Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Frankincense May Go The Way Of The Dinosaurs

The world's source of frankincense comes mainly from Ethiopia. There the trees that produce the resin are under threat. Production of frankincense may decrease in half in as little as 15 years and by 90% in 50 years. In a nutshell the use of frankincense as an incense is likely to be limited to only the wealthiest individuals in the future. Of course the trees that produce the incense may also go extinct. This is truly sad news for conjure workers. Expect the price of frankincense to quickly soar.

In conjure work, Frankincense is a stable for blessing and purification rites, to add power to workings, and for general spiritual work. Just how one can burn white candles for any purpose, one can burn frankincense for any purpose as well. This is truly sad news.

Christmas Staple Frankincense 'Doomed,' Ecologists Warn

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