Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweetgum Balls, a.k.a. "Witch Balls"

Sweetgum balls, a.k.a. gumballs or "witch balls", are great to use for protection work. The spiny appendages will repel evil. If one hangs some above the doorway it is believed to prevent a witch from entering. I like to also give them to St. Michael when I work with him for protection. For enemy work or for pay-me work the balls are used to make a person uncomfortable. This is achieved by getting their picture or name paper and wrapping it's face or name toward the spines. The ball is then tied with thread. As one is doing the work the worker needs to state powerfully that the person is going to feel the sting, is going to feel uncomfortable in their skin, is going to feel pin-pricks all over their body, etc., until they pay you the money back they owe you or, for enemy work, leave you alone.

For protection of the home I like to wrap three witch balls in red string, sprinkle holy water on them and pray Psalm 23 over them before hanging them above the doors or windows.

Some years back I visited a local occult store and about died laughing to learn they were selling them for $1.00 a piece. You can find them everywhere where I live.


  1. I've always wondered about these things. They're ample in Kentucky, but as kids we always called them "Devil's balls" and assumed they came from those thorny trees, which we called "Devil's walking sticks." Nice to know they have a purpose.

  2. @ Tel,

    Yeah, we just called them "gumballs" as kids. It wasn't until I was older that i was taught to use them for protection.

  3. FINALLY! I have been looking all over to see something written up on these...I grew up with several Sweetgum trees out back near our stepping on them hurt! Anyway, thanks for the info.

  4. @ SRHildebrand,

    :) Yeah, I don't know if anyone else was talking about them online. Just thought I would share.

  5. I would always wonder about those trees when i was younger. Bc it was like they attracted me. I would like to know more please message me back

  6. I would always wonder about those trees when i was younger. I was 11when i stood up under one playing hide and seek when i froze in place and could not move. My brothers had to walk me home and after i took sick for6 mos. And now ever time i always go in a deep thought when I'm around them like it's someting more to them and now i see and wood like to know more