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The Black Man At The Crossroads

Note: Makes sure to read the section titled "controversy" at the end of this blog post.

In Hoodoo lore, The Black Man At The Crossroads is a survival of an African Trickster Spirit. Similar entities can still be found in the living religions of Voodou, Santeria, Lukumi, Candomble, IFA, and the like. Since Hoodoo is not a religion, The Black Man is not worshipped, but he is to be highly respected. Because of his trickster nature, the Black Man is often called, 'The Devil', but such title is most definitely not one that is synonymous with the Biblical Satan. Instead, the term, 'The Devil' is a reference to the trickster nature of the entity. Similar African tricksters associated with the crossroads have also been referred to as 'The Devil'.

Confusions arises with the false equation between The Black Man and Satan, for which lore arises concerning 'selling one's soul', usually in exchange for material prosperity, fame or fortune.

In Hoodoo lore, The Black Man At The Crossroads is a spiritual entity that, if the proper ritual is carried out, can magically bestow a skill or knowledge unto the seeker. The difference between meeting up with The Black Man and traditional demon-pacts of lore is primarily that The Black Man does not bestow material prosperity, only teaches and bestows skill or knowledge. The belief that one must forfeit one's soul to The Black Man is incorrect as well, and again arises from the mistaken equation of the The Black Man to the Biblical Satan. In some tales, The Black Man doesn't bestow his gift for free, that in return for his blessing he requires 7 years of service, but there is no lore about eternal damnation or the loss of a human soul in exchange.

Appearance: First and foremost, the phrase, 'The Black Man At The Crossroads', does not refer to the color of his skin, though the spirit could choose to appear as an African-American if he so chooses. Instead, the phrase concerns the manner of his dress. When in human form, The Black Man wears black clothing. As to his appearance, The Black Man is said to appear in any number of forms, though usually black-colored animals like cats, dogs, snakes, roosters, and other birds are most common. Depending on the ritual, The Black Man may appear in a different form each evening, as most rituals used to evoke a meeting with him require traveling to the crossroads on consecutive nights. On the last night, The Black Man will appear in human form.

Lore: When meeting The Black Man, one must bring an object that symbolizes the skill one wishes to possess, such as a guitar for example. (For guitar players it is said that one must clip their nails until the bleed prior to going to meet The Black Man.) The Black Man will watch for awhile and then ask for the item. Using the guitar scenario, The Black Man might tune it and give it back to the individual. From that day on, the person will be blessed with skill for the guitar. -That's how it works. No signing in blood. No baby sacrifices. No selling one's soul or eternal damnation. Please don't misunderstand me. Meeting The Black Man At The Crossroads is no Sunday Picnic. For one, The Black Man is not guaranteed to appear. For another, he will do his best to 'scare the crap' out of individuals seeking him, a sort of test of their worthiness. In legend the seeker must control their fear and stand their ground, not running away or else The Black Man will not appear.

The Ritual: The ritual to make contact with The Black Man At The Crossroads usually involves an individual going alone to a nearby deserted crossroads at midnight for nine consecutive nights. One might clip their nails until they bleed before doing so. One is to bring an object with them that symbolizes the knowledge or skill one wishes to possess. The Black Man with manifest as a different animal each night and do his best to frighten the seeker. The seeker must stand his ground and remain strong, not running off or else the rite is broken. If the seeker passes the test, then on the ninth night The Black Man will appear in human form, ask for the item from the seeker, fiddle with it, and then return it. From that time on the seeker will be magically blessed with the skill or knowledge they requested. In exchange for his gifts, The Black Man may require 7 years of service, though every indication is that such shall take place while one is alive and has nothing to do with one's eternal soul.

Legends and rituals of The Black Man At The Crossroads (As recorded by Harry Middleton Hyatt):

Vol.2, pp.1357-58

Well, now, at de fo'k of a road, if it's somethin' tedious dat yo' want a undertake tuh do an' yo' jes' feel dat chew cain't accomplish it or somekind, yo' read de Psalms in de Bible dat yo' reads. Yo' read de 91 Psalms. Yo' read dat 91 Psalm but chew have tuh read it fo' nine days. Yo' read de 91 Psalms fo' nine days an' at de same hour of de day. An' now, goin' to de fo'k of dis road, yo' have tuh be at de fo'k of dis road at twelve a'clock in de night. Dat is, it no partic'lar rule, butjes' anywhere where a fo'k is, yo' see. An' yo' read dis 91 Psalms an' yo' have tuh pray an' yo' have tuh axe God tuh send dis spirit dere tuh meet chew dere, tuh meet chew dere at de fo'kof dis road. Now, when yo' git to de fo'k of dis road, yo' gonna see all kindathingdat yo' want a undertake tuh do an' yo' jes' feel dat chew cain't accomplish it or somekind, yo' read de Psalms in de Bible dat yo' reads. Yo' read de 91 Psalms. Yo' read dat 91 Psalm but chew have tuh read it fo' nine days. Yo' read de 91 Psalms fo' nine days an' at de same hour of de day. An' now, goin' to de fo'k of dis road, yo' have tuh be at de fo'k of dis road at twelve a'clock in de night. Dat is, it no partic'lar rule, butjes' anywhere where a fo'k is, yo' see. An' yo' read dis 91 Psalms an' yo' have tuh pray an' yo' have tuh axe God tuh send dis spirit dere tuh meet chew dere, tuh meet chew dere at de fo'kof dis road. Now, when yo' git to de fo'k of dis road, yo' gonna see all kindathing. Yo' may git frightened. Yo' read dis Psalms. (You read that for nine days but you don't go out to the fork of the road?)No, yo' don't go dere, yo' readin' dis Psalms an' yo' preparin' yo'self tuh go dere - yo' preparing tuh go dere. Now, yo' read dis fo' nine days now. Today is de ninth day, see. Now, yo' goin' dere tonight. Yo' goin' dere at twelve a'clock tonight. See. Now yo' readin' dis Psalm, preparin' yo'self tuh go dere tuh meet deone dat chure gonna meet dere. Now, yo' ain't gotta go tuh bed, yo' gotta setup. Now, nine a'clock tuhnight dere gotta be somebody gonna come there an'tell yo' somethin' - dey gonna tell yo' lotsa things. It's gonna be somebody goin' tuh come dere an' dey gonna talk to yo' jes' lak ah'm talkin' to yo',an' now dey gonna tell yo', "Yo' git a pencil an' papah," or "Yo' git a type[writer] an' yo' take whut ah'm tellin' yo', whut ah'm givin' yo' - [here'sanother person interested in my machine] - yo' take whut ah'm givin' yo' an'yo' meet me at twelve a'clock." Yo' see. An' all yo' have tuh do, yo' jis' be big-hearted an' yo' do as dey sayan' dey'll work wit yo' wonderful. Den yo' take all whut dey give yo' an'tell yo' how tuh do an' whut tuh do an' now yo' meet 'em dere at twelvea'clock. (At the fork of the road?) Yessuh. [I don't want to read anything into the preceding rite - it's there.THIS WOMAN IS A MASTER CRAFTSMAN who knows every aspect of her work - the most important aspect of all, human nature, how far she can go. Instead of offering me her variant or variants of the devil meeting a person at the fork or crossroad, she throws a good-spirit atmosphere over everything, then tells me she and I are performing the fork-of-the-road rite!] ["Yo' git [[got]] a type [[writer - my Telediphone on which I pretendedto write]] an' yo' take [[are taking down]] what ah'm tellin' yo', whut ah'm givin' yo'...all yo' have tuh do, yo' jis' be big-hearted an'.....dey'll[[I'll]] work wit yo' wonderful."][My reply to her is quite ordinary. Or is it?][Without detracting from Nahnee's insight or subtracting any glamour from my big-heartedness, the reader should be informed that a person of her ability and reputation, despite the Great Depression and scarcity of money, rarely takes chances. Preceding her appearance a confederate of hers, man or woman, had made inquiries and had actually interviewed me. Neither my contact man nor I could ever identify these persons - we never tried, it was a waste of time, though occasionally we spotted a stool pigeon.]

