't be uploading the video here as I don't put my image online, a form of protection so enemies can't get a hold of it.

I will, however, post some really cool videos of celebrities and ice bucket challenge fails.

And here's my favorite one:

Now for some fails....

 If you get challenged you have 24hrs to film yourself pouring a bucket of ice water over your head. Then nominate at least one more person and then make a donation.

Natural Candle Snuffer

So I was at a new occult shop I discovered the other day and ended up buying quite a few things. I noticed that in the front case they had a bunch of Bur oak acorn cups. If you don't know, Bur oaks are perhaps the most gorgeous oak trees, in my opinion, and have the largest leaves and acorns of all the oaks. We had a Bur oak near the house I lived in as a teenager that was so big it would take 4 or 5 people to encircle the trunk. The limbs were all gnarly and twisted. It was gorgeous. Bur oak is perhaps my favorite tree, followed by large Mimosas and large Crape Myrtles.

So I asked the guy why he had these Bur oak cups and he chuckled and said he would throw one in with my purchase. He said it can be used as a natural candle snuffer. I thought that was a really creative use for one. Many Bur oak cups have a little twig or stem attached to it that can be used as a handle. Then only thing I would caution is that to make sure you have the flame centered because the cup may catch fire if you catch it on the edge of the cup. Other than that I don't see any problem using it. You might even want to attack a longer stick to it if you would like a longer handle.