Friday, March 30, 2012

MegaMillions Mania!: Advice For Picking Your Lucky Numbers!

The entire nation is going insane. The MegaMillions jackpot is now at 640 million dollars! It may even increase further before the official drawing tonight.

I managed to get me some tickets even though I currently have slipped a disk. The older guy in front of me actually asked the clerk for a "ticket with all the numbers on it". The clerk was like, "Uhh...You mean you want the Megaplier?". LOL

So we all know that if you purchase a ticket that you have a very, very slim chance of winning. However, if you don't purchase a ticket then your chance of winning is ZERO. Guess what folks? People can and do win off of just purchasing one ticket. I won $150.00 just off of one ticket. Other people have won the jackpot off of just purchasing one ticket. So don't get it in your head that you MUST purchase dozens of tickets. You don't. Most people who win the lottery tend to spend just a few dollars on their tickets. I have heard cases of say a man who ran out and purchased $100 worth of tickets and won. However, most cases that I have heard are of people who spent a couple of dollars and who won. So don't deceive yourself that you shouldn't play because you can only afford one ticket. That one ticket just may be the winner.

Below are some tips to help people pick their lucky numbers and play the lottery.

1.) You have to play to win. You need to purchase a minimum of one ticket. In the MegaMillions lottery that will cost you $1.

2.) Think about the Megaplier option. If you purchase the Megaplier than anything you win, minus the jackpot, will be multiplied either 2, 3, or 4 times based on the Megaplier number drawn. So let's say that you won $4 and you had purchased the Megaplier. The Megaplier number drawn was 4. So you actually won $16. Another example, let's say you won $10,000.00. You purchased the Megaplier. So you actually won $40,000.00. Purchasing the Megaplier is an additional $1 per ticket line. So if you purchased just one ticket with the Megaplier it would cost $2.

3.) Quick Pick or Pick Your Own Numbers? There is some controversy surrounding this question. Should you pick your own numbers or allow the computer to randomly pick them for you? I've checked around and it seems as if slightly more jackpot winners have used the Quick Pick option rather than picking their own numbers. However, there are people who claim otherwise.

4.) If you are picking your numbers then there are a variety of ways that you can receive your "lucky numbers". Dreaming of numbers is believed to be one of the strongest ways to receive your numbers. Playing loved one's birthdays is also quite popular. Another method is to play the numbers found in a fortune cookie. So the point is that if you are going to pick your numbers then you of course need your numbers to play.

5.) If picking your own numbers, do not use all consecutive numbers. (Ex- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

6.) If picking your own numbers, do not use all odd or all even numbers.

7.) If picking your own numbers, do not use all low or all high numbers. Low and high numbers are found by taking the total number available in the game and dividing it by 2. In the case of MegaMillions the total number is 56. Dividing 56 by 2 gives us 28. Low numbers are the numbers below 28 and high numbers are the numbers above 28. So the numbers we play should be a mix of low and high numbers and should not be all low or all high numbers.

8.) If picking your own numbers do not make patterns on the play slip. So say you are a Christian and you want to make the sign of the cross on the play slip. Don't do it. Making a pattern will greatly diminish your chances of winning. The numbers are drawn randomly.

9.) If using Quick Pick don't purchase your tickets all at once or from the same location. So say you are buying 10 Quick Picks. Make the clerk break it up into 4 tickets, 3 tickets having 3 lines and then one ticket having 4 lines. Or got to 3 or 4 different locations. The reason being is that I've found when you buy a group of Quick Picks the numbers can be bad. For example, I've bought 5 Quick Picks before and received some bad numbers. In one case I got a line having 4 consecutive numbers. So breaking it up or going to multiple locations will help limit this.

10.) If picking your own numbers, avoid the "lucky numbers" that most people play, such as the number 3, 7, or 11, and possibly even 13. The reason being is that if those numbers win then you will have to split the jackpot with a large group of people.

11.) If picking your own numbers, avoid picking numbers that are multiples of each other, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,

12.) Do not get your tickets wet. I won $14 on a ticket once and accidentally dropped some condensation water from a cup onto the ticket. Don't you know it landed on the bar code and the ticket was then void. I even tried to cash it in but the machine wouldn't take it.

