Saturday, February 18, 2012

How To Make An Oil Lamp

A comment from a reader inspired this blog entry.

I do not own a fancy oil lamp. My great grandmother burned them, but I do not own one. Instead, I've only used the kind that I've made myself. The type that I tend to use is one that is made from a baby food jar. The directions for this are below. The following information is presented for information purposes only. Never leave a burning lamp unattended. Show proper caution. Children need to have adult approval and supervision.

Making An Oil Lamp From A Baby Food Jar

Items Needed:

-Glass Baby Food Jar
-Old Sock
-Olive Oil
-Herbs Of Your Choice


Cleanse the jar and bless the items. With the nail and hammer, make a hole in the center of the lid of the jar. Doing so will often deform the lid. Try to reshape it as best you can. Next take the scissors and cut out a small strip of cloth from the old sock. I don't actually measure this, but I would say about an inch wide and up to 4 or 5 inches in length. This will be your wick. Thread this through the hole so that about a half inch or so of the cloth is poking out. Add a pinches of whatever herbs you may choice into the bottom of the jar. Fill the jar about half-way with olive oil. Place the lid with the wick on the jar. Allow the wick to soak up the oil. If for some reason the wick is not soaking up the oil then you will need to take the wick out, dip it in the oil in the jar, and then re-thread it through the hole in the lid. Light the wick. If the lamp is smoking then the wick will need to be adjusted. Carefully lift up the lid and with the tweezers pull the wick down some. If the flame is too small, use the tweezers to carefully pull up more of the wick.

Now, the crafty conjurer will know that if you want a lamp to dominate or control someone, even if in love work, then using the dirty sock of the person being worked on, for use as the wick, will also serve as the personal effect. Heck, it can even be used in enemy work, especially hot foot work on someone. By using it in hot foot work you are literally putting the flame on their feet! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I had a money drawing lamp that I got from Lucky mojo but got tired of using kerosene, so I switched to an olive oil lamp that I got from Lehmans after looking for instructions that where simple and couldn't find any, but I like your simple instructions, thanks for sharing. I'll be making this one if I need more. Which I was thinking of doing.

  2. @ L.M. Tea,

    Kerosene makes me nervous. I mean, if the lamp is turned over or breaks then it can cause a fire hazzard. The good thing about using olive oil lamps is that if it breaks the flame will go out as the oil is not as combustible as kerosene is. Olive oil lamps are far safer than kerosene. I do eventually want to purchase one of those fancy lamps from Lehmans. I was actually browing their site the other day but it looked like they were sold out of just about everything. They had this really beautiful ruby red heart lam that would be wonderful for love work. They also had this cobalt blue one with a "shield" pattern on it that would be great for protection work. Eventually I do plan on at least buying one.

  3. A project that is really fulfilling to do. Aside from the fact that the needed materials are just easy to find, the steps you provided are easily understood. Well done! :)