Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How To Use Dominating Powders

Just a heads up for those who may not know...

The best way to use "dominating" sachet powders (Bend Over, Compelling, Commanding, Controlling, Domination, Follow Me Boy, Follow Me Girl, etc...) is to put some on your fingers and then touch the person, preferable skin-on-skin.

Of course you can also sprinkle it on candles, on the ground where they will step, put it in mojo bags, etc. It's just that by touching the person you are creating the link and are asserting your dominance over that person.

If you can make a quick clockwise circle with your fingers, the better.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Police Station Dirt

Dirt taken from a police station, preferably your local police stations, can be used in law stay away work as well as in protection work. You could even use it when you want to bring the law down on someone.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Red Brick Dust

Red brick dust is used for protection and in certain money-drawing or customer-drawing rites. It can be sprinkled around the home, the doors, and in the four corners. Red brick dust can also be placed in scrub water, sprinkled on candles, and in mojo bags.

To make red brick dust take one red clay brick and wrap it with an old towel. Bash the brick with a hammer until it is nice and pulverised. Collect the powder. Additional items can also be added to the powder if one desires.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reminder: Now Is The Time For Wildcrafting...

Just a friendly remind for people who wildcraft. If you haven't started yet, now is the time! Many practitioners feel that any wildcrafted plant must be obtained prior to the autumn equinox. After the autumn equinox plants begin to withdraw their energies, die, or sleep.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Saw An Owl Up-Close Tonight...

While going on my nightly walk I saw an owl perching on a "No Parking" sign. I was able to get real up-close to it. Beautiful creature. Unfortunately I made a move too quickly and must have scared it as it flew up into a tree. I never knew an owl's wingspan was so big.

My brother's, girlfriend's family is paranoid about owls. They have a lot of Native American blood and they believe that owls are evil. They won't even allow an image of an owl into their homes. I don't think owls are evil. I think they are extremely beautiful creatures, especially barn owls.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bank Dirt

Dirt gathered from a bank can be used in money drawing and prosperity work.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder is a name for a strong banishing formula found in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork. The name 'hot foot' refers both to the ingredients in the powder which are meant to magically burn and bring pain and suffering to the victim who steps on it as well as to the phrase, 'hot foot it out of town', meaning to leave in a hurry.

Recipes for hot foot powder vary from practitioner to practitioner, but a basic recipe for the mixture is made from the following:

- Powdered Red Pepper
- Powdered Black Pepper
- Brimstone (Sulphur) Powder
- Salt (or Talcum Powder or Corn Starch)

The mixture is ground into a fine powder and is deployed by sprinkling in the path of the victim. When the victim steps on the powder it is believed to magically poison them through their feet. People who have been afflicted will experience bad luck, nervous complaints such as mania, agitation, anger, physical restlessness, and a troubled mind, all of which will work together to force the victim from the worker's life. Unfortunately the effects may be permanent. The afflicted may never again find peace in this world.

Although originating as a powder, the hot foot recipe has been adapted into an oil, incense, and even floor wash form which are sold commercially. Let the buyer beware. Some occult shops sell products with the 'hot foot' label that do not contain any genuine ingredients. A good way to judge if such is the case is to smell the product. If it smells "too nice" then it's probably not the real deal.

Note: Please use caution when using Hot Foot Powder. If a person has done you no wrong then one may wish to try another less-gently method for magically removing them from your life. The effects of Hot Foot powder may be life-long, so please keep that in mind.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bone Dust

Powdered bone is used in enemy work. You can use it by itself or add it to oils and powders. You can use bones from animals or humans (please purchase them legally). You can bash them with a hammer cursing your enemy as you do so or you can use a nail file to file off some bone dust and then add that to a filler such as baby powder.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Court House Dirt

Dirt taken from a court house, preferably your local court house, is naturally used in court case work.

One quick working that you can do:

If you have an upcoming case, you can gather court house dirt and then mix it with brown sugar. Sprinkle this mixture on the sidewalk and entrance of the building and any entrances you think that the judge and or jury may enter. Anybody who steps in it will be "sweetened up" toward you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue Water

Blue Water is an easy and simple substance practitioners of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure use to rid a person or dwelling of evil and negativity and to promote peace and protection.

