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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hoodoo Tip: Substition For Magnetic Sand When Working With Magnets/Lodestones

Just a brief tip here, if you work with magnets and lodestones and use the traditional method of deploying them, that is by adding pinches of magnetic sand to them every day for a set number of days, then running out of magnetic sand can be a bad thing. Well, the answer is quite simple. I would suggest substituting with either metal paper clips and/or open safety pins. Instead of a pinch you can just add one each day. If you use the safety pins then you have the extra symbolism of snagging what you want and again drawing it to you over and above the symbolism of the magnet or lodestone itself. I have tested this myself and I can assure you it works. You may need to adjust your command phrase you speak over your magnet/lodestone to reflect this change though.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Hoodoo Tip: Fixing Loose Candles in Candle Holders

 If you are like me and like to use vintage brass candle stick holders you purchased at local thrift stores then this tip may be of interest to you. I think we've all been there...trying to get a candle to stay secure and in the upright position so that we can burn it. Many people may still use the whole "light it on fire and drip wax in the socket"-routine but this can take a lot of wax and you may be in danger of accidentally turning off the flame, which can be a negative sign. I have heard of people buying a special putty that they insert in the bottom socket. However, I'm not sure how good this is with not producing a fire hazzard. A good substition for purchasing anything other than what you have around the house would be: Aluminum Foil.

1. Tear or cut off a piece a little bit bigger than the socket of the candle holder. 

2. Place it on top of the socket.

3. Insert candle straight down into the socket.

4. If needed, push down or form the foil so that it is more secure and less visible. 

There you have it! A cool, quick way of always having your candle be secured in it's holder. 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Att: Readers......Plant Cuttings Wanted! Willing To Trade!

 Dedicated readers with a green thumb,

I am wanting to replace some houseplants I lost and am interested in seeing if anyone has some Pothos cuttings they might be willing to send me in exchange for say a free reading, or whatever, we can work something out. I also am open to other houseplants as long as they can be grown by cuttings as I don't expect anyone to send a whole mature plant, complete with with miracle grow-infused potting soil (wink-wink)

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Friday, September 4, 2020

Hoodoo Tip: Conjure Crafts and/or Sneaky Tricks!

I have a very fun and interesting little tid bit of tippery for the conjure enthusiast. You will need to go ahead and purchase a few things unless you excelled in shop in High School, that is. Below is what you need:

Blank wooden signs, with or without hanger (Dollar Tree has them)

Red, Black and possibly other colored ink pens

Paint (Various, depending upon need)

Okay, alone these blank wooden signs, hangers, trinkets, whatever, are not that attractive. This is where your creativity will come into play. Why not turn them into amulets? You can write out various Psalms, Bible verses, or just make your own petition or "name paper" on the item. A red ink pen works just fine. You can even cross and cover it as in doing enemy-work style stuff. So this also serves a dual purpose. It's either going to be a sneaky trick for something good, like protection, or a concealed sneaky trick that you give to your enemy. 

To really hit an enemy hard, do a *justified* "name paper" with it being crossed/covered with something along one of the imprecatory Psalms, such as 109. Then you will paint over this so that it is not noticable. Decorate it and make it look wonderful and your enemy will gladly take this Trojan Horse into into their home and hang it someplace they are likely to come in contact with quite frequently. 

To give an example of a protective-type amulet that can be made, take one in the shape of a cross. Copy and write out Psalm 23, the Lord's Prayeer, and Psalm 91 from the Bible. Dress it with Holy oil or even Run Devil Run oil and you have a pretty effective exorcism tool. You don't even have to stop there. 
Depending on the shape of some of these blank wooden things,  you may be able to make other amulets. Fore, example, I plan on turning two more pieces into, 1. An ABRACADABRA charm and, 2. A Sator Square. I'll be sure to post them once they are available. Below are a few pictures of a cross I made with protective scripture and then an amulet repelling Lilith. 

Happy Conjure Crafting!


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hoodoo Tip: Petition Paper Shortcut

 If you are looking for a shortcut of having to write out " the name of God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost", you may simply substitute three plus symbols (crosses) instead. So the end of the petition paper would read someting like "...+++. Amen". This shortcut has always been popular in various prayers and Christian conjure books such as, The Long Lost Friend. 

Hoodoo Tip: Essential Oils To Remove Labels

 If you are removing labels from glass bottles or any other types for use in your personal conjure or regular hobbies then there are many methods available. Most of us tend to try the soap and hot water method, which works but can take time. There's also certain products that can be bought that will also remove labels quickly. Even better is the knowledge that the active ingredient in these products is readily available to most of us and it usually is simply essential oils, often of a citrus-type, such as lemon, orange, or lemongrass. Well, you can use just the essential oil you have on hand. Lemongrass oil works wonders. I've even had success with Van Van oil as well. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Hoodoo Tip: Reusing Perfume and Cologne Bottles

Old perfume and/or cologne bottles are often quite nifty, cool, and seemingly so full of potential uses that it's just a shame to just toss them out. Women in days past would simply collect the really unusual or beautiful perfume bottles after they were empty, and especially if they were expensive. The good news is that you don't just have to throw them away. You can salvage them and put them to other uses. Even the cheap Dollar Tree bottle in the above picture would make a wonderful Holy Water bottle with just the inclusion of a a cross and the necessary words. However, it would also make a very cool oil bottle, for your home-made spiritual oils or used to hold who knows what. There's only one little thing that you just have to accept. Once you salvage it you can't go back to putting more perfume and have it be as it was before, working with that pump atomizer. You can keep perfume and cologne in it for sure but it would have to be splash on only. Some even just put them in drawers to act as an sort of improvised sachet. Among the most cleverest uses I have seen is bottles that have been turned into reed difusers as well as oil lamps. So just be creative!

To salvage these you will need something sharp like a knife or scissors and you will need to be very paitient when you work. One small mistake could cost you a heafty cut. So just be verty careful.

When you take off the top you will see the metal part that fuses the pump atomizer to the bottle. You will need something sharp to cut the top off, keeping cutting until you can remove the entire pump atomizer and then simply discard as it really can't be used again. Then you need to pry the little metal pieces gently up and way from the neck of the bottle without damaging it. In the cheaper bottles the metal tends to be aluminum but it is still quite strong. Just keep at it and eventually you will pry the sucker off. Now, if you want to remove the scent of the perfume from the bottle wash it with vinegar. If this doesn't work, pour baking soda into it and set it aside for a day or so. You can add water to the baking soda if you like to fill the entire bottle. Then pour it out and wash it with vinegar one more time. If this still doesn't work and the smell of the perfume/cologne is quite dreadful, wash it one more time with fingernail polish remover. That should definitely do the trick as any of the oils in the perfume should immediately be dissolved in the acetone. Just make sure to use the kind that has acetone! The acetone-free kind won't work.

Finally, if you are going to use the bottle to hold spiritual oil, holy water, etc., you will need to get a cork to fit the bottle. You can purchase a small pack with a number of sizes of corks from any hobby store at a very inexpensive price.
P.S. If you ultimately are too squeamish or cncerned about hurting yourself you can save yourself the hassle by visiting your local thrift store. Many still carry vintage perfume and cologne bottles that conveniently have lost their tops over time.

TRIVIA: The traditional square glass bottles for hoodoo spiritual oils were originally marketted for splash-on perfumes and colognes. This is fitting as the original oils were highly fragranced and were meant to be worn on the body.