Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Wishing Everyone A Hauntingly 'Spooktacular' Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Double Action Candle

YouTube user, underworldclassroom, gives some instructions on butting a candle and preparing a double-action candle for uncrossing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Figure Candles And How To Use Them

YouTube user Krazyboytx gives a good basic introduction to image or figure candles.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wow...Just Wow!

I've been doing magic for well over 20 years now and I am still shocked by how it all works out.

Let me explain. I just had some enemy work that I did 5 months ago manifest in an incredibly powerful way.

I've been a member of a certain website since 2006. I've worked my way up the ranks. I'm not like a mod or anything but I do have a title. Anyway, back when I was new to the site I had received a message from a mod there who told me he didn't like me and warned me to "lay low". When I replied asking him what he was being nasty to me and what he meant by "laying low" he responded by saying he was sick of reading my posts. A couple of weeks later he banned me from posting and on the message he put for the reason why, "He pisses me off" I was banned for posting there for a year and half. I complained to the admin but she responded that she didn't care and that I just needed to leave. I did not do any enemy work on him because I didn't know his real name and I felt like it would be a waste of my energy for something online. Well, he ended up dying horribly in an accident. A friend emailed the new mod just how unfairly he treated me and I was asked to come back.

So this past May this newbie to the site began to harass me. He replied to my posts with nasty comments, called me every name in the book. I mostly ignored him. Then all of sudden he was mysteriously promoted to mod. One of the first things he did was to ban me from posting. Once again I complained to the admin who advised me that he was her personal friend and that mods can do whatever they want and that I just needed to leave. I was so pissed. This time I decided to do enemy work on both her and the mod who had been harassing me. That was 5 months ago. I was banned for posting for 5 months.

So I get an email this morning. I'm now back at the site posting again. Turns out a new company bought the site and brought in a new admin. The new admin wanted to keep the staff but the old admin threw a fit and did some things which pretty much made it impossible for her to continue on as admin as it was so unprofessional. So she got the boot. I'm told that the mod who had harassed me has been demoted now and has no more power. This news just made my day. So a friend had told the new admin what they did to me and he reversed it. Yay!!!

So the point is never give up. Believe in your power. It may take time but your work will manifest, especially if you are in the right.

So keep working the magic folks!

Oh, and here's the thing....

I didn't know their real names. All I did was print out their profile page and concentrated on that during my enemy work. It worked! The reason why is because Spirit knows who the guilty people are. Just remember that enemy work needs to be justified. If you are doing justified work then Spirit will comply. Hope this helps.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Toadsbool: A Spell Request - To Cause Headaches And Drive Someone Crazy

Warning: If you are going to be doing this spell then make sure you are justified in doing so. This is some serious stuff, the kind of thing that can destroy some one's life, so show caution.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dressing A 7 Day Candle

Here we have a clip of a YouTuber showing how they dress or prepare 7 day candle. For information on how I fix them, click on the link below.

Hoodoo Candles

The only think I would clarify on is that I would not personally recommend loading a petition paper into the candle as in the above video. I have done that once and only once and the result was being awoken at 4:00 AM to the smoke alarm going off and a house filled with black smoke. When the flame reaches the petition paper it will burn and it won't just burn up and disappear. Instead, it will burn like a wick and will draw up melted wax and produce a huge quantity of black smoke. So avoid loading petition papers into candles. Instead, place the petition paper under the candle or else tape it to the glass, or better yet, write it on a sticky pad and then just slap the petition paper on the side of the glass. If you are using the type of candles with a silkscreen or printed imagery and words, then a petition paper is usually not necessary. In those case what you can do is to load the candle with a snip of hair. As the candle burn the hair will cling to the side of the glass and everything should fine.

Once again, follow safe candle burning guidelines. Never leave a candle burning unattended.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TheToadsBool - Keeping A Partner Faithful

YouTube user TheToadsBool has a fantastic video on keeping a partner faithful

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clear and Protect Yourself and Your Home From Black Magic

YouTube user Shacohoodoo has made the following clips on how to clear and protect your home from black magic.

Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Make A Voodoo Doll

Carolina Dean shows viewers how to make a voodoo doll in the below clips.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How To Make A Cone Of Incense Powder

Caroline Dean shows viewers how to make a cone using incense powder. In the past, some manufacturers would provide a small metal cone so that the practitioner can easily make their own cones. Today, most producers and sellers of loose incense powder do not include such cones and so practitioner must make their own.

I use a small metal cone that came with an antique Vantine's incense tin that I bought.

If preferred, loose incense powder can be burned directly on charcoal disks make for incense.