[Algiers, LA; Informant #1583 - Nahnee the "Boss of Algiers"; CylindersE94:2-E119:1 = 2927-2952.]

Make A Wish
333. "You go to the fork of the road on Sunday morning before day, go there for nine times in succession before the sun rise and make aspecial wish, a special desire, and whatever you want to do, if it's to be a conjure or to be a bad person, then the devil comes there. First comes a red rooster, then after that the devil sends something else in the shape of a bear and after that he comes himself and takes hold of your hands and tells you to go on in the world and do anything that chew want to do."

[Elizabeth City, North Carolina,(182)]

To Learn Tricks
340. "Jes' lak if yo' wanta learn some tricks, yo' know, yo' kin takea black chicken an' go dere fo' nine mawnin's, to de fo'k of de road. Have yo' a further road -- both of 'em public roads each way, not no blind roads, yo' know. Both of 'em have tuh be public roads, forkin'.Yo' take dis chicken an' go dere fo' nine mawnin's an' on de ninth mawnin' de devil will meet chew dere. An' he will learn {teach you} --well, anything yo' wanta learn."(Do you do anything with that chicken?)"De chicken, he have tuh be live. Yo' ketch him alive an' carry himto de fo'k of de road, an' yo' go fo' nine mawnin's, an' on de ninthmawnin' he'll meet chew dere."

349. If you want to know how to play a banjo or a guitar or do magic tricks, you have to sell yourself to the devil. You have to go to the cemetery nine mornings and get some of the dirt and bring it back with you and put it in a little bottle, then go to some fork of the road and each morning sit there and try to play that guitar. Don't care what you see come there, don't get 'fraid and run away. Just stay there for nine mornings and on the ninth morning there will come some rider riding at lightning speed in the form of the devil. You stay there then still playing your guitar and when he has passed you can play any tune you want to play or do any magic trick you want to do because you have sold yourself to the devil.

[Ocean City, Maryland, (14), Ed.]

356. Now de fo'ks of de road -- now, in case dis is whut chew wanta do, if yo' wanta learn hoodooism. See, if you wanta learn hoodooism, you go to de fo'ks of de road. Go dere -- yo' leave home zactkly five minutes of twelve an' have yo' a fo'k. Git chew a bran'-new silver fo'k an' git to de fo'ks of de road an' git down on your knees an' stick dat fo'k in de groun'; see, an' anything on earth yuh wants tuh learn an' know, things will come 'fore yo' an' tell yo' what to do. See. But chew got'a be dere zactly twelve 'clock -- go dere de third day but it's got'a be in de night, twelve 'clock in de night.

[Mobile, Alabama, (656),937:3).]

The Black Man At The Crossroads In Culture: An episode of the television series, Supernatural, titled Crossroad Blues was dedicated to the lore of The Black Man At The Crossroads, though in the episode The Black Man was portrayed as both a demon and as a women, which are both incorrect. That episode also makes reference to Hoodoo and Hell Hounds as well.

The Crossroads In Hoodoo Magic And The Ritual Of Selling Yourself To The Devil

Controversy: The above information reflects the standard information available online. However, my dealing with people in "real life" have caused me to question whether or not the Black Man at the Crossroads is only part African or perhaps completely European in origin. The Scott-Irish have a long history of lore surrounding "The Black Man", who can be me in out of the way places, such as the forest or crossroads. He is none other than the Devil. For the most part the influence of the Scott-Irish has been ignored by most online sources. I strongly believe more research needs to be done regarding the origin of the Black Man at the Crossroads to determine if he is a mix of African and European lore or if he is strictly European.

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'Voodoo' Woman From 'Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil' Passes Away

(From May, 2009)

Valerie Fennel Aiken Boles, the real-life inspiration behind the character of Minerva, the so-called 'Voodoo Priestess' of Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, passed away on May 8, 2009.

It's doubtful that Boles was actually a member of the Voodoo religion. A more likely scenario is that Boles was a Hoodoo woman who simple used the label of 'Voodoo', adding to the growing confusion between the two completely different practices. It is also said that Boles was the widow of the infamous Dr. Buzzard, a (white) Hoodoo man, rumored to have been the most powerful Rootworker to have ever lived. Dr. Buzzard is said to have died in the 1920's, so it's likely that if Boles was married to a 'Doc Buzzard', then it is probably from a later generation of Hoodoo men who took up the name of a former great as a means of attracting fame and customers.