The use of the color blue comes from Jewish and middle-eastern influences in hoodoo, where the color blue is believed to warn off the evil eye and to provide protection. This is actually why the color blue is associated with baby boys, for in these cultures male infants were deemed extremely vulnerable to negative attacks. Mothers would use blue thread, cloth, or charms to protect their sons. The sighting of such items in association with an infant was a good indication that the infant was male.

Blue water can be used in a number of ways. The simplest method is to use a glass bowl or cup and pour into it spring water. If spring water is unavailable, tap water can be used but add a pinch of salt to it first. To achieve the color blue, laundry bluing is preferred. If in a pinch blue food color can also be used. Add the bluing to the glass and then top it off with Florida Water or a splash of Holy Water. One can then pray over the glass the 23rd Psalm and make the sign of an "x" three-times or the sign of the cross and then place the glass in a prominent place in the home. The water should be changed weekly. Blue water can be a ritual that is performed weekly or something that is done from time-to-time, usually accompanying rituals to spiritually cleanse the home.

Another use for blue water is a blue water bath. For this one will add laundry bluing, a handful of salt, and Florida Water or Holy Water to one's bath. One then wipes one's self in a downward fashion. The left over water can be saved to use to mop or scrub the floors as well.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blessed Water

Blessed Water is used in the same manner as Holy Water. To make Blessed Water pray Psalm 23 over a container of water. If one prefers, a pinch of salt and/or a few drops of rose oil can be added. If one adds the rose oil then I would not recommend ingesting it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Holy Waters

For extremely powerful Holy water, collect and blend Holy Water from 7 different churches.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seven Churches Water

For Protestant Christians, or for people who don't feel comfortable gathering Holy Water from Catholic Churches, collect water from 7 different Churches. When I mean water, I mean water from the faucet, a drinking fountain, etc. As long as the water is taken from the Church it is believed to already possess a "blessing" of sorts.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Full Moon Water

Place a glass of spring water outside during a full moon. Retrieve the glass before dawn. Full Moon Water can be used for healing rites and is consumed for occult power. Full Moon Water can also be added to baths.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seven Waters

For peace, blessings, and healings.

Rain Water
River Water
Spring Water
Lake Water
Ocean Water
Holy Water
Florida Water

This cannot be ingested due to the Florida Water. Really good for spiritual baths.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cemetery Water

Many cemeteries will have a well or a place to draw water from for flowers kept at graves. Collect this water and use it in banishing spells and in clearing spells to end bad habits, etc. Use it when one wants to "kill" a situation so one can make a new start.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

St. Anthony

St. Anthony is an official Catholic saint and the patron saint of lost or stolen items and of the poor. Many miracles are attributed to the work of St. Anthony and he was one of the quickest-canonized saints having been declared a saint less than a year after his death in 1231.

In life St. Anthony was born into a very wealthy family but gave up that life to become a Franciscan monk. St. Anthony dedicated much time and effort toward the spreading of Christianity and with his work with the poor. He was known as a gifted preacher and was believed to speak with the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Upon his death, it is claimed that his tongue did not decay, a holy sign from God testifying to his gift. St. Anthony's gift for preaching drew him respect from St. Francis of Assisi who viewed him as an excellent teacher and instructor. St. Anthony died of dropsy in the year 1231.

In iconography, St. Anthony is portrayed as a Franciscan monk, dressed in brown, and often portrayed carrying the Christ child or a book, a loaf of bread, or lily. For images of St. Anthony, click HERE.

In Hoodoo and folk magic, St. Anthony is petitioned mainly for the recovery of lost or stolen items, though he can be petitioned for the finding of things, such as the finding of a job or of a suitable mate, or even the return of a lover. St. Anthony is also petitioned for the protection of children and of the poor. Below are some tips for working with St. Anthony. Please remember that in Hoodoo and folk magic the saints are who they are, meaning that unlike with Voodou, Santeria, and other African Traditional Religions, the saints in Hoodoo and folk magic are not masks for African deities or spirits but instead are the spirits of the blessed dead who will intercede in the lives of the living.

