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Monday, January 7, 2019

Florida Water & Hoyt's Cologne Tips & Tricks

I've been tinkering (experimenting) with Florida Water as of late and discovered some really cool things that some people may have use for. I'm not going to say that I was the first to think of them, but I did think of them. If I'm not the first, oh well.

Making Florida Water last longer....

Mix a bottle of Florida Water with up to the same amount of Rubbing Alcohol, Everclear, Vodka, or similar strong alcohol. The scent will be slightly muted but you can increase the scent by adding the traditional cinnamon, citrus, and florals by way of drops of essential oils. Just don't get carried away. If needed, a single drop of blue food coloring can restore the original color.

Making the Florida Water bottle labels last longer...

Ever wanted to keep a Florida Water bottle looking exactly as they do when they are bought? Are you in love with the label and just hate how it fades and eventually comes off of the bottle with repeated use? Well, one way to make sure this doesn't happen and a way which will preserve the bottle for subsequent uses is to use clear fingernail polish all over the label both the front and around the stem of the bottle. Just make sure to remove the cap at least once so you don't accidentally seal it shut before opening.

Reminder on Florida Water hand sanitizer...

Since we are still in the Flu season I thought I would remind readers of a past blog entry. Florida Water can be added to hand sanitizer liquid to make it last longer. In fact, plain rubbing alcohol can also be used if in a bind.

Now on to Hoyt's cologne...

I've recently purchased a few bottles of this and began to use them. I do like the smell but there was something so familiar about it that it bugged me for a while. Then it dawned on me. The smell is very much like the cheap aftershave/cologne for men called Brute. I kid you not. I think it has the main ingredient the same. So if you would like to make your own version of Hoyt's cologne then you might want to try using a bottle of Brute, or off brand version, and then using yellow food coloring . Keeping the same bottles and labels would be nice as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

You Learn Something Every Day......

Psalm 7:14-16 KJV

14. Behold he travaileth with iniquity, and has conceived mischief, and brought forth falsehood.
15. He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.
16. His mischief shall come down upon his own head, and his violent dealings shall come down upon his own pate. 

So I was just pondering these verses above the other day when all of the sudden the true meaning of them dawned on me. What is being described is for one's enemy to dig a ditch which would serve as a latrine, or place to use the restroom, like and outhouse minus the protective cover. So the enemy has dug this latrine and has attempted to like rig it against you so that you fall into it. However, this is a prayer for a reversal so that it is the enemy that will fall into the pit/latrine instead. Isn't that funny!

St. Jude Prayer

From the back of a novena candle by Luz/Gracia brand:

"Most holy apostle St. Jude, intercessor in all life's difficult problems, grant me employment in a job where I can excel and provide for my family. Help me to make progress and improve my health and abilities. Ask the holy father for all of this on my behalf. I will be ever mindful of this favor and always honor you as my special and powerful patron. Amen."

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Lucky Mojo Ginger Candy

I forgot to blog on this, something I got as a gift a few years back on Christmas. It's "Lucky Mojo Ginger Candy" which comes in a cool retro hoodoo-style mail order-vibe type metal container. I love it alone just for the container but the candy itself is wonderful. For those who haven't had any ginger candy let me tell you that it s good but kind of spicy. It's an acquired taste for sure. What's good about these candies is that they are great to enjoy when one is ill. They are great for colds, congestion, and sore throats! Also can be a bit of an aphrodisiac.   

To order your own:                                                                                               

Monday, November 12, 2018

Natural And Not-So Natural Oils

When it comes to using oils in hoodoo/conjure work many people might get caught up in the condition oil trap of believing you have to use a specific spiritual or condition oil and nothing else will do. Of course this belief is not true. Spiritual oils are great to use but there's also a ton of oils available that can also be used. These are types of oils you can purchase at your local supermarket or other nearby places, with many having a traditional use in this practice. Below is a list of some of these oils I have found available. Remember that these oils can be used as they are with no added ingredients or they can be used as a base oil for any spiritual or condition oil which you might want to prepare.

Vegetable/Soybean Oil - Used As A Base Oil, Good For Any Works As Long As The Food-Type Smell Is Not An Issue

Canola/Rapeseed - Survival, Steady Work (Used In Industry Before Food), Enemy Work (Rapeseed Was Originally Toxic)

Olive Oil - Peace, All Purpose (I prefer Virgin.)

Coconut Oil - Domination, Confusion, Enemy Work

Grape Seed Oil - Prosperity, Money Drawing

Sesame Seed Oil - White: Remove Obstacles, Protection, Money Drawing, Luck, Black: Confusion, Enemy work

Flax Seed - Protection, Healing, Fertility

Safflower - Sex, Especially To Draw Same-Sex

Hemp - Healing, Prosperity, Tying Up Enemies/Enemy Work

Corn Oil - Prosperity, Used For Enemy Work In The Brujeria Tradition

Sunflower Oil - Protection, Prosperity, Healing, Anything Good Or Positive

Peanut Oil - Prosperity, Cleansing, Reversing (Peanuts grow underground), Enemy Work

Walnut Oil - White (English): Increase Psychic Abilities, Black: Destroy Or Break Love One Has For Another

Avocado Oil - Prosperity, Sex, Male Fertility

Palm Oil - Spiritual Work, Attract Spirits

Castor Oil - Healing, Banish, Enemy Work

Almond Oil - Sweet: All Purpose Base Oil, For All Good Things, Money, Love, Luck, Health, Bitter: Enemy Work

Truffle Oil - Luck, Wealth, Treasure

Chili Oil - Banishing, Hot Foot, Reversing, Enemy Work

Mineral Oil - Enemy Work, Can Be Used As  A Base Oil

Rose Scented Mineral Oil (For Skin and Hair) - Love

Baby Oil - Can Be Used As A Base Oil, Can Be Found With Different Scents, Such As Lavender For Love, Calming, etc.

Tea Tree Oil - Healing, Cleansing,  Cast Off Evil,

Used Motor Oil (Old, Black Motor Oil) - Enemy Work (Always Burn Outside If Dressing Candles) A Suitable Replacement Can Be Made With Mineral Oil And Lamp Black (Carbon). Caution: Do Not Burn Candles Dressed With Used Motor Oil In The Home.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Walmart Find

Just a heads up that Walmart is now carrying Black Walnut oil. Black Walnut is good for love-breaking/healing works to end a relationship, especially one's own obsessive and illogical love for an individual that only brings us pain and suffering. It's really good to use in conjunction with what many people may call "cut & clear" work to end a relationship and send the other party packing.