Reclusive Voodoo Priestess Of 'Midnight' Fame Dies

Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil


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John The Conqueror

Picture Is From A Vintage 1940's King Novelty Co. Hoodoo Catalog In My Collection. John The Conqueror Root is advertized for 50 cents (1940's price).

John The Conqueror (pronounced "John The Conker") is a trickster-spirit and folk hero among African-Americans in the folklore of the Southern United States and especially among Hoodoo practioners.

It is said that in life John was a prince, the son of an African King and that he dedicated his life to helping his fellow slaves, mainly by tricking their white masters. It should be emphasized that John The Conqueror's tricks were never said to be mean-spirited and that he most often gained the respect of white masters by his displays of intelligence, cleverness and wit.

Appearance: An African-American man

Lore: John The Conqueror gave his name to three roots used in Hoodoo practice, High John, Low John, and Little John. High John, otherwise known as John The Conqueror Root is the special root said to have been imbued with the trickster's spirit. As in many folk heroes and spirits, it is said that John The Conqueror did not die but is ready at any time to appear to his fellow man in need of his aid.

Powers: In legend, John The Conqueror had the power to appear and disappear at will. In his tales, John The Conqueror would magically appear and trick the white master who did not seem to notice that he was not one of his slaves. He also had the power to achieve practically anything he set his mind to, usually to the benefit of his fellow slaves. His power has been transferred to the root named after him and anyone who owns a root can likewise benefit from his assistance.

John The Conqueror Root: Ipomoea jalapa, Ipomoea purga, Ipomoea pandurata, etc., is the Latin name for the root. There couldn't be a better choice of plants for the spirit of John The Conqueror to live in. Being a member of the Morning Glory family, Ipomoea Jalapa 'conquers' all obstacles in it's path and out-competes all other plants for sunlight and nourishment. African-American slaves were taught the use of the root by the Iroquois people, who referred to the plant as 'man root', possibly due to it's resemblance to a testicle. The Iroquois believed the plant had the power to grant it's owner super-human strength. Children, and possibly women, were strictly prohibited from touching the root. John The Conqueror root has become the most powerful root used in the practice of Hoodoo. Whole dried roots are fixed and carried as lucky pocket pieces primarily by men, who rub them to draw luck, money, and love. Smaller roots are used in mojo bags. Chopped or broken roots are processed into oils, incense, powders, and colognes, all sharing in the reported mystical powers of the trickster-spirit, John The Conqueror.

More Images From My Vintage 1940's King Novelty Co. Hoodoo Catalog

High John The Conqueror Root Perfume

Hand Holding Lodestone And John The Conqueror Root

Mojo Bag With Lucky Hand Root (lower left), Lodestone (upper left), John The Conqueror Root (top), Van Van Oil and Devil's Shoestring Roots (lower right)

John The Conqueror Root

John The Conqueror Root

Hoodoo Herb And Root Magic

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An Exercise To Alter Perception

I discovered this by accident several years ago and thought I would share it. This is a good exercise to help practitioners alter their perceptions. Once you can do this then you now realize you can alter your perceptions of just about anything. You can make yourself feel good, make good experiences "greater" and you can alter even unpleasant things to make them be perceived better

In order to do this exercise you will need a song. It can be any song you like like and it can be played on anything, such as the radio, a tape cassette, CD player, or even a song online or on YouTube. Whatever your choice of song it is up to you.

Now sit down in a comfortable position and do some breathing exercises to calm and center yourself. Get into a relaxed mood. Now, play the song.

I want you to listen to the song, the tempo, the beat. Then I want you to make it speed up, not by doing anything to the song, but by pure will alone I want you to speed the song up in your mind so that you perceive it playing faster. This is not impossible. If I can do it, so can you.

Now, once you reach the point where you can speed the perception of the song up, then do the opposite. Slow it down. Then bring it back to normal.

I'm not saying you will be able to do this the first time you try it, but you just might! Even if you don't get it right away keep at it. Eventually you will and you will be shocked that you have that power!

Once you realize you can alter the perception of the music, start applying this technique to other situations. For example, if you are in a boring class at school, use it to speed it up. If you are enjoying a movie, use it to slow it down, etc.

Have fun! You are far more powerful than you realize!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Picture Is From A Vintage 1940's King Novelty Co. Hoodoo Catalog In My Collection

Hoodoo, a.k.a. Rootwork or Conjure, is a spiritual system composed of a mixture of African-American, Native-American, and European folklore, folk magic and folk medicine within a primarily Protestant Christian religious framework. Hoodoo is practiced primarily in the Southern portions of the United States.

Hoodoo gets it's common name of Rootwork, due to the prevalence of the use of whole roots and herbs among practitioners. The term Conjure is perhaps the oldest term used to refer to the practice and dates back to the 1700s. Interestingly, the term Hoodoo as the blanket-name for the practice only dates back to the 1800s.

Setting lights (burning lamps or candles, a.k.a. "candle magic"), burning incense, sprinkling powders, fixing mojo bags, taking spiritual baths, and reciting Psalms are common rituals of Hoodoo. Such rituals are undertaken to draw luck, love, money, protection, or to gain revenge. Other standard rituals include those designed to uncross an individual or client, which is a ritual designed to remove a curse or jinx, carrying lucky pocket pieces such as a rabbit's foot or four-leaf clover, wearing of magical perfumes and colognes, and the creation of 'doll-babies' or 'voodoo dolls'. Practitioners make extensive use of roots, plants, stones, dirts, and other items from nature as well as mundane household items, or items easily obtained, for any number of magical or medicinal rituals.

Professional practitioners of Hoodoo, those who take on paying clients, are referred to as Root Workers, Root Doctors, Hoodoo Men & Hoodoo Women, "Hoodoos", Conjure Men & Conjure Women, Conjurers (pronounced "conjurs"), Two-Headed Men & Two-Headed Women, Goomer/Gummer Men & Goomer/Gummer Women, and Black Gypsies. Rarely one might find practitioners referred to as Spiritualists, due to the connection between some practitioners and the Spiritualist Church Movement.

