Thursday, July 28, 2011

"You Are A Spirit Walker"

So last night I had a very interesting dream I thought I would share. I haven't remembered my dreams in some weeks, so I was pleased to remember it.

I was climbing a mountain with a group of people and we reached a point where the mountain sort of levelled off into a small grassy area. I wandered away from the crowd and was looking at some strange flowers I had never seen before when the ground opened up and I began to float, not fall, into the hole. I landed gently at the bottom of some strange cavern. Inside it where pillars and columns and panels with strange hieroglyphics with the sun, moon, and stars, and other things that may have been like stick-figure animals. There was an old man sitting on a mat on the ground. I went to the opening and began yelling up at the people to tell them I was down in the hole and that I found something strange. That's when the old man said that it was no use because the other people couldn't come down here because I was a spirit walker. I asked the old man what this place was and he said it was an ancient temple of a people who are no more. I began to focus on the hieroglyphics and for some reason I just knew I could read them and was trying to understand them when the man said that I could not yet take the knowledge back but would have to return later on. I then woke up.