13.) Keep your tickets in a safe place.

14.) Sign your tickets. Signing the back of your tickets will lessen the chance of another person stealing your ticket.

15.) Check your numbers yourself. Do not give your ticket to the clerk and ask them to check it for you. Unfortunately some less than honorable clerks have stolen winning tickets and lied to the person by telling them they were not winners or that they only won far less than they actually did.

16.) If you win the jackpot, make a photocopy of your ticket and then hide or keep the original ticket in a safe location, such as a safety deposit box.

17.) If you win the jackpot, wait at least one week just to do some soul-searching, to ponder about how this will change your life.

18.) Don't tell anyone if you won the jackpot.

19.) If you win the jackpot and after you have taken a week off to ponder your win, hire an attorney and a financial advisor.

20.) Check your local laws to see if you can remain anonymous. Check with your attorney about how to claim your prize without revealing your identity.

21.) Check with your financial advisor as to what would be the better option, the annual payments or the cash value.

22.) Quit your job. The biggest mistake most people make is by trying to keep their job after a big lottery win. Unfortunately your boss and coworkers will begin to resent your insistence in staying on the job. The way they view it is that you are taking the position of a person who truly needs the job. There are many horror stories of jackpot winners who were run off their jobs in a nasty way because they refused to quit and wanted to keep their jobs.

23.) Change your phone number.

24.) Move to a new house. You may even consider moving out of state.

25.) Hire an assistant or third-party to answer your phone calls or mail. You will be overwhelmed with phone calls and letters from people wanting money. Having an assistant or third-party be a stand-in for you will better help you be able to say "no". The assistant or the third-party can be instructed on what the types of things or situations the jackpot winner may consider and can weed out anything else.

26.) Be prepared for the so-called friends, ex's,  and family members who will come out of the woodwork and bug you for money. It may be a girl you dated back in the 1980s and haven't seen since. It may be a guy who claimed to be your best friend back in the day. It may be long-lost cousins or family members who hated your guts but suddenly love you after your win. Be on your guard.

27.) Share with your family and friends. Spread the wealth. Another big mistake people do is to hog their winnings to themselves and not help their family members or true friends.

28.) Set an amount to splurge. Once that amount has been blown, make sure that the remainder is saved and/or invested. You do need money to splurge as you like so that you get it out of your system.

29.) Keep in mind that the majority of jackpot winners go broke within 3-5 years after their win. It's called the lotto curse, where jackpot winners go bankrupt, or worse, when the win is a contributing factor to the break-up of a family or even death/murder/suicide. People go broke because they do not know how to handle their money. There are also cases of spouses filing for divorce after one of the pair wins the lottery. Remember, spouses get half of everything!

30.) Charity, Charity, Charity. Give back. You did nothing to deserve this money. Give some of it back because there are people who truly need help. Pick your cause and go for it.

Good Luck! :)

This Is What Being Thrown At Is Like

My family is currently being thrown at. We suspect the persons who are responsible, simply because what is going on in our lives currently. I'm actually mad at myself for not spotting it sooner. Because I didn't spot it quickly enough damage was done. It was a "sneaky attack" as Momma Starr would put it. It started last Thursday or so. My sister's leg began to swell. It was the size of a tree-trunk. The doctor said that if the swelling didn't go down in a couple of weeks then should would need to have surgery. So I did some healing on her leg and we got the swelling down. Then Saturday a man who owes me money was supposed to pay me back money he lent me. He was a no show. I can't get in contact with him. So I'm frankly pissed.

A couple of days ago I awoke with a backache. It was just uncomfortable and it quickly passed. Then yesterday I threw out my back completely and all I did was get up from sitting on the ground. I didn't need a doctor to tell me I slipped a disk or disks as my body was "s"-shaped. I looked like a sideways hunchback. The good news is that the pain is not that bad. Or should I say it's not as bad as the worst back pain I've experienced. I've had occasions in the past where I literally could not stand and had to crawl around the house crying my eyes out in pain. So this time I can walk slowly without pain but my back is still deformed. The same day that I threw my back out the t.v. broke. A couple hours later the toilette broke. Then I got word that my brother was freaking out and yelling and cussing people out. When I tried to talk to him he cussed me out for no reason. It was then that I realized what was going on. Someone was throwing at my ENTIRE FAMILY, not just me.