A very common occurrence is the false equation of Hoodoo to the religion of Voodou (Voodoo). The difference between the two is mainly that Hoodoo is a system of folk magic with practitioners being mostly Protestant Christians. Voodou, on the other hand, is a religion unto itself.

The practice of Hoodoo has influenced American culture via music, primarily Blues, movies, and folklore. In the Southern portion of the United States the phrase, 'Don't Make Me Put Roots On You!', is an often heard quaint reference to the practice.

"You Remind Me of a Man..."(The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, 1947)

The 2005 movie, The Skeleton Key, was based primarily on Hoodoo, though it's portrayal of the practice was anything but accurate.

References to Hoodoo in television shows include; Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural, and TrueBlood.

Hooodoo In Theory And Practice

Links to Hoodoo shops:

Miller's Rexall Drug Store

Lucky Hoodoo

Lucky Mojo

Sonny Boy

Phoenix Candle Shop

Wisdom Products (was Indio)

The Luck Shop

Grandma's Candle Shop

Old Grandpa

Old Style Conjure

Stanley Drug Co.

To learn more about what practitioners do, listen to the Hoodoo podcasts at the sites below.

Old Style Conjure

Conjure Crossroads

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Slip Skin Hag

A Slip Skin Hag (Boo Hag), is a combination witch/vampire/demon of folklore in the Southern portions of the United States, especially among those of Gullah descent as well as believers and practitioners of Hoodoo.

A Slip Skin Hag appears as a normal woman by day but by night slips out of her skin and flies around in search of victims to torture and harass while they sleep. Victims are said to experience sleep paralysis, awaken with strange scratches, suffer from nightmares, and are plagued with unnatural illnesses and fatigue, often leading to mental illness and eventually death. Slip Skin Hags are also said to press on their victim's chest while they sleep in an attempt to suffocate them. Such a state is referred to as being 'hag ridden'. If the victim is male, sexual molestation may occur.

A Slip Skin Hag is distinct from a traditional Hag, mainly due to the fact that by day Slip Skin Hags appear and act as normal human women. (A traditional Hag is a spirit-like entity.)

Appearance: By day a Slip Skin Hag appears as a normal human woman. At night, the Slip Skin Hags slips out of her skin and searches for victims. Fortunately she remains invisible when out of her body, though it is said that if a victim attempts to wrestle a Slip Skin Hag, and could grab hold of her, then one would feel the sensation of holding raw meat.

Lore: Just as in traditional Vampire legends, the Slip Skin Hag must return to her skin by sunrise or else she will die. Unlike the traditional Vampire who drinks blood, the Slip Skin Hag feeds off of the soul, breath, or life-force of the victim.

Powers: Invisibility, flight, can pass through the tiniest cracks or spaces in order to enter into the bedrooms of her victims, with keyholes being a well known entry point.

The book, Blue Roots: African American Folk Magic Of The Gullah People by Roger Pinckney, documents (p.78) a reported Slip Skin Hag in Charleston, SC, in 1916:

"Neighbors suspected a certain woman of going out after dark and tormenting a former lover who had found a new partner. They found the skin hanging behind the woman's bedroom door, salted it thoroughly, and waited anxiously in the closet. The woman came in at dawn, commanded the skin back into it's rightful place. The skin, in salty misery, did not respond. "Skin, skin, don't you know me?", the woman pleaded. The neighbors leaped from the closet and the hag disappeared into thin air, never to return."

Defense Against Slip Skin Hags: A Slip Skin Hag can be killed if she doesn't return to her skin by sunrise or if her skin is destroyed while she is out of it. Another method of inflicting suffering or death upon a Slip Skin Hag is to salt her skin so that it causes extreme pain when it is placed back on her "raw" flesh. (Red Pepper is also said to work wonders as well.) If a victim knows the identity of the Slip Skin Hag he can write her name as well as the word 'Hag' above his front door and this will bar her from being able to enter. 'Direct Confrontation', i.e. publicly accusing the suspected Slip Skin Hag is also said to rob her of her ability to harm. Other methods of repelling Slip Skin Hags refer to Vampire lore, mainly by hanging a kitchen sieve over the bed or by scattering sesame seeds on the floor around the bed. (The Slip Skin Hag must count each hole in the sieve and each sesame seed before she can attack the victim, thus making sure sunrise will come before her task is complete.) Other methods include magic itself. Hoodoo men and woman, a.k.a. root workers, root doctors, or conjurers, can use rituals and magic to repel, kill, or even trap a Slip Skin in the form of an insect in a bottle. The insect is then killed and the hag is destroyed, not sent to hell but as in completely obliterated.

Wicked Charleston by Mark R. Jones

Her Stories by Virginia Hamilton, Leo Dillon, Diane Dillon

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Hell Hounds

Hell Hounds (Black Dogs, Devil Dogs, Phantom Black Dogs, Fairy Hounds) are supernatural or demonic canines in folklore and myth.

Despite the name, not every Hell Hound is considered evil. Some function as protectors and messengers of other supernatural beings.

The Hell Hounds that do belong to the dark side often appear in terrorizing forms, such as a black dog with incredible strength, glowing eyes, and paranormal abilities. In folklore, the devil often assumes the form of a black dog.

The more neutral members of the class like the fairy hounds generally appear as white dogs with red eyes and one red ear.

Appearance: A black dog with glowing eyes or a white dog with red eyes and one red ear. Some Hell Hounds even appear headless!

Lore: Hell Hounds often guard specific locations, like cemeteries for example, from trespassers. Another location one might meet a Hell Hound is at a deserted crossroads. Hell Hounds are also set loose on individuals who have occurred the wrath of other supernatural beings. Otherwise, a Hell Hound may be a demon or devil in animal disguise.

Powers: appear and disappear at will, super strength and speed, ability to increase in size at will and other assorted paranormal abilities.

Black Dogs

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Reverse Witchcraft And Destroy A Witch

If you believe you have been cursed by a witch, get you the following.

