Friday, August 12, 2011

St. Martha The Dominator

St. Martha The Dominator is a much beloved saint that is worked with in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. I am especially fond of her.

Traditionally, St. Martha is the patron of hospitality, service workers, and housewives. Due to her portrayal in images, that of a woman holding a torch, and carrying holy water and a bible with a dragon or serpent under her feet, St. Martha has taken on the magical reputation of "dominator", with the ability to dominate and control people and situations in practitioner's lives just as she dominates and controls the dragon under her feet. For an image of St. Martha The Dominator, click HERE.

According to folklore, St. Martha is pretty much the only female dragon-slayer. After the events in the Gospels, St. Martha is said to have moved to what is now Southern France where she helped a community by defeating a man-eating dragon by sprinkling holy water on it and using the cross. The dragon was paralysed and St. Martha tied it up with her mere girdle before it was slain. It is this legend that has made St. Martha popular in Hoodoo for the domination and control of problems, situations, and people in the lives of practitioners.

Some Info On St. Martha
- It is often claimed that St. Martha only works for women. This is incorrect. St. Martha favors women, but she also works with men as well and especially if they have been victimized or abused. All that matters is that men, and women as well, approach her with an open heart.

- It is often claimed that St. Martha can't be used against women. This is also incorrect. St. Martha will happily dominate a woman, especially if she is abusive or is not living a clean life and performing her natural duties, especially with regard to motherhood.

- St. Martha is excellent to use to dominate or control one's boss, especially if they don't treat their employees right.

- St. Martha can be used for
break-up spells, especially if an unholy union is involved.

- St. Martha is excellent to use to tie-up and defeat one's enemies, just as she tied-up and defeated the dragon.

- St. Martha can be used for money problems but she won't make one rich. She will only provide what one needs to get buy.

- St. Martha's color is green.

- St. Martha's day of the week is Tuesday.

- St. Martha's favorite offerings are water, white wine, white flowers,
Florida Water/Perfume/Cologne, and "sweet" breads and/or pound cake. I've found she especially enjoys cinnamon raisin bread. She likes spicy things as well.

- There are two different entities called St. Martha. They are also referred to as "White Martha" and "Black Martha". "White Martha" is St. Martha. "Black Martha" is a Voodou Lwa whose real name is Lubana. Lubana has nothing to do with Hoodoo.

A YouTube user's video on St. Martha:

Working With Saint Martha

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  1. I love St. Martha!!!! She has come through for me again.