Friday, October 21, 2011

Wow...Just Wow!

I've been doing magic for well over 20 years now and I am still shocked by how it all works out.

Let me explain. I just had some enemy work that I did 5 months ago manifest in an incredibly powerful way.

I've been a member of a certain website since 2006. I've worked my way up the ranks. I'm not like a mod or anything but I do have a title. Anyway, back when I was new to the site I had received a message from a mod there who told me he didn't like me and warned me to "lay low". When I replied asking him what he was being nasty to me and what he meant by "laying low" he responded by saying he was sick of reading my posts. A couple of weeks later he banned me from posting and on the message he put for the reason why, "He pisses me off" I was banned for posting there for a year and half. I complained to the admin but she responded that she didn't care and that I just needed to leave. I did not do any enemy work on him because I didn't know his real name and I felt like it would be a waste of my energy for something online. Well, he ended up dying horribly in an accident. A friend emailed the new mod just how unfairly he treated me and I was asked to come back.

So this past May this newbie to the site began to harass me. He replied to my posts with nasty comments, called me every name in the book. I mostly ignored him. Then all of sudden he was mysteriously promoted to mod. One of the first things he did was to ban me from posting. Once again I complained to the admin who advised me that he was her personal friend and that mods can do whatever they want and that I just needed to leave. I was so pissed. This time I decided to do enemy work on both her and the mod who had been harassing me. That was 5 months ago. I was banned for posting for 5 months.

So I get an email this morning. I'm now back at the site posting again. Turns out a new company bought the site and brought in a new admin. The new admin wanted to keep the staff but the old admin threw a fit and did some things which pretty much made it impossible for her to continue on as admin as it was so unprofessional. So she got the boot. I'm told that the mod who had harassed me has been demoted now and has no more power. This news just made my day. So a friend had told the new admin what they did to me and he reversed it. Yay!!!

So the point is never give up. Believe in your power. It may take time but your work will manifest, especially if you are in the right.

So keep working the magic folks!

Oh, and here's the thing....

I didn't know their real names. All I did was print out their profile page and concentrated on that during my enemy work. It worked! The reason why is because Spirit knows who the guilty people are. Just remember that enemy work needs to be justified. If you are doing justified work then Spirit will comply. Hope this helps.

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