Saturday, January 7, 2012

Take Advantage Of Your Conjure Ingredient Opportunities!

I could kick myself and I know better!

Yesterday I was helping my grandmother move out of her house and into a retirement center. I noticed that the porch had about 20 or so dirt dauber nests. I told myself I needed to get a few but I blew it off and forgot about it. Then while moving my grandmother in to her new place there was a sweet gum tree with spiky pods at like my shoulder length as the trees were not that big. I told myself that I needed to get some of these as they are used to repel evil. Once again I forgot about it. This reminds me of this past summer where I was outside and found a huge paper wasp nest. That time it didn't even dawn on me to get it. When I finally realized I should get it and went back to the spot it was at I discovered it was gone.

So the rule of thumb is, when nature offers you gifts you must take them!

I'm still thinking of sneaking back over to my grandma's old house and getting me some dirt dauber's nests! I should probably do it at night just to be sneaky. LOL

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