Tips For Working With St. Anthony

1.) St. Anthony's colors are brown and white.
2.) St. Anthony's day of the week is Tuesday.
3.) St. Anthony's feast day is June 13.
4.) St. Anthony is a "cool spirit" meaning he is loving and kind and slow to anger. St. Anthony will generally tolerate delays in fulfilling one's vow to him but he should not be petitioned for his aid further until one does fulfill their vows.
5.) St. Anthony cannot be petitioned for black magic purposes. He will not harm or hurt anyone. He will rack the minds of thieves with guilt and even scare them into returning stolen items though. St. Anthony is not good for protection for anyone other than children and the poor.
6.) St. Anthony loves children. This probably stems from his images of him holding the Christ child. He is a strong protector of children as well as the poor.
7.) St. Anthony can be quite lethargic or even lazy at times. Practitioners may need to do things to wake him up and keep him working. One of the things that practitioners can do is to offer him a glass of cold water and then use one's fingers to fling some cold water on his statue or image to wake him up. Another thing practitioners can do is to keep candles burning to him at night so that he can't sleep. Additionally one may want to bring his image out and place it in a well-trafficked portion of the home with a lot of noise and activity so that he can't nap during the day. There are other and more "meaner" practices which I will touch on below.
8.) St. Anthony's favorite offerings are water, bread, salt, olive oil, candles, incense, and white lilies. Do not offer him alcohol as it offends him or else is said to make him drunk so that he won't work for you. Do not offer St. Anthony any coins as he took a vow of poverty. When offering bread before he fulfills your petition then only give him a pinch of bread. If you feed him to much he will get full and will not work for you.
9.) To work with St. Anthony one will need a statue or picture of him. If one is using a novena candle then the image on the candle will suffice. One will also need a brown or white candle. Again, if one is using a novena candle then an additional candle is not necessary. One will need St. Anthony Oil, Holy Oil, or Olive oil, and St. Anthony Incense or Frankincense. One will also need a glass of water. Cleanse the workspace with Florida Water or Rubbing Alcohol. Do not use Whisky or any type of alcohol to cleanse the workspace. Fix the candle and set it down on the workspace. Light the incense and set the glass of water down. One can then place a pinch of bread and a pinch of salt in front of the novena if one prefers. One will then need to pray a prayer to St. Anthony, either in one's own words or a standard prayer, such as the ones at the below link. (I especially like the Jamaican prayer!) Make sure to state your vow to the saint in return for his help.

When the novena is done, place all the left-over items into the empty novena glass and take it to the crossroads. Set it down and then walk away and don't look back.
10. As far as vows go and in addition to his favorite offerings, St. Anthony prefers vows of donations to charities for children and the poor.
11.) There are a couple of rather mean tricks that can be used if St. Anthony is too lethargic or is slow in working. This first mean trick is to purchase a statue of him with a removable Christ child baby. For an example of such a statue, click HERE. That way, when petitioning him one will remove the baby and hide it somewhere and then tell St. Anthony he will get his baby back when the petition is granted. St. Anthony loves children and the loss of the child will stress him and make him work faster. The second mean option is to turn his statue upside down. One tells St. Anthony that one will turn his statue right-side-up when the petition is granted. Again, this is done to stress the saint and to get him working faster.
12.) If St. Anthony works for you then make sure to keep your vow to him and tell at least one other person.

St. Anthony

Old Style Conjure - St. Anthony

St. Anthony's Fire

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Storm Water

Rainwater collected during a powerful thunderstorm is excellent for use in cleansing and uncrossing rites. Such water can also be used in protection and enemy work.

Friday, August 12, 2011

St. Martha The Dominator

St. Martha The Dominator is a much beloved saint that is worked with in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. I am especially fond of her.

Traditionally, St. Martha is the patron of hospitality, service workers, and housewives. Due to her portrayal in images, that of a woman holding a torch, and carrying holy water and a bible with a dragon or serpent under her feet, St. Martha has taken on the magical reputation of "dominator", with the ability to dominate and control people and situations in practitioner's lives just as she dominates and controls the dragon under her feet. For an image of St. Martha The Dominator, click HERE.

According to folklore, St. Martha is pretty much the only female dragon-slayer. After the events in the Gospels, St. Martha is said to have moved to what is now Southern France where she helped a community by defeating a man-eating dragon by sprinkling holy water on it and using the cross. The dragon was paralysed and St. Martha tied it up with her mere girdle before it was slain. It is this legend that has made St. Martha popular in Hoodoo for the domination and control of problems, situations, and people in the lives of practitioners.

