Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weird Junk Mail Omens

Omens can come in surprising ways. I will relate to you how I recently received 2 omens via junk mail.

The first incident occurred back in late summer when I received a magazine for California. It was a like a magazine advertising California for vacations and travelling. When I touched the magazine I immediately thought it was an omen for something. Later that night I spoke to my mother and told her about it and she laughed and said that she was going to tell me that my niece had won the first round in a modelling contest and the second round was to be held in California.

The second incident happened yesterday when my sister received a baby magazine in the mail. She approached me and asked me if this was an omen about her possibly becoming pregnant. At first I dismissed it but then when I touched the magazine I knew it was indeed an omen but not about her. I told her someone we know is expecting. So in today's mail I received a Christmas card from an old High School friend. She's expecting her first child. LOL

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