Tuesday, October 4, 2011

St. Expedite

St. Expedite, a.k.a. St. Expeditus, (pronounced Saint Ex-pe-deet or Ex-pe-dee-tus. However today it's most common for people to call him Ex-pe-dight) is an obscure and unofficial Catholic saint associated with the fast granting of help or petitions. For images of St. Expedite, click HERE.

Not much is known of the life of the saint but according to legend he was a Roman Centurion who was martyred via decapitation in the early second century over his conversion to Christianity. What can be said to be false are the stories or legends that the devotion to St. Expedite began as a group of nuns who received a package with the relics of an unlabelled saint and who subsequently confused the word "spedito" on the crate for being the name of the saint. This legend in all it's forms is completely false.

In folk magic and especially in the practice of Hoodoo, St. Expedite is invoked when quick results are needed. This use is reflective in the iconography of the saint who is shown holding a cross with the word "Hodi", Latin for "Today", and with a raven underfoot with a banner in it's mouth reading "Cras", Latin for "Tomorrow". In effect, St. Expedite doesn't put off for tomorrow what can be accomplished today. The rest of the saint's iconography details his life. He is dressed as a Roman Centurion and carries in his hand a palm leaf, signifying him as a martyr. The rich red cloak he wears is believed to be the origin of why the color red is said to be his favorite color.

When working with St. Epedite in Hoodoo and folk magic, it's important to know certain information. Below one will find some information and tips that may prove helpful to individuals who have never worked with St. Expedite. Remember that in Hoodoo and in folk magic the saints are who they are. It's not like in Voodou or Santeria where the saint represents an African deity or spirit. In Hoodoo or folk magic the saints are who they are, spirits of the blessed dead who agree to intercede on behalf of the living.

Tips For Working With St. Expedite

1.) St. Expedite's favorite colors are red, yellow, and white.
2.) St. Epedite's number is three when offering him small items like coins or candy.
3.) St. Expedite's days of the week are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
4.) St. Expedite's Feast Day is April 19.
5.) St. Expedite's is a "hot" spirit, which is why he works so fast. This means he is quick to anger and to take offense. Treat him with respect and by all means keep your promise to him if he fulfills your petition. According to lore, if you are foolish enough not to keep your end of the bargain then St. Expedite will take the life of one of your family members as payment.
6.) Because St. Expedite was beheaded he is believed to be somewhat dim-witted, as in "he lost his head". This means that one has to be very careful to word their petition specifically to describe what they want happen. Otherwise St. Expedite will get confused. For example, If I were to petition St. Expedite and tell him that I want a girl friend to stop cheating then he may respond by making her get into a car accident where she's paralysed below the waste and can no longer receive any sexual satisfaction. Or worse, he may kill her. So please make sure to correctly and specifically word the petition to thoroughly communicate, without any confusion, what you wish to happen.
7.) St. Expedite can be petitioned for both white or black magic purposes. He will destroy your enemies. He will even do nasty things to people who truly don't deserve it, if petitioned. Once again, it's because he lost his head.
8.) To petition St. Expedite one will need either an image of the saint, be it a statue or a picture. If one is using a novena candle with an image of St. Expedite then no other image is necessary. One will need a red, yellow, or white candle. Once again, if using a novena candle then this is not necessary. One will need St. Expedite Oil, Holy Oil, All Saint's Oil, or Olive Oil to dress the candle.  One will need St. Expedite Incense or Frankincense to burn as well. Finally, one will need a glass of water left out for the saint. A workspace will be needed to set these object up on. Cleanse the workspace with Florida Water, Rubbing Alcohol, or Whisky.
9.) When petitioning St. Expedite one will need to say a prayer. This prayer can be from the heart or it can be a standard prayer, such as the one below:

"Saint Expedite, you who lay in rest. I come to you and humbly ask for the granting of my desire. (State Your Desire) Expedite now what I ask of you. Expedite now what I want of you, Immediately this very second. Quickly, don't waste another day! Grant me my desire. I know your power, I know you because of your work. Do this for me and I will (Make Your Promise). Saint Expedite, expedite this wish!"

