Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black Cat Bone

The Black Cat Bone is a powerful charm or fetish associated with the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Black cat bones were believed to possess the power to make people invisible, to return a lost lover, to bring money in gambling, and to cross or hex enemies. The black cat bone is not an African tradition, but rather comes from European contributions to hoodoo, and more specifically originated with the the book of St. Cyprian, an alleged powerful magical grimoire that is widely believed to be heavily used by witches and black magic practitioners. The black cat bone has become a staple of hoodoo lore and is referenced in multiple hoodoo blues songs.

Warning! The following information is presented for information purposes only. I do not condone the harming or killing of animals.

How To Obtain The Black Cat Bone

At midnight take a live black cat and throw it into a pot of boiling water set up near a flowing creek or river. Boil it until all the meat falls off the bones. Take the bones and throw them in the creek/river. The bone that floats is the magic bone.

Alternate Version: The bone that flows upstream is the magic bone.

Alternate Version: Have an assistant hold a mirror and place the bones one by one in one's mouth. Have the assistant tell you when you become invisible. The bone that causes you to become invisible is the magic bone.

Alternate Version: According to author/folklorist, Zora Neale Hurston, who herself claimed to have performed the rite of obtaining a black cat bone, the bones are placed one by one in one's mouth or under the tongue. The bone that tastes bitter is the magic bone.

How To Use The Black Cat Bone

For Invisibility

The bone is placed in the mouth or under the tongue with the practitioner going about their business in silence.

To Return A Lost Love

The bone can be wrapped or tied with the lost love's personal effect or the bone can be placed in a mojo bag. When using the bone by itself it is usually dressed and blessed with condition oils and then pointed in the direction of the lost love while calling their name. The ritual may either be done at sunrise with the person rising from bed and performing the ritual without stopping to do anything else, not even talking or peeing. You simply wake up, grab your bone and go out the door. Another variant is to perform the ritual outside at midnight. The ritual is usually performed for multiple days, such as 7 or 9 days.

For Gambling

The bone is often tied with money, such as a $2.00 bill, or personal belongings of the practitioner and is dressed and blessed with condition oil or smoked with incense. The bone is then used as a lucky pocket piece. The bone can also be added to mojo bags.

For Harm

The bone can be powdered and used in various condition oils, powders, or potions for crossing enemies and bringing them harm and bad luck. A dressed and fixed black cat bone for harm can also be hidden on their property or in the the person's vehicle.

The following information is the utmost importance for practitioners.

Fake Black Cat Bones

Do not purchase any black cat bones from any so-called practitioner. You will not get the real deal. In over 10 years of searching the Internet I have found case after case of alleged practitioners and Internet shops selling fake black cat bones. If you purchase a black cat bone from someone online you are bound to get one of the following.

- Chicken bone, sometimes painted black or covered in colored chalk.
- An unidentified root
- Regular cat bone

Currently, the scam is for Internet workers to sell cat bones. A cat bone is not the same as a black cat bone. When you buy a cat bone you have no clue as to the color of the cat. Also, cat bones are inexpensive. You can purchase cat bones online for under $15 (INCLUDING S/H!!!) These Internet rip-offs are selling you a "black cat bone" for $150, $200, even $300 when all it is is just a cheap regular cat bone. Don't be a sucker. I don't care how much you like the worker or how much you respect them. Do not buy any black cat bones from anyone online because they are fakes. You will not get the real deal.

Another reason not to purchase black cat bones is those people who may genuinely have access to a deceased black cat and may sell the bones. Guess what? The ritual I described above is very specific. There's only one magic bone in the black cat. The black cat must also be sacrificed. So if you know someone who is selling actual bones from a black cat that died naturally you are still being scammed because not every bone from a black cat is magical and the cat must be sacrificed. So my advice, pass on it. The black cat bone is not only black magic but it is a relic, a dead practice. Unless you are psycho enough to go kill you a black cat and perform the ritual, leave it be.

Substitutions For Black Cat Bones

If you want to work with the energy of the black cat then black cat hair/fur can be used. You don't want to place it under your tongue of course! LOL

If you are looking for a type of invisibility, then regular cat bones can be used, just as long as you purchase them labelled as regular cat bones and not black cat bones. Coyote bones can also be used. Like cats, coyotes have the remarkable ability to go about their business undetected.

To return a lost love, reconciliation spells and other types of conjure work, such as magnets/lodestones, candle work, etc., can be used.

Black Cat Spiritul Supplies

Currently, one can purchase any number of alleged black cat spiritual supplies, voodoo dolls, juju charms, etc., from practitioners online. I've seen all kinds of b.s. scammers who sell black cat juju charms, especially from the Lousiana Voodoo crowd who claim it's something traditional when it's definitely not and is just something they created to make money. Just buy you some black cat hair/fur, or collect it yourself from pets, and make your own spiritual products. If you prefer you can purchase inexpensive bottles of oils, incense, or powders from brands such as 7 Sisters or Indio, or Anna Riva and merely add a pinch of the hair to the bottle. If you want to make your own from scratch then just add a pinch of black cat hair/fur to a bottle, add your essential oil or scent of choice, and then top it off with a carrier oil Remember, these scammers want to sell you high priced products when in reality it's the black cat hair/fur that is the main "active ingredient". Don't be suckered.

Muddy Waters - Hoochie Coochie Man

Lightnin' Hopkins - Black Cat Bone


Mules And Men by Zora Neale Hurston


  1. I have real black cat bones. I'm in the process of cleaning them for sale. There may be a great deal of scams online, but many people are true and honourable magick practitioners. I see no reason for superlative statements on the matter.

    1. Nope. You are selling fake stuff. The magical black cat bone is not just any bone. So selling a huge jumble of black cat bones, even if they come from actual black cats, will not work. The ritual is specific that it's only one bone from each cat and the cat has to be sacrificed in the ritual.

  2. All these internet practitioners. Lol.