- An old pot
- 9 Pins
- 9 Needles
- 9 Nails or 9 Tacks
- Red Pepper
- Salt
- Alum
- Your Urine

Collect your urine in the pot. Set it to boil on that stove. As it boils add the 9 pins, 9 needles, and 9 nails or tacks. Add a pinch of either salt, red pepper, alum, or all three. State your petition to reverse back the evil to the witch. You can pray or recite an appropriate Psalm or other bible passage. Allow all the urine to boil away. When the pot is dry, take it off the heat and dispose of it by either burying it, taking it to the crossroads, or throwing it into a river. The evil will be reversed back to the witch and the witch will suffer, possibly even die, for his/her evil.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hair Brushes

I was led to share the following with readers, just to keep the old ways alive.

Hair brushes can be used for spiritual cleansings. You brush yourself off with them just like you would use an egg, broom, feather duster, bible, chicken foot, or whatever you use. Just be sure to cleanse the brush after using it.

Hair brushes can also be used for bad stuff but I won't be telling any readers about that other than saying that hair brushes are of course the best way to get hair from a person other than trying to pluck it out of their heads!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Billion Dollar Powerball Jackpot?

Most people who play Powerball know about the recent changes that went into effect on January 15. The changes include an increase of 1 dollar for a ticket, bringing the total to $2 a ticket, beginning jackpots starting at $40 million, and a minimum of a 10 million dollar jump in between on draws resulting in no jackpot winners. This brings me to the purpose of this blog.

I kid you not, the other day I was watching the news and they had on a mathematician who was predicting that that this summer someone will will the largest Powerball jackpot in history, a staggering 1 billion dollars! The mathematician states that as more people play without anyone winning the jackpot the jackpot total will make huge jumps. So far, with the first non-winning jackpot drawing the sum has jumped 20 million. This already beats the standard jump of say 5-6 million. So the mathematician predicts that the jackpot will eventually reach 1 billion dollars!

So bust out your rabbit's feet, four leaf clovers, and gambling hands, folks! Start burning your candles and send out that energy because one of my readers may in fact become a billionaire this summer!

Good luck to all! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweetgum Balls, a.k.a. "Witch Balls"

Sweetgum balls, a.k.a. gumballs or "witch balls", are great to use for protection work. The spiny appendages will repel evil. If one hangs some above the doorway it is believed to prevent a witch from entering. I like to also give them to St. Michael when I work with him for protection. For enemy work or for pay-me work the balls are used to make a person uncomfortable. This is achieved by getting their picture or name paper and wrapping it's face or name toward the spines. The ball is then tied with thread. As one is doing the work the worker needs to state powerfully that the person is going to feel the sting, is going to feel uncomfortable in their skin, is going to feel pin-pricks all over their body, etc., until they pay you the money back they owe you or, for enemy work, leave you alone.

For protection of the home I like to wrap three witch balls in red string, sprinkle holy water on them and pray Psalm 23 over them before hanging them above the doors or windows.

Some years back I visited a local occult store and about died laughing to learn they were selling them for $1.00 a piece. You can find them everywhere where I live.

Conjure Jackpot!

I had a wonderful today and was able to get some really good items for my conjure. I got a galvanized metal bucket, a large decorative flat metal cross, some dirt dauber nests, and some sweetgum "witch balls". I will post some info in the future on dirt dauber nests and how to use the sweetgum balls or "witch balls" as they call them where I live. You can barely make them out in the lower right of the pictures. They are great for protection and to make a person uncomfortable.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday The 13th!!!

It's Friday The 13!!!! Run for your lives! LOL

Many people think that Friday the 13th is a very unlucky day. I am not one of those people. I believe that Friday the 13th is a time of great power, either for the good or bad. I would advise people to take advantage of the energy of this day. Take a risk. Go out and play the lottery. Ask that certain someone out on a date. Live a little and have fun!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Okay, in my previous blog, Tips For Receiving Your Lucky Numbers Via Dreams, I mentioned how I easily receive numbers in my dreams and how they normally hit, but how it always seems to work out that I never win. I think I'm definitely crossed after what I discovered tonight.

The other day I had a dream of an unidentified man who came up to me holding a receipt. On the receipt was the total, $12.27. So I went out and played the Pick 4 game with the numbers 1227. Guess what the winning numbers were? -2227. I played a straight and a box, as I only had a couple of bucks on me. I lost out on $5,000 by one number. I'm so pissed. I definitely think something is blocking me. This happens to me all the time.

I'm going to have to do a cleansing and I'm going to follow this with some work to increase my psychic/intuition abilities as well as luck. Things are going to change. I'm not going to experience this like last year where it happened to me like 4 or 5 times. I'm gonna get that dough! I claim it, it's mine!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Get Bible Works

Just in my talking with practitioners online I've become amazed by how so many of them are dependent on books that other people have written concerning Bible works, the use of the Psalms, etc. I think the books are great but they are not needed. Practitioners can get all the works they need from the bible by merely reading it themselves. This blog will help new practitioners to understand how they can get the works for themselves.

How To Get Bible Works

Items Needed:

Highlight Markers

1.) Get a bible. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can get them at most dollar stores. Most practitioners prefer the KJV (King James Version)

2.) Pray and ask God to open your eyes and reveal the works. You can also meditate to get into the proper mood.

3.) Start reading the Bible regularly. Start with like a chapter a day.

4.) When a working is revealed to you, write down the chapter and verse in your notebook as well as what it is for. If you prefer, you can also highlight the verses. I like to highlight the verses and then write on the side with pencil what the work is for. If you prefer, you can have a system of colored highlight markers, yellow for uncrossing/cleansing, green for money/prosperity, pink for love, etc. It's up to you.

5.) Incorporate the passages into your works. Sometimes the passages will give you instruction on what to do. Other times the passages are meant to be recited over your works.

6.) There is great power in bible works, far more power than in just relying on one's own personal power or the power of natural items. See Also: The Power - Where It Comes From.

7.) If you are ever in a bind and can't do an actual work with the items you would normally use then these passages can be used alone. They are powerful. Seriously, you may have an enemy spending 3+ hours on a witchcraft ritual meant to destroy you and and in a mere matter of seconds you can destroy it, reverse it, or even destroy the enemy by simply incorporating bible works. I'm not joking people. There is a reason why many witches covet the power of Hoodoo.

