Friday, November 18, 2011

Rite To See If One Is Has Been Worked On/Hexed, Or Is The Victim Of The Evil Eye

I was listening to an interview with Dr. Evelyn Paglini and she mentioned a rite that one can do to determine if they've been cursed, been worked on, or are hexed. The ritual she gave is a very old genuine rite. What Paglini didn't know is that it is usually done to determine if one is the victim of the evil eye. However, it can be used in the manner that Paglini claims. Here is the rite below for my readers.

Take a bowl of water and quickly add to it 3 drops of olive oil. If the drops of the oil merge or cling together, you are fine. If the drops of oils scatter then you are under the influence of the evil eye or have been cursed/hexed.


  1. Oh hey! I know that one, and if they do have the evil eye you can use scissors to remove it. lol I thought only us wacky italians did that one.

  2. Miscellaneous Rambling: From a Kabbalist advice on a YouTube video I saw, if a small droplet or few tiny droplets sink, then you'll have the evil eye, if a large portion of the oil sank, then it's witchcraft, or a impure blockage in your life.