Some Info On St. Martha
- It is often claimed that St. Martha only works for women. This is incorrect. St. Martha favors women, but she also works with men as well and especially if they have been victimized or abused. All that matters is that men, and women as well, approach her with an open heart.

- It is often claimed that St. Martha can't be used against women. This is also incorrect. St. Martha will happily dominate a woman, especially if she is abusive or is not living a clean life and performing her natural duties, especially with regard to motherhood.

- St. Martha is excellent to use to dominate or control one's boss, especially if they don't treat their employees right.

- St. Martha can be used for
break-up spells, especially if an unholy union is involved.

- St. Martha is excellent to use to tie-up and defeat one's enemies, just as she tied-up and defeated the dragon.

- St. Martha can be used for money problems but she won't make one rich. She will only provide what one needs to get buy.

- St. Martha's color is green.

- St. Martha's day of the week is Tuesday.

- St. Martha's favorite offerings are water, white wine, white flowers,
Florida Water/Perfume/Cologne, and "sweet" breads and/or pound cake. I've found she especially enjoys cinnamon raisin bread. She likes spicy things as well.

- There are two different entities called St. Martha. They are also referred to as "White Martha" and "Black Martha". "White Martha" is St. Martha. "Black Martha" is a Voodou Lwa whose real name is Lubana. Lubana has nothing to do with Hoodoo.

A YouTube user's video on St. Martha:

Working With Saint Martha

Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Maintain Your Magical Power During A Heat Wave

Today it's supposed to be 109 degrees where I live. This heat wave is really getting to me. I thought I would share some advice for fellow magic makers out there on how to maintain one's power and energy during a heat wave and especially since I've benefited from such information recently. A few weeks ago I went to do some work and discovered that I had no power or energy whatsoever. I quickly and correctly deduced the cause of such problem.

When doing work I will begin to experience a tingly sensation that starts from the top of my head and flows down my body. It resembles an electrical sensation and it causes goose bumps. Depending how far I take it and my emotional state at the time, the energy can build to a point where it feels like I'm shaking or vibrating with energy. The closest thing to a description of this energy would be how the character of Maryann from TrueBlood acted when she was using her powers. But this only occurs when I get really worked up. Usually it's just the electricity sensation that flows down me. If I am doing candle work then the energy will flow down me and into the candle. Same with anything else I am using.

Believe it or not, I first discovered this energy in Church. I would do it when I prayed and quickly realized that when I did the energy that my prayers were always answered. So it was not a big step to begin invoking the energy into my magical work.

So back to the topic of this blog. A few weeks ago I went to do some work and noticed I had no power or energy. It just wasn't working. I didn't know what to do and was quite frankly upset and began to question if I somehow lost my gift. Remember I had been sweating something fierce all day long and then that night while asleep I began to have the most horrible of muscle cramps in my legs. It was then that the answer dawned on me. I had lost my power because I had lost the electrolytes in my body via sweating so much. This was also causing my leg cramps. I got out of bed and quickly downed a vitamin. By the next night my power had returned and I was able to do magic once more.

So my advice for fellow magic makers during a heat wave is to:

1.) Drink plenty of water and proper fluids (juices, iced tea, Kool Aid, Crystal Light, lemonade, Gatorade etc.) Avoid large amounts of pops or colas.

2.) Take a multi-vitamin daily to maintain your electrolytes.

Follow this advice and you should not experience any problems with summoning the power or energy to do magic.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How To Easily Remove Labels From Containers For Hoodo & Magic Purposes

Carolina Dean shares a simple trick to help remove labels from novena candles when the candle is the right color but you don't want to burn it for the saint. This trick can be used to remove the labels off of anything that will be used in Hoodoo or magic, such as jars, bottles, and containers.

I've done this for years and would add that it's probably best to use a bucket or to fill the sink with water and let them sit in it over night. I would also add to use hot water and use a tiny bit of soap as well. Let them sit over night and the the net day remove the labels. Set the items to dry thoroughly. If there is any remaining label or sticky glue that won't come off then you can use a product called Goo Gone stain/label remover to quickly remove it. Just keep in mind that the items need to be dry when using it. If using Goo Gone be sure to wash the items afterward.

By following this advice you can quickly and easily accumulate all types of jars, bottles, and containers you can use to hold your herbs, powders, incense, and oils you make or use in your magical work. And as in the video above, you can easily convert a novena candle into a plain color 7 day candle for use in your spells.