See Also:

The Holy Bible

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Dress One's Hands With Hoodoo Powders Before Gambling

This past weekend I went to a local casino and thought I would share some pointers on using Hoodoo powders. For images of Hoodoo powders for gambling, click HERE. If using this particular brand, I would recommend adding a pinch of luck-drawing or money-drawing herbs, such as five finger grass, cinnamon, or allspice to the bottle and mix it in good.

How To Dress One's Hands With Hoodoo Powder Before Gambling.

1.) Cleanse one's hands. Use either Florida Water, Whisky, Rubbing Alcohol, or if nothing else, wash them with soap and water. Allow your hands to air dry or if using soap and water, dry one's hands off.

2.) Rub one's hands together until they are heated-up via friction.

3.) Place a pinch of powder in one's hands and then rub one's hands together until the powder is distributed evenly on one's hands.

4.) With the first two fingers of one's right hand, make the sign of an "x" on one's left palm while reciting the first part of Psalm 23, "The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want". Or, if you prefer you can say, "My Cup Runneth Over", or just wing it with "Big Money Come To Me!" or another saying or prayer of your choice.

5.) Do the same thing for the right palm, making the sign of an "x" with the first two fingers of one's left hand. Recite the first part of Psalm 23 or your prayer as well.

6.) Spit on one's hands and then rub them together.

7.) Your hands are now dressed and fixed for gambling. If by chance you must wash your hands then you must repeat the process. Because of this, many people will simply not wash their hands until after they are done gambling. Other people, especially women, will keep the powder in their purses so that they can re-dress their hands after washing them.

Another gambling tip I would share is to gamble alone. If one goes to the casino with a group of people, make sure to split up. Trust me, people hanging around one will suck the luck away and may even jinx one's luck. This weekend, I had a brother and a sister follow me around at the casino. I was on a winning streak and they simply would not leave my side. On top of this, they began to jinx my luck telling me to hurry and to cash-out. My brother even had the nerve to try to tell me I was playing the game wrong. Now, how could I be playing wrong if I'm winning? Anyway, the point is that having people hang-on you while gambling can ruin your luck and jinx you. This is especially true if the people are jealous of your win. So make sure to gamble alone.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tips For Recieving Your Lucky Numbers Via Dreams

I'm the type of person who regularly dreams of numbers. Now number dreams are very important and when one dreams of numbers the traditional reply would be that these are one's lucky numbers and should be played in the lottery.

I'm the type of person who regularly dreams of numbers. The number usually hit and pay off. The problem is that either the numbers I dreamt of will either be one number off or they hit on the day I decide not to play. I'm sure if you check the blog history you will find other blogs about my frustration on this!

Now, when it comes to dreaming of number the key point is to train yourself to remember them. I have this feeling that many people have dreams of numbers but they quickly forget them because they don't put enough energy into remembering them. So here are a few tips I will give to help people remember their dreams and to help them receive their lucky numbers in dreams. Before I begin let me state that numbers in dreams are given in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's straight-forward and other times one has to be observant. For example, a person may see a clock and the time is the numbers that one should pay attention to. Sometimes one may have a dream of seeing numbers in newspaper, a book, or other paper. In fact, in my dream last night I had an anonymous man show me a receipt. He did not speak, nor explain his actions, but just came up to me and showed me this receipt. The total price figure was quite easy to see. So that is the numbers that were being communicated to me. One can also use dream books, which attempt to decode the symbolism of dream in order to get one's lucky numbers. That's an old practice that still continues today.

Tips On How To Receive Lucky Numbers In Dreams

- Dress a white candle with a "psychic"-type condition oil or with associated essential oils and burn the candle for a few minutes before going to bed.

- Anoint the forehead with some of the same oils.

- Drink a cup of dandelion tea before bed. You can mix dandelion root with other herbal mixtures as well. I like my dandelion root with chamomile tea.

- Pray and concentrate on one's desire. Tell yourself that you will remember your dreams. Know that you will remember your dreams. Have faith in yourself.

- Tell yourself that you will receive lucky numbers in your dream. Tell and convince yourself that these numbers will bring you money. Don't tell yourself "negative talk", such as "don't dream of unlucky numbers", as your unconscious mind doesn't understand that. Instead, it will interpret it as "dream of unlucky numbers". LOL So just stick to the positive, such as, "I will dream of lucky numbers".

- Fix a mojo bag with ingredients such as dandelion root, anise or star anise, cinnamon, bay, and some frankincense. Place this under your pillow. Feed the bag often.

- Keep a notebook and a pen/pencil by your bed so that you can quickly jot down your numbers when you receive them. Don't just write down the numbers but try to write down all of the dream that you remember. The imagery and symbolism can be interpreted to find out more information about what is being communicated.

- Let it go. In hoodoo, as in other magical traditions, the universe needs time to manifest your desire. Once you concentrate on your desire you then give it up knowing that it will manifest. Then, when you are not thinking about it and least expect it, it will come to you.

Wishing everyone sweet dreams and good luck!

The Hoodoo Truth: Altars

In a previous blog I covered altars in hoodoo. In this blog I want to stress some points because I feel a lot of practitioners have some incorrect ideas or may not know about how things were done back in the day.

When it comes to hoodoo altars, many people have an incorrect understanding. The overwhelming majority of practitioners did not keep altars. This is true from the days in slavery all the way up to modern times when things began changing. Instead of an altar workers had workstations or work spaces. This is just a certain location that practitioners did their work. It could be anything and anywhere, such as the top of a dresser, a table in the corner, the kitchen table, etc. For example, if a worker used candles or lamps there was a specific place they tended to burn them. The people who tended to have or keep altars were the professional workers who took on paying clients. Even some of the professional workers didn't keep altars but instead had a room in the house where they met with clients.

Now as far as altars go, I think most people have the wrong idea. I think most people have this idea of altars that comes from Louisiana Voodoo, where the altars contain bones, animal parts, voodoo dolls, skulls, Spanish moss and other spooky things. That's not a hoodoo altar. Hoodoo altars are simple, so simple in fact that if someone happened to see it they may not even recognize it as being hoodoo but would probably just think that the person is very religious. As far as looks go, a basic hoodoo altar is going to have like either white linen or doilies for an altar cloth, though often the color red is used, a bible, candles or lamps, an incense burner, a cross, religious pictures or statues (especially if the worker is Catholic), and possibly a bowl of water. If the worker is Catholic they may also have holy water and a rosary. That's about it. So a traditional hoodoo altar is far different than this notion of the "spooky" altars that people have.

