Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Florida Water Woes

I think I reached my breaking-point with regard to the price of Florida Water. Back in the day I use to be able to get a bottle at local dollar stores for a dollar. That didn't last long. I then read online that various stores were pulling the bottles because they were being used in "voodoo". I could still purchase bottles at local Mexican grocery stores for about $2.99 each. Then the prices steadily increased over the years. Currently the bottles are going for $5.99 a bottle. Occult shops are worse. Most of the occult shops that sell Florida Water charge up to $14 for the same size of bottle. So I've reached my breaking point. I'm no longer willing to shill out that much for a bottle of cologne/toilette water. For now on I will simply purchase cheaper colognes/perfumes as well as use rubbing alcohol to cleanse my items. I think enough is enough.

For those who are unfamiliar with Florida Water, I will post a blog on it tomorrow and include how Florida Water is used.

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