Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Personal Concerns Are And Why They Are Used

Personal concerns are items from the body of a person, items that portray the likeness of a person, items that represent a person, items that belong to a person, or items that a person has touched. Examples of personal concerns include hair, nail clippings, skin scrapings, body fluids, soiled or dirty clothing, photographs, items owned by the person, samples of handwriting, and a person's full name. Personal concerns are used in the practice of hoodoo, and magic in general, to provide a link to the person on whom the spell is being cast or whom the work is being done on, as well as to make the spell or work stronger and more effective. So when a worker is doing a job and asks the client for a personal concern from the person on whom the spell will be cast, don't be alarmed as this is quite standard to the practice of magic.

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