Currently, there is a trend of people teaching or instructing other people to build multiple altars for things such as money, love, luck, protection, and even revenge. That simply did not happen in the past, it is not traditional, and is something that occult shop owners created and passed on to others. Other than a traditional spiritual altar that I described above, the only other altar workers might have in their house is for the ancestors and/or the blessed dead. This usually includes a white linen cloth or doilies, pictures of the deceased, flowers, candles, and a glass of water. Many people kept these and didnt' even realize they functioned as an altar. For example, it was quite common to walk into a house and find a certain space in a prominent position that the person kept pictures of their deceased loved ones on. They usually decorated it with a white cloth and flowers, even if they were artificial. This practice spans all colors and races and it should be recognized for what it is, an ancestor altar. They may not have given food or glasses of water but most kept that area well cleaned!

So just to recap:

- The overwhelming number of practitioners did not keep altars.
- Most practitioners had workstations or work spaces that could be either clean or dirty, cluttered or neat, depending on the worker.
- The people most likely to keep an altar were professional workers who took on paying clients.
- Altars were simple and clean, not dark, cluttered and spooky.
- The only other altar people were likely to keep were ancestor altars or altars to the blessed dead. In fact, more people had an ancestor altar than a spiritual altar.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Take Advantage Of Your Conjure Ingredient Opportunities!

I could kick myself and I know better!

Yesterday I was helping my grandmother move out of her house and into a retirement center. I noticed that the porch had about 20 or so dirt dauber nests. I told myself I needed to get a few but I blew it off and forgot about it. Then while moving my grandmother in to her new place there was a sweet gum tree with spiky pods at like my shoulder length as the trees were not that big. I told myself that I needed to get some of these as they are used to repel evil. Once again I forgot about it. This reminds me of this past summer where I was outside and found a huge paper wasp nest. That time it didn't even dawn on me to get it. When I finally realized I should get it and went back to the spot it was at I discovered it was gone.

So the rule of thumb is, when nature offers you gifts you must take them!

I'm still thinking of sneaking back over to my grandma's old house and getting me some dirt dauber's nests! I should probably do it at night just to be sneaky. LOL

Thursday, January 5, 2012


The burning of an oil or kerosene lamp is the traditional method of setting lights in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

When most people think of setting or burning lights they think of candles. Candles can be used of course, and there is nothing wrong with using them, however the old way is the burning of lamps. A lamp that is being used for conjure work is fixed or prepared before hand. Now there are multiple types of lamps. Some lamps have the clear glass base or container that held the fuel. Other types have painted or decorated glass or even porcelain bases. There are even lamps that have a metal base. If you are needing a bit more secrecy in your work and would like to use lamps then I would recommend the lamps that have the painted, porcelain, or metal bases as these will conceal your work. Otherwise, if secrecy is not a concern then workers can use the clear glass variety of lamp. Also, kerosene comes in a variety of colors so modern workers can use color symbolism when burning their lamps.

How A Lamp Is Fixed

- The lamp is cleansed before use.
- The lamp is prayed over.
- Items, such as roots, herbs, dirts, etc., are placed in the lamp.
- The lamp is filled with kerosene (coal oil)
- The wick is trimmed. *Some people pin a name-paper to the wick. I have never done so and would be worried about fire hazards.*
- The wick is lighted.
- The lamp is "worked", focusing or concentrating on desires, praying over it, reciting scriptures, etc.

Depending on the living arrangements of the worker, lamps may or may not be more convenient than candles. However, each worker should definitely learn how to fix and set a lamp as it is a part of traditional conjure work. The way I look at it is that if you can keep an altar in your home then you can definitely keep and use a lamp in your conjure.

My personal story:

My granny (great grandma) lived in her own home until she was well into her 80s. Then she moved into my grandma's house. My granny had electricity at both locations and yet still burned her lamps. As a child my granny would slap my butt if I got anywhere close to her lamps. Therefore I cannot tell you for certain why my granny was burning them. All I can point out was that the lights were on the in the house and yet my granny still burned her lamps. I never got up close to them so i can't tell you if there was anything in them, but I have no other choice but to conclude that my granny was doing conjure with her lamps. After my granny died my grandma kept her lamps and I remember her setting them out like for decoration purposes but I do not remember my grandma burning them. The lamps disappeared from my grandma's house sometime in the early 90s or so. I did not ask her what she did with them and unfortunately she suffered a stroke last year and can't speak. I'm thinking about asking my grandpa if he knows where they are and if I could have one, but I would feel more comfortable if my grandma could be the one to give it to me.

Working With Oil Lamps

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black Cat Bone

The Black Cat Bone is a powerful charm or fetish associated with the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Black cat bones were believed to possess the power to make people invisible, to return a lost lover, to bring money in gambling, and to cross or hex enemies. The black cat bone is not an African tradition, but rather comes from European contributions to hoodoo, and more specifically originated with the the book of St. Cyprian, an alleged powerful magical grimoire that is widely believed to be heavily used by witches and black magic practitioners. The black cat bone has become a staple of hoodoo lore and is referenced in multiple hoodoo blues songs.

Warning! The following information is presented for information purposes only. I do not condone the harming or killing of animals.

How To Obtain The Black Cat Bone

At midnight take a live black cat and throw it into a pot of boiling water set up near a flowing creek or river. Boil it until all the meat falls off the bones. Take the bones and throw them in the creek/river. The bone that floats is the magic bone.

Alternate Version: The bone that flows upstream is the magic bone.

Alternate Version: Have an assistant hold a mirror and place the bones one by one in one's mouth. Have the assistant tell you when you become invisible. The bone that causes you to become invisible is the magic bone.

Alternate Version: According to author/folklorist, Zora Neale Hurston, who herself claimed to have performed the rite of obtaining a black cat bone, the bones are placed one by one in one's mouth or under the tongue. The bone that tastes bitter is the magic bone.

How To Use The Black Cat Bone

For Invisibility

The bone is placed in the mouth or under the tongue with the practitioner going about their business in silence.