Please makes sure to follow all safety precautions when burning incense. Make sure to use a heat-proof container on which to burn your incense powders.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Drawing/Lodestone/Magnet is the name of a condition formula for condition oils, incense, powders, and bath salts used in the Hoodoo tradition. Drawing/Lodestone/Magnet spiritual products are designed to attract or draw to the practitioner anything they may desire. The magical "active ingredient" for Drawing/Lodestone/Magnet spiritual products are Lodestones, Magnets and Magnetic Sand. For examples of Drawing/Lodestone/Magnet spiritual products, click HERE, HERE, and HERE.

9 Quick Recipes For Drawing/Lodestone/Magnet Spiritual Products

Lodestone Oil:

Place a Lodestone and a pinch of magnetic sand into a bottle. Add scent of choice. I prefer Orange oil. Top with carrier oil of choice. I prefer mineral oil for this recipe. Shake to mix. Label the bottle and set it in a dark place to charge for a month.

Magnet Oil:

Use the same recipe above, only instead of a Lodestone, substitute a magnet. I prefer the flat magnetic strips that are used to make refrigerator magnets. These can easily be cut with scissors to shape. Add a pinch of magnetic sand, your choice of scent, and top it off with your carrier oil of choice. Shake the bottle to mix it, label it, and store it in a dark place for a month to charge.

Drawing Oil:

Add 1 Lodestone, 1 Magnet, 2 pinches of magnetic sand, and a pinch of powdered sugar to a bottle. Add scent of choice. Top with carrier oil of choice, shake to mix, label the bottle and set it in a dark place for a month to charge.

Lodestone Sachet Powder:

Place a Lodestone and a pinch of Magnetic Sand into a bottle. Top with either talcum powder or cornstarch powder. If one prefers the talcum or cornstarch can be tinted with powdered food color. Place the bottle in a dark place for a month to charge.

Magnet Sachet Powder:

Place a Magnet and a pinch of Magnetic Sand into a bottle. Top with either talcum powder or cornstarch powder. If one prefers the talcum or cornstarch can be tinted with powdered food color. Place the bottle in a dark place for a month to charge.

Drawing Sachet Powder:

Use talcum powder or cornstarch as a base. To it add powdered sugar and Magnetic Sand taken from a Lodestone or Magnet. To accomplish this, take a Lodestone or Magnet and set it in a bowl or dish. Sprinkle some Magnetic Sand over it. Let it sit for a week. After a week has gone buy, take a pinch and add it to the powder. If one prefers, a Lodestone or Magnet with a pinch of Magnetic Sand can be placed in the bottom of the container and then topped off with the powder sugar/talcum or cornstarch mixture. If one prefers the powder can be tinted with powdered food coloring.

Lodestone Incense:

To any powdered incense place a small Lodestone and a pinch of Magnetic sand. Allow the mixture to sit for a month in a dark place to charge.

Magnet Incense:

To any powdered incense place a small Magnet and a pinch of Magnetic Sand. Allow the mixture to sit for a month in a dark place to charge.

Drawing Incense:

To any powdered incense place a small Lodestone or Magnet or simply use a pinch of Magnetic Sand that has been left to charge on a Lodestone or Magnet for a week. Add a pinch of powdered sugar. Allow the mixture to sit for a month in a dark place to charge.

***Note: You can also simply purchase the oils, incense powders, and sachet powders from a company such as Indio/Wisdom, and simply add the ingredients to the bottles. For example, I can take a bottle of 7 Sisters Drawing oil and then add a small Lodestone, a pinch of Magnetic Sand, and a pinch of powdered sugar to the bottle.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

St. Expedite

St. Expedite, a.k.a. St. Expeditus, (pronounced Saint Ex-pe-deet or Ex-pe-dee-tus. However today it's most common for people to call him Ex-pe-dight) is an obscure and unofficial Catholic saint associated with the fast granting of help or petitions. For images of St. Expedite, click HERE.

Not much is known of the life of the saint but according to legend he was a Roman Centurion who was martyred via decapitation in the early second century over his conversion to Christianity. What can be said to be false are the stories or legends that the devotion to St. Expedite began as a group of nuns who received a package with the relics of an unlabelled saint and who subsequently confused the word "spedito" on the crate for being the name of the saint. This legend in all it's forms is completely false.