We think we are pretty sure who is doing it based on something that is going on in our lives. I won't get into here because it really doesn't involve me and is a rather private issue. Just let me say that this will be taken care of. So the person(s) who is throwing at my family, know this. You caught me off guard because I was focusing on people throwing for me specifically and not for someone throwing for my family. So you got a good hit in. I got the protection going strong now. In a few days when I am healed you can bet your life that I will reverse this mess and I will return to you all of the stuffy you have sent my way and more. Because you know what? I had nothing to do with this situation, other than being related to the people who are involved in it. You are going to get back everything you dealt me and my family and more. Your life will be destroyed and I don't give a damn about you or the welfare of your family and if God so wills, I would see your entire family destroyed. You are going to get yours, count on it. You made your bed and you are about to take a long nap. It's going to happen. Count on it.

So for my readers, this is how how you know you are under spiritual attack, how you know that someone is throwing for you. All hell will break loose and things will go wrong like a domino effect. And people are sneaky with their attacks. They threw for my entire family even though in this circumstance the situation that upset them only involved a couple of my family members. This makes what they did unjustified. And they will get what they deserve. Also, when I do my work I'm not going to name them. Spirit knows who they are. Spirit knows their sin and will avenge me. I'm not one of those people who run around blaming people for throwing at them. I don't have to even know your name. I don't even need to have met you. If someone is throwing at me then all I have to do is go to Spirit and Spirit will take care of it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Hiatus...

I threw my back out bad last night so I will probably not be blogging for a few days. Wish me well! LOL :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MegaMillions Jackpot Is At $500 Million!

How would you like a 1/2 billion dollars? Well, now is your chance! The jackpot for the next MegaMillions lottery drawing for Friday is $500 million dollars!

The Jackpot When It Was 363 Million

So bust our your rabbit's foot, your four leaf clover, or light your candles and get out there and buy a ticket! Remember, if you purchase a ticket you have a slim chance of winning. If you don't purchase a ticket you have zero chance of winning.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saw My First Rabbit Of The Year Last Night

You know it's spring when the rabbits make a return. Saw a cute little guy (or gal) while out walking last night. I'm always fascinated by how much wildlife lives so close humans.

Monday, March 26, 2012

White, Gray, & Black Magic In Hoodoo

In the practice or tradition of Hoodoo there are three basic groups or types of rootworkers. Such types are as follows:

- Those who only perform white magic

Such individuals may be referred to by others as "lady-hearted" or may refer to themselves as "spiritual workers". Another term I have heard used is a "white worker". The first time I heard this I assumed it meant that the person was Caucasian. I was wrong. The term refers to a rootworker who only performs white magic spells. I have also heard the term "light worker"; however I'm not quite sure if the meaning of such refers to a person who only performs white magic or, as I suspect, may refer to the fact that they only work with candles. Regardless of the term used to describe such individuals, rootworkers who only perform white magic spells tend to be very kind-hearted individuals, people who love animals and will refuse to harm them, and people who are deeply religious or spiritual people.