To Return A Lost Love

The bone can be wrapped or tied with the lost love's personal effect or the bone can be placed in a mojo bag. When using the bone by itself it is usually dressed and blessed with condition oils and then pointed in the direction of the lost love while calling their name. The ritual may either be done at sunrise with the person rising from bed and performing the ritual without stopping to do anything else, not even talking or peeing. You simply wake up, grab your bone and go out the door. Another variant is to perform the ritual outside at midnight. The ritual is usually performed for multiple days, such as 7 or 9 days.

For Gambling

The bone is often tied with money, such as a $2.00 bill, or personal belongings of the practitioner and is dressed and blessed with condition oil or smoked with incense. The bone is then used as a lucky pocket piece. The bone can also be added to mojo bags.

For Harm

The bone can be powdered and used in various condition oils, powders, or potions for crossing enemies and bringing them harm and bad luck. A dressed and fixed black cat bone for harm can also be hidden on their property or in the the person's vehicle.

The following information is the utmost importance for practitioners.

Fake Black Cat Bones

Do not purchase any black cat bones from any so-called practitioner. You will not get the real deal. In over 10 years of searching the Internet I have found case after case of alleged practitioners and Internet shops selling fake black cat bones. If you purchase a black cat bone from someone online you are bound to get one of the following.

- Chicken bone, sometimes painted black or covered in colored chalk.
- An unidentified root
- Regular cat bone

Currently, the scam is for Internet workers to sell cat bones. A cat bone is not the same as a black cat bone. When you buy a cat bone you have no clue as to the color of the cat. Also, cat bones are inexpensive. You can purchase cat bones online for under $15 (INCLUDING S/H!!!) These Internet rip-offs are selling you a "black cat bone" for $150, $200, even $300 when all it is is just a cheap regular cat bone. Don't be a sucker. I don't care how much you like the worker or how much you respect them. Do not buy any black cat bones from anyone online because they are fakes. You will not get the real deal.

Another reason not to purchase black cat bones is those people who may genuinely have access to a deceased black cat and may sell the bones. Guess what? The ritual I described above is very specific. There's only one magic bone in the black cat. The black cat must also be sacrificed. So if you know someone who is selling actual bones from a black cat that died naturally you are still being scammed because not every bone from a black cat is magical and the cat must be sacrificed. So my advice, pass on it. The black cat bone is not only black magic but it is a relic, a dead practice. Unless you are psycho enough to go kill you a black cat and perform the ritual, leave it be.

Substitutions For Black Cat Bones

If you want to work with the energy of the black cat then black cat hair/fur can be used. You don't want to place it under your tongue of course! LOL

If you are looking for a type of invisibility, then regular cat bones can be used, just as long as you purchase them labelled as regular cat bones and not black cat bones. Coyote bones can also be used. Like cats, coyotes have the remarkable ability to go about their business undetected.

To return a lost love, reconciliation spells and other types of conjure work, such as magnets/lodestones, candle work, etc., can be used.

Black Cat Spiritul Supplies

Currently, one can purchase any number of alleged black cat spiritual supplies, voodoo dolls, juju charms, etc., from practitioners online. I've seen all kinds of b.s. scammers who sell black cat juju charms, especially from the Lousiana Voodoo crowd who claim it's something traditional when it's definitely not and is just something they created to make money. Just buy you some black cat hair/fur, or collect it yourself from pets, and make your own spiritual products. If you prefer you can purchase inexpensive bottles of oils, incense, or powders from brands such as 7 Sisters or Indio, or Anna Riva and merely add a pinch of the hair to the bottle. If you want to make your own from scratch then just add a pinch of black cat hair/fur to a bottle, add your essential oil or scent of choice, and then top it off with a carrier oil Remember, these scammers want to sell you high priced products when in reality it's the black cat hair/fur that is the main "active ingredient". Don't be suckered.

Muddy Waters - Hoochie Coochie Man

Lightnin' Hopkins - Black Cat Bone


Mules And Men by Zora Neale Hurston

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Onions are used in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and other forms of folk magic in a variety of ways.

Red Onions

For Luck:

This rite was taught to me by my grandfather. When cutting red onions, take the skin and turn on the stove top. Burn the onion skins in the flames. This is for good luck. I also use red onion skins without burning them. They can be added to incense, oils, powders, and even mojo bags.

Yellow & White Onions

For Baldness:

An old folk remedy for curing baldness is to rub a cut onion on the head. Yellow and white onions are also used to repel and banish a person.

For Repelling:

Rub a cut onion on the door frame and on the ground or floor in a line while stating your desire that whatever it is you are trying to repel cannot enter.

To Banish:

If there is someone in your house and you want them gone for good, take an onion, a name-paper for the person and/or a personal effect from the person. Use a knife to make a slit in the onion. Stuff the name-paper and/or personal effect into the onion. Roll the onion out the house and into the street. If the person is known to sit in a specific chair in the house the you can put it there and then slap it to the floor and kick it out the door and into the street. Cussing the person while you do it will make the work stronger. Another method of banishing someone is to take a cut onion and rub it on the bottom of their shoes, from the heel going to the toes, while telling them to get the hell out of your house.

To Repel A Husband's Sexual Advances:

If your husband is too demanding for sex, take a cut onion and make one pass down your coochie. He will leave you alone that night.

To Break Up A Couple:

Onions can be used to break up couples. A hollow is made in a large onion and name-papers or personal effects from the couple are placed into the onion, along with items such as black cat hair, black dog hair, and/or red pepper. The onion is then rolled under the home (if the home is up off of the ground), hidden under the porch, or buried near the front of the house where the couple will walk over it. As the onion rots the couple will begin to fight and will separate.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lottery Mistakes

I debated whether or not to blog on this but I ultimately decided that it was good advice that people should know about.

Last week I went to my local convenience store and purchased two lottery tickets, one for Powerball and one for Megamillions. When I got home I discovered that the lady that sold them to me messed up and gave me a Hot Lotto ticket instead of a Powerball ticket. I ended up matching 4 of the 6 numbers on that "mistake" ticket.

So moral of the story is that sometimes the mistake lottery tickets are blessings in disguise. I've even heard of people hitting the jackpot off of mistake tickets. Keep those mistake tickets!