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Hoodoo Candles, a.k.a. 7 Day Glass Candles, Prayer Candles

Hoodoo Candles, a.k.a. 7 Day Glass Candles, Vigil Candles, Novena-Style Candles, are candles enclosed in glass with a specific color, or combinations of colors, of wax and often with an accompanying silk screen or paper label that signifies the candle's use for a specific condition in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork. Some Hoodoo candles have no labels and are distinguished as "plain color 7 day candles". For examples of Hoodoo candles, click HERE.

Hoodoo candles, though a relatively recent addition to the practice of Hoodoo, have become very noticeable and identifiable to non-practitioners.

With regard to Hoodoo candles I am reminded of certain dialogue from the 1996 movie, The Craft.

Lirio: You know how to use candles?

Sarah: Yeah, you light the wick.

In the above encounter, Lirio the occult shop owner was actually asking Sarah if she knew how to use candles in magic, not the everyday use of candles. Similarly, with Hoodoo candles, many people falsely assume that all one does is light them. In reality, Hoodoo candles need to be prepared or "fixed" as well as "worked" on a daily basis while they burn. Interestingly, in the movie the Craft, when the girls first enter the occult store, Lirio is herself fixing a plain white pillar candle but in a way similar to how Hoodoo candles are fixed. .

Below one will find the method I was taught to fix Hoodoo candles. The methods used to fix Hoodoo candles will vary from practitioner-to-practitioner, but all methods should be rather close with regards to style. For the example below I will be using a Hoodoo candle designed to attract money.

How To Fix A Hoodoo Candle

Items Needed:

- Money-Drawing Hoodoo Candle
- Money-Drawing Oil
- Money-Drawing Incense
- Money-Drawing Powder, A Money-Drawing Herb, Or Green Or Gold Glitter
- Name Paper/Petition Paper
- Eyedropper
- Screwdriver, Nail, Or Icepick


Create a name-paper or petition paper (more in a future blog). Next, take the candle and pray over it your desire. Take the screwdriver, nail, or ice pick and make three holes in the top of the candle. The holes need to be deep but do not have to go all the way to the bottom of the glass. Take the eyedropper and add enough money-drawing oil to fill each hole. Allow a little to over-flow onto the surface of the candle and then swirl this in a clockwise fashion with one's finger in order to draw the money toward one's self. Next, take a tiny pinch of Money drawing powder, powdered herbs with the magical reputation of drawing money, or glitter and sprinkle it on the top of the candle's surface in a clockwise manner. Please keep in mind that one should only use a very tiny amount as using too much may interfere with the candle burning correctly. At this time I like to rub my hands vigorously until they are hot via friction and then I visualize my desire. In this instance I may visualize a shower of coins or dollars falling on me. The point is to visualize money coming one's way. I then "stick" this image to the candle by forming a semi-triangle with my thumbs and first fingers and then running my hands down the sides of the candle glass. When I sense my desire has "stuck" I then seal the candle by picking it up and knocking the bottom of the glass on the table or workspace three times. Then I place my left hand over the top of the glass and then knock my right fist against my left hand three times as well. My desire is now "stuck and sealed" in the candle. I then pick the candle up and move it in the form of the cross. I set the candle to burn on top of my petition paper. I light some money-drawing incense and then I light the candle and pray once more, closing in the name of "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen", while making three "x" formations with my first two fingers on my right hand. At this point the candle has now been properly fixed and has been lit. Once a day I need to "work" the candle, by "feeding" it drops of money-drawing oil into the liquid wax pool if necessary, burning money-drawing incense, and by praying and concentrating on my desire. When the candle is finally extinguished the spell is complete. I would then look at the glass for any omens. If the glass is clear and there is little-to-no remaining wax then this is the best omen and my desires will likely manifest. If the glass is sooty with a lot of wax remaining at the bottom, then such is a bad omen and may mean that there are many obstacles in my path and that my desires may not manifest, may be slow to manifest, or may not manifest to my liking.

Notes And Safety Precautions:

- Never leave a candle burning unattended.

- Hoodoo candles can sometimes explode. Some people will burn a Hoodoo candle in their bath tub, kitchen sink, or in a metal bucket or small metal trash can, just in case the glass explodes. It is extremely rare for a Hoodoo candle to explode, but if it does then this is a bad omen and may mean that someone is working against you.

- Hoodoo candles, once lit, should ideally be allowed to burn themselves out completely. If by chance one needs to extinguish a Hoodoo candle the proper way to do it would be to place a plate or book on the top of the candle to smoother the flame. Be careful not to burn the item used for this purpose. One shouldn't blow out the candle because this would be akin to dismissing the magic or breaking the spell. Use a long fireplace match to relight the wick when needed.

- When using oils, be very careful of the type of oil as it may effect the candle. Essential oils can often cause the flame to burn incredibly bright and hot which may crack or shatter the glass of the candle.

- Never use any alcohol-based spiritual products on candles as they may explode.

- Burn the Hoodoo candle away from flammable materials.

Hoodoo candles can be purchased in various occult shops or candle stores, at various supermarkets that have a wide selection of ethnic goods, or at online occult shops.

Trivia & Assorted Ramblings:

1.) The term, "7 Day Glass Candle", references the misconception that the candles are supposed to burn for 7 days. From my experience they usually burn 4-5 days.

2.) Hoodoo candles are a modern development in the practice of Hoodoo/Rootwork.

3.) Many practitioners today don't use them. I only use them occasionally and I also burn them from time to time for normal, non-magical use.

4.) Hoodoo candles make great emergency candles. I would advise stocking up on them.

5.) If you want to burn a Hoodoo candle but don't want people to know your business then choose a plain-color Hoodoo candle based off of color symbolism. That way, anybody who sees your candle won't know that you are burning it for magical purposes.

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