- Those who perform gray magic

The majority of rootworkers perform what is referred to as "gray magic". These rootworkers primarily practice white magic but are not above doing black magic spells if such is considered "justified work". An example of "justified work" would be a man who performs a black magic banishing spell on his ex-girlfriend-turned-stalker, who has thrown bricks through his window, poisoned his pet, made harassing phone calls to his workplace, or accosted his new wife in the parking lot of the local grocery store. So this man either does the spell himself or goes to a rootworker and says, "Look, this woman has brought nothing but pain and suffering to my life and is now threatening my new wife. I need this bitch out of my life and I don't care if she is hurt or suffers in the process. I need her to immediately go somewhere far away and leave me and my wife alone." The man or rootworker may use a Hot Foot spell, which will burn the bitch, cause her to have bad times, mental trouble, and magically run her out of town. Now, since the ex-girlfriend vandalized his property, killed his pet, and threatened his wife, a black-magic spell to get this woman out of his life is considered justified. The spell can be performed with no threat of a karmic-backlash. Other examples would include a rape victim who curses her rapist or the family of a murdered victim cursing the murderer. These types of spells are considered morally and ethically sound. Most rootworkers will also perform spells to dominate, control, coerce, or make a specific person love another person. These rootworkers often rationalize this by comparing spell work to everyday life. If in everyday life a person attempts to influence, control, dominate another person then they should have no qualms about doing such with magic. Finally, most rootworkers will not do unjustified black-magic spells designed to bring harm, pain, or suffering to a person who has done no wrong. Also, believe it or not, most rootworkers are very hesitant about doing death spells, even if the situation is justified. When it comes to the use of animals in the practice, these types of rootworkers usually have no problem killing small things like insects but would protest against the killing of any "higher" life-form such as a chicken or cat.

- Those who perform black magic

First of all, there is no such thing as a rootworker who only practices black magic. There may be practitioners who specialize in black magic, but these people also do white magic as well. A better way to view these people as practicing a darker shade of gray magic. A term heard often to describe these people is "dark-sided". The main differences between this group of people and the rootworkers who practice regular gray magic is:

1.) Willingness to hurt, harm, or bring pain, suffering, and even death to people without just cause. In a nutshell the victim of the curse is an innocent.

2.) Willingness to harm animals, be they mere insects or a "higher animal".

3.) The commanding of spirits, as opposed to the mere "working with" them.

4.) The performing of spells or rituals that these people believe protects them from any karmic-backlash or spiritual retaliation for performing black magic.

***Note: I've often wondered if this group of practitioners was responsible for fanning the flames of the "satanic panic" hysteria of the late 1970s through the mid 1990s. During this time many police officers were called to scenes of so-called satanic rituals. Perhaps such had nothing to do with actual satanism and more to do with black magic spells. Another interpretation would be that such may have been rituals of Voodou, Santeria, and similar African Traditional Religions that people mistook for "Satanism".

Friday, March 23, 2012

White Magic

White Magic is a term for a category of occult magic that deals primarily with positive spells to better one's life and the lives of the people in one's life in a way that does not cause harm or suffering to people.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Black Magic

Black Magic in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure refers to unjustified work that is usually done against innocent people. This work is usually motivated by jealousy, envy, hatred, or obsession with power. Two other forms of black magic that are most encountered are from people who use magic to harm someone who stands in their way of achieving a goal and people who use the power to go above and beyond actual justice. Another name for black magic or the use of unjustified work is witchcraft.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Break-Up Work

Break-Up Work is a category of work designed to break-up or split-up a couple, be they married or not, friends, or any type of human relationship.

Break-Up work often employs ingredients that are sour, to sour the relationship, bitter, to cause the couple to hate one another, "hot", to cause heated arguments, sharp objects, to cut off the relationship, to kill the relationship and to bring pain to the relationship, as well as symbolic items such as cat and dog hair to cause them to "fight like cats and dogs". Additionally, traditional items associated with enemy work, such as black candles, graveyard dirt, hot foot powder, and even goofer dust may be used. Quite often break-up work takes the form of bottle work in which a bottle is filled with such items, as well as personal items from the couple, and is buried on the property of the couple, preferably where the couple will step over it.

Break-Up work is most often performed by women and usually to get the wife of a married man out of the way. Occasionally a break-up work may be performed by a third-party simply as a way to get revenge against one of the people in order to destroy their happiness. Break-Up work is also performed in order to destroy the relationship between a boss or employer with a co-worker in order for the worker to get ahead or move-up in the company. Another group of people who perform break-up work are wives with cheating husbands who want to break-up the affair and get rid of the hussies who are trying to steal their men. Another and often over-looked category of people who perform break-up work are mothers who don't agree with their child's choice of a spouse.

Now, of course most of the examples above tend to be slanted toward the negative uses of Break-Up work. Keep in mind that Break-Up work does have good uses, or should I clarify, uses against one's enemies and especially if one has multiple enemies or a group of people causing one problems. Break-Up work can be used to break the group up and to cause them to fight amongst themselves, leaving you alone in the process.