In folk magic and especially in the practice of Hoodoo, St. Expedite is invoked when quick results are needed. This use is reflective in the iconography of the saint who is shown holding a cross with the word "Hodi", Latin for "Today", and with a raven underfoot with a banner in it's mouth reading "Cras", Latin for "Tomorrow". In effect, St. Expedite doesn't put off for tomorrow what can be accomplished today. The rest of the saint's iconography details his life. He is dressed as a Roman Centurion and carries in his hand a palm leaf, signifying him as a martyr. The rich red cloak he wears is believed to be the origin of why the color red is said to be his favorite color.

When working with St. Epedite in Hoodoo and folk magic, it's important to know certain information. Below one will find some information and tips that may prove helpful to individuals who have never worked with St. Expedite. Remember that in Hoodoo and in folk magic the saints are who they are. It's not like in Voodou or Santeria where the saint represents an African deity or spirit. In Hoodoo or folk magic the saints are who they are, spirits of the blessed dead who agree to intercede on behalf of the living.

Tips For Working With St. Expedite

1.) St. Expedite's favorite colors are red, yellow, and white.
2.) St. Epedite's number is three when offering him small items like coins or candy.
3.) St. Expedite's days of the week are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
4.) St. Expedite's Feast Day is April 19.
5.) St. Expedite's is a "hot" spirit, which is why he works so fast. This means he is quick to anger and to take offense. Treat him with respect and by all means keep your promise to him if he fulfills your petition. According to lore, if you are foolish enough not to keep your end of the bargain then St. Expedite will take the life of one of your family members as payment.
6.) Because St. Expedite was beheaded he is believed to be somewhat dim-witted, as in "he lost his head". This means that one has to be very careful to word their petition specifically to describe what they want happen. Otherwise St. Expedite will get confused. For example, If I were to petition St. Expedite and tell him that I want a girl friend to stop cheating then he may respond by making her get into a car accident where she's paralysed below the waste and can no longer receive any sexual satisfaction. Or worse, he may kill her. So please make sure to correctly and specifically word the petition to thoroughly communicate, without any confusion, what you wish to happen.
7.) St. Expedite can be petitioned for both white or black magic purposes. He will destroy your enemies. He will even do nasty things to people who truly don't deserve it, if petitioned. Once again, it's because he lost his head.
8.) To petition St. Expedite one will need either an image of the saint, be it a statue or a picture. If one is using a novena candle with an image of St. Expedite then no other image is necessary. One will need a red, yellow, or white candle. Once again, if using a novena candle then this is not necessary. One will need St. Expedite Oil, Holy Oil, All Saint's Oil, or Olive Oil to dress the candle.  One will need St. Expedite Incense or Frankincense to burn as well. Finally, one will need a glass of water left out for the saint. A workspace will be needed to set these object up on. Cleanse the workspace with Florida Water, Rubbing Alcohol, or Whisky.
9.) When petitioning St. Expedite one will need to say a prayer. This prayer can be from the heart or it can be a standard prayer, such as the one below:

"Saint Expedite, you who lay in rest. I come to you and humbly ask for the granting of my desire. (State Your Desire) Expedite now what I ask of you. Expedite now what I want of you, Immediately this very second. Quickly, don't waste another day! Grant me my desire. I know your power, I know you because of your work. Do this for me and I will (Make Your Promise). Saint Expedite, expedite this wish!"

10.) Let the candle burn out and place the ingredients in the empty glass novena. If not using a novena then wrap the ingredients up with foil. Take them to the crossroads and set them down and walk away and don't look back.
11.) If St. Expedite grants your request then I advise you to quickly fulfill your vow or promise. Remember, he gets angry fast. Don't put it off.
12.) Do not offer St. Expedite pound cake or liquor in advance of fulfilling the petition. If you do that then he will consider it "job well done". Meaning he got his reward and you got nothing.
13.) St. Expedites's favorite offerings include flowers, pound cake, coins, and liquor. I've found he also likes hot sweet things like cinnamon candy. Some people offer him peppers too.
14.) There is a belief that St. Expedite only likes Sarah Lee pound cake. This is not true. You can offer him that if you want, but you can buy other brands or make it yourself as well. To prepare his pound cake you need to stick a stick or taper candle in it as well as three coins. Some people slice the cake and put a coin on each slice. Other people only offer St. Expedite one slice and then stick the candle in the middle of that slice, but I think that's rather rude. I give him the whole cake. So you stick the candle and the coins into the cake and you light the candle. You are going to say that it is done in fulfillment of your vow to St. Expedite. When the candle has extinguished itself naturally, take the cake out to a place in nature for the animals to eat it. Otherwise you can leave it out for period of days, some say three but others claim nine days. It's up to you.
15.) You can petition St. Expedite for anything, however big or small.
16.) If St. Expedite works for you then spread his fame by telling at least one other person.

Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite