Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hell Hounds

Hell Hounds (Black Dogs, Devil Dogs, Phantom Black Dogs, Fairy Hounds) are supernatural or demonic canines in folklore and myth.

Despite the name, not every Hell Hound is considered evil. Some function as protectors and messengers of other supernatural beings.

The Hell Hounds that do belong to the dark side often appear in terrorizing forms, such as a black dog with incredible strength, glowing eyes, and paranormal abilities. In folklore, the devil often assumes the form of a black dog.

The more neutral members of the class like the fairy hounds generally appear as white dogs with red eyes and one red ear.

Appearance: A black dog with glowing eyes or a white dog with red eyes and one red ear. Some Hell Hounds even appear headless!

Lore: Hell Hounds often guard specific locations, like cemeteries for example, from trespassers. Another location one might meet a Hell Hound is at a deserted crossroads. Hell Hounds are also set loose on individuals who have occurred the wrath of other supernatural beings. Otherwise, a Hell Hound may be a demon or devil in animal disguise.

Powers: appear and disappear at will, super strength and speed, ability to increase in size at will and other assorted paranormal abilities.

Black Dogs

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