Separation & Break-Up Spells


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time For Spring-Cleaning! Time For A Spring Cleansing!

Today is the first day of Spring, though in my area it's a dull, dreary, overcast day. However, the trees and some flowers have already begun to bloom so the warm weather is right around the corner.

Of course this is the perfect time for a Spring cleaning so that we can start off the coming warm seasons being cleansed, refreshed, and ready to welcome in the blessings that will enter our homes and our lives. Below are some tips for cleansing one's home. Additionally, this is also pretty much my weekly routine I do for personal spiritual cleansing of myself and my home.

Now, before I dive in let me state that it is extremely important for people to cleanse their self and homes before they do any protection work. The reason being is that if you don't cleanse first then you are just locking in all the spiritual gunk that needs to go. So make sure to cleanse before doing any protection work.

Tips For Spiritually Cleansing

1.) Thoroughly clean the house.

2.) Get rid of junk and items you no longer need or have use for. Remember to donate to your local charities or thrift stores those items that are still usable.

3.) Spiritually cleanse yourself first before cleansing your home. You can do this in a variety of ways. Use whatever method you feel best for you. If you feel more comfortable taking the spiritual baths, then perform those.

4.) When using your broom, pray for cleansing and then sweep from the back of the house toward the front and then out of the door.

5.) Burn incense in the home. It can be an "uncrossing", "cleansing", or even a "run devil run" mixture or even frankincense will suffice.

6.) Burn white candles. You can burn one in each room or else one in the center of the home or in the heart of the home, i.e. the kitchen.

7.) Brew up some herbal tea and add it to your mop water or scrub water. Herbs like hyssop, agrimony, rue, basil, thyme, rosemary, lemon peels, orange peels, vinegar, ammonia, etc., are all good for cleansings. If you don't have or can't easily get these then just a handful of salt that you have prayed over and place it in the bucket of water. Mop or scrub from the back of the home toward the front of the house. Use a rag to wipe down the doors, door frames, windows, and windowsills.

8.) If you have carpets, buy a bottle of carpet refresher or even just a box of baking soda. Add to it pinches of some of the same herbs I listed above. Pray over it and sprinkle the mixture on the carpet and then vacuum it up.

9.) Place salt in the 4 corners of the home. Make sure to pray over the salt before doing so. If you can also put one in the center of the room it would be best.

10.) Mark all the doors, windows, and entrances into the home with holy water. To do this you will make a cross with either your two first fingers on your dominant hand or else your two first fingers and then with your thumb make the horizontal mark.

11.) Sprinkle holy water through the house while praying for cleansing, blessings, and protection.

12.) Sprinkle holy water on your pets. I know a lot of people forget about their pets when doing spiritual cleansings. The best way to do it is to just sprinkle some holy water on them. If you prefer then their tags can be dressed with oils as well.

13.) Dress yourself with holy water and spiritual oils.

14.) Pray the 23rd Psalm. I like to pray it in every room. To do this I will hold the Bible to my chest and over my heart. I then cross my hands over it and then recite Psalm 23.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Note For People Sending Me Questions Via Email

I don't mind people asking questions. I like to help people when I am able. However, there has been a certain trend of late that I need to nip in the bud. I've received 4 emails regarding this problem this week, 1 email last week, and received another message today on another forum.

If you have hired the services of another worker then do not ask me for help in how to perform a work or the instructions they have given you. Do not ask me about how to use the products they advise you to use, the candles to burn, the baths to take, etc. I know you don't mean anything bad by doing this, but that behavior is in fact disrespectful and rude as you are PAYING a worker and then coming to me, or another worker, and wanting me to give you FREE advice. If you have purchased the services of a worker then you need to go to that worker for advice and to ask your questions. They are the ones getting paid and are supposed to be helping you.

Thank you for understanding,


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Vinegar is an ingredient used in hoodoo/rootwork, and other forms of occult magic and folk magic.