10.) Let the candle burn out and place the ingredients in the empty glass novena. If not using a novena then wrap the ingredients up with foil. Take them to the crossroads and set them down and walk away and don't look back.
11.) If St. Expedite grants your request then I advise you to quickly fulfill your vow or promise. Remember, he gets angry fast. Don't put it off.
12.) Do not offer St. Expedite pound cake or liquor in advance of fulfilling the petition. If you do that then he will consider it "job well done". Meaning he got his reward and you got nothing.
13.) St. Expedites's favorite offerings include flowers, pound cake, coins, and liquor. I've found he also likes hot sweet things like cinnamon candy. Some people offer him peppers too.
14.) There is a belief that St. Expedite only likes Sarah Lee pound cake. This is not true. You can offer him that if you want, but you can buy other brands or make it yourself as well. To prepare his pound cake you need to stick a stick or taper candle in it as well as three coins. Some people slice the cake and put a coin on each slice. Other people only offer St. Expedite one slice and then stick the candle in the middle of that slice, but I think that's rather rude. I give him the whole cake. So you stick the candle and the coins into the cake and you light the candle. You are going to say that it is done in fulfillment of your vow to St. Expedite. When the candle has extinguished itself naturally, take the cake out to a place in nature for the animals to eat it. Otherwise you can leave it out for period of days, some say three but others claim nine days. It's up to you.
15.) You can petition St. Expedite for anything, however big or small.
16.) If St. Expedite works for you then spread his fame by telling at least one other person.


Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite


  1. Thank you for the information. Ive yet to work with this Saint, but am glad to have the info in case I need his assistance in the future. Again thank you.

  2. Hello. I have been praying to saint expedite for the 5th day and I still have not heard from him. The past 4 days the candle has been burning high and clean without any wax residue but this morning the wick was buried in wax so does that mean my desire will not be granted? Do I still need to allow the candle burn until the 9th day? And if Saint Expedite cant deliver my desire will I still need to give him his offerings?

  3. Thank you, Saint Expedite.
    I praise your generosity and your swift action.
    I called on you and you kindly heeded my prayers.
    You cared not that I wavered, but you still assisted me.
    I will spread your name and word of your good works.
    Thank you, Saint Expedite.
    I am truly blessed and I recommend anyone who is need of immediate assistance to call on Saint Expedite for his delivery is true and his promise is complete.

  4. I am truly blessed and I recommend anyone who is need of immediate assistance to call on Saint Expedite for his delivery is true and his promise is complete. Most recently, he allowed for fast communication in a strained relationship- I prayed for communication in a desperate situation and received assistance almost instantly.

  5. Thank you Saint Expedite for answering my prayers and requests within hours. Because of your compassion and assistance, I was able to pay my bills. Please accept my offerings.

  6. I want to thank saint expedite for helping me contact and reconcile with my ex boyfriend. In 5 days he contacted and reconciled with me.I'm still waiting for the full results. Glory to you saint expedite. Please don't hesitate to ask for his help. He is truly miraculous and amazing saint. Always show your gratitude when he grants your wish. Most important step that should never be forgotten.

  7. Thank you St.Expedite for helping me in my time of need.Thank you St.Expedite for your quick response. I will spread your name with love and honor.

  8. I've been praying to Saint Expedite for him to intercede on behalf of Gods children and save them from a drug addicted nurse in an emergency room that he gets caught and fired. Upon doing the novena the candle wick split to form a cross on all 3 novena candles I've used. I hope and pray for the safety and well being for the patients that the nurse is fired, with no harm to no one

  9. I rented a storage faculty and have him in his own alter with green candle and water had inscense burning
    Candle burning low :( what's that mean! I have a paper with all the things I want in a job. I have many applications out

  10. Thank You St. Expedite for answering my prayer so quickly he really listens to you for those of you that are sitting on the fence don't even think about it