Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Dress One's Hands With Hoodoo Powders Before Gambling

This past weekend I went to a local casino and thought I would share some pointers on using Hoodoo powders. For images of Hoodoo powders for gambling, click HERE. If using this particular brand, I would recommend adding a pinch of luck-drawing or money-drawing herbs, such as five finger grass, cinnamon, or allspice to the bottle and mix it in good.

How To Dress One's Hands With Hoodoo Powder Before Gambling.

1.) Cleanse one's hands. Use either Florida Water, Whisky, Rubbing Alcohol, or if nothing else, wash them with soap and water. Allow your hands to air dry or if using soap and water, dry one's hands off.

2.) Rub one's hands together until they are heated-up via friction.

3.) Place a pinch of powder in one's hands and then rub one's hands together until the powder is distributed evenly on one's hands.

4.) With the first two fingers of one's right hand, make the sign of an "x" on one's left palm while reciting the first part of Psalm 23, "The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want". Or, if you prefer you can say, "My Cup Runneth Over", or just wing it with "Big Money Come To Me!" or another saying or prayer of your choice.

5.) Do the same thing for the right palm, making the sign of an "x" with the first two fingers of one's left hand. Recite the first part of Psalm 23 or your prayer as well.

6.) Spit on one's hands and then rub them together.

7.) Your hands are now dressed and fixed for gambling. If by chance you must wash your hands then you must repeat the process. Because of this, many people will simply not wash their hands until after they are done gambling. Other people, especially women, will keep the powder in their purses so that they can re-dress their hands after washing them.

Another gambling tip I would share is to gamble alone. If one goes to the casino with a group of people, make sure to split up. Trust me, people hanging around one will suck the luck away and may even jinx one's luck. This weekend, I had a brother and a sister follow me around at the casino. I was on a winning streak and they simply would not leave my side. On top of this, they began to jinx my luck telling me to hurry and to cash-out. My brother even had the nerve to try to tell me I was playing the game wrong. Now, how could I be playing wrong if I'm winning? Anyway, the point is that having people hang-on you while gambling can ruin your luck and jinx you. This is especially true if the people are jealous of your win. So make sure to gamble alone.

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