Vinegar is used for protection, cleansing, and to take off curses. For enemy work, vinegar is used primarily used to sour a person's life or relationships. Vinegar is also frequently used in break-up work.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Four Thieves Vinegar

Four Thieves Vinegar is a potion used in various folk-magic and folk-medicine traditions, especially that of hoodoo/rootwork, for the purpose of personal protection, the prevention of illness, the banishing of troublesome people, and the cursing of one's enemies.

According to legend, there was a band of four thieves who in the middle-ages made a fortune by stealing from the bodies of people who had died from the black death or bubonic plague. When the criminals were arrested they where advised their lives would be spared if they divulged the secret method they used to prevent becoming infected. That secret would become known as four thieves vinegar. Another origin of the concoction is that the name 'four thieves' is a corruption of "forthave's vinegar", which was a popular vinegar remedy of it's time. Despite the actual origin of four thieves vinegar, the use of herbs steeped in vinegar is not new and is among some of the earliest medicines or remedies used by ancient peoples.

Recipes for four thieves vinegar vary from practitioner-to-practitioner, as well as from manufacturer-to-manufacturer. There are also two basic types of recipes for four thieves vinegar. Those recipes are for a concoction that can be consumed and for a concoction that can only be used externally. The concoction that can be consumed contains herbs that are edible while the concoction that cannot be consumed naturally contains herbs that are inedible. A basic recipe for a four thieves vinegar will contain a minimum of four herbs, though occasionally one may find a recipe that only calls for the use of garlic alone. Additionally the type of vinegar called for in most recipes is either apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar, though normal white vinegar can be used if one prefers.

My personal recipe for Four Thieves Vinegar:

-Apple Cider Vinegar
-Black Pepper
-Red Pepper (Cayenne Pepper)
-Black (Brown) Mustard Seed
-Poppy Seed
-Lavender or Mint (depending on what I have on hand)
-Pinch of Salt

Take a bottle of vinegar. Remove the label (may have to soak in warm water first). Open the bottle of vinegar and pour up to half of it into a cup which is set to the side. Add the ingredients in whatever amounts one wishes. Top the bottle off with the remaining vinegar in the cup. Close the bottle and set it someplace dark for approximately a month before use. After that time one can strain and re-bottle if one prefers, though I prefer to keep the herbs in the bottle.

A basic guide to using Four Thieves Vinegar can be found below:

-To reportedly prevent becoming sick Four Thieves Vinegar that is concocted to be consumed can be taken by the spoonful each day. One can also gargle with Four Thieves Vinegar, which is said to help prevent throat and mouth infections, as well as help with gum disease. A rag or cloth can also be soaked with the mixture and sniffed to help clear the nasal passages and reportedly prevent sinus infections.

-For person protection add Four Thieves Vinegar to one's bath water. Your enemies will not prevail against you. This would be an example of a white magic spell for protection.

-To banish a troublesome person, take a bottle or container of Four Thieves Vinegar, open it, and throw the liquid on the persons door or else dump it on the person's porch while cursing them and telling them where they should go or what you want them to do, such as; "get the f*ck out of this neighborhood!", "get the f*ck out of town!", or even, 'f*ckin' go to hell!'. This is of course a black magic use for Four Thieves Vinegar.

-To curse an enemy, take a personal item or concern from the victim, such as some hair, nail clippings, a photograph, etc., and place it in a bottle with nine pins, 9 needles, and 9 nails. Add to it graveyard dirt and then top it off with Four Thieves Vinegar. Shake the bottle while cursing the enemy and then bury it on their property, preferably where they will step over it. This would also be an example of a black-magic spell that incorporates Four Thieves Vinegar.

Additionally, one can use Four Thieves Vinegar in any spell that calls for vinegar.

Many occult shops sell what is claimed to be Four Thieves Vinegar but which is nothing but plain white vinegar. If by chance you do stumble upon a location that sells genuine Four Thieves Vinegar make sure to ask the owner or shop help if the mixture is safe for consumption before purchasing.

For an interesting and somewhat humorous clip concerning Four Thieves Vinegar, click HERE.

