Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sprinkling Salts

Sprinkling Salts is an alternative form of condition sachet powder used in the practice of Hoodoo in which salt is substituted for the talcum powder or cornstarch base. Powdered herbs, oils, or other items are then added to the mixture. If preferred, the salt can be dyed based on magical color symbolism. Sprinkling Salts are deployed in the exact same manner as sachet powders, though generally they are not applied to the body. Sprinkling Salts can be sprinkled in the shoes, however. Sprinkling Salts can also be used as bath salts for spiritual baths.

Quick Recipe For John The Conqueror Sprinkling Salts

Items Needed:

- 1 John The Conqueror Root
- Salt (Table or Sea Salt)
- Bowl And Spoon
- Red And Blue Food Coloring
- John The Conqueror Oil (Optional)
- Hammer And Towel
- Empty Container With Lid


Take the John the Conqueror root and wrap it in the towel. Take this outside and set on the ground and use the hammer to smash it into small pieces and powder it if possible. Set this aside. Into the bowl take the salt and the food coloring. Use enough food coloring to dye it a nice purple color but avoid wetting the salt too much. If preferred, add a few drops of John the Conqueror Oil to scent. Add the small pieces of John the Conqueror Root or the powdered root and mix well with a spoon. Spoon the mixture into a container. Seal and label the container.

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