Vinegar of the Four Thieves

Four Thieves Vinegar: Evolution of a Medieval Medicine

Four Thieves Vinegar

***Note: I present this information for educational purposes only. I do not claim Four Thieves Vinegar has any medicinal value but rather provide information on how it was used in the past as part of folk-magic and folk-medicine. I also do not advise or condone any black magic use for Four Thieves Vinegar.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Black Salt

Black Salt, a.k.a Witch's Salt, or Drive Away Salt, is a formula used primarily in occult magic and especially the practice of hoodoo/rootwork. Black salt is deployed to remove or repel evil or negativity and in both white magic and black magic spells to banish troublesome people. Black salt is also used in black magic spells to curse one's enemy.

Black salt is composed of salt plus a blackening agent. The blackening agent can be one or more of the following items; black pepper, powdered charcoal, ash, or iron scraping from a pot, pan, or skillet. Many occult shops sell black salt composed of salt that has been dyed with black food coloring and, believe it or not, this is said to work just as well.

A basic guide for the traditional uses of black salt can be found below.

-To rid evil and negativity from one's home, sprinkle black salt on the floor and then sweep it up and out the front door and off the porch toward the street. This would be an example of a white magic spell.

-To prevent a troublesome person from returning to one's home, as soon as they leave throw black salt on the porch or sidewalk and then quickly and vigorously sweep it out to the street while cursing or cussing them. If you are bold you can throw black salt at their back as they walk away. This would be an example of a black magic spell; however such could easily be adapted into a white magic spell by addressing the salt and asking that it remove this person without harming him/her and then not cursing the person. (Salt is a powerful item used in hoodoo/rootwork and will do what you tell it to do. More on salt in a separate blog.)

-To gain revenge on an enemy, sprinkle black salt into a doll baby or voodoo doll containing a personal concern from the enemy, such as a photograph, snip of hair or fingernail clippings. Black salt can be added to black magic mojos or bottle spells which are to be buried on the property of the victim or else hidden inside their home or car. Black salt can also be used to create a potion which is used to curse an enemy. To make this potion, dissolve black salt (the kind that has been dyed with black food coloring) in water. One can use a plastic water bottle or any container with a lid for this. Add to it graveyard dirt, black pepper, and one whole bottle of a black magic oil. Close the lid and shake well while cursing one's enemy. The potion is deployed by dumping it on the enemy's car or porch. These would be examples of black magic uses of black salt.

Black Salt (Witch's Salt)

Indio Black Salt


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To Make Your Own Coconut Oil

I have done pretty much the same thing in the video below so I know it works. It doesn't produce a lot of oil, but enough for use as a spiritual oil. Also, make sure you only use the large, dark brown coconuts. Many stores in my area are switching to smaller, tan-colored ones the size of softballs and they have very little oil in them.

As far as why one would want to do this, coconut oil has natural domination energies as the coconut symbolizes the human head. One can also just purchase coconut oil. Many grocery stores and supermarkets carry it.

One more thing, be careful not to burn the oil. Coconut oil should be clear. I think they slightly burned the oil in the video below.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


(Pictured left and center is of a mojo with various lucky items surrounding it.)

A mojo, a.k.a mojo bag, jomo, toby, hand, conjure bag, wanga, amulet bag, gris-gris and sometimes but not often called a 'medicine bag', is a small cloth bag containing various items such as roots, herbs, stones, powders, and even animal parts, which is used for specific conditions, such as to draw love, luck, money, protection or to gain revenge on an enemy. The name 'mojo' may originate from the Gullah word 'moco', meaning magic, though some make the claim of it coming from the West African word "mojuba", meaning a sacred or special prayer. The making and deployment of a mojo is a common practice associated with hoodoo/rootwork, but is also associated with other magical traditions of the African Diaspora.

The creation of a mojo, the consecration of a mojo and it's deployment vary from practitioner to practitioner but a good basic guide for the creation, consecration and deployment of a mojo can be found below. This version was taught to me by a Wiccan woman in 1993, and indicates a Wiccan or Neopagan adoption of the making of mojo bags.

-Most modern practitioners use the basic magical color symbolism with regard to the choice of cloth used for the bag. Empty bags can be purchased at occult shops or can be created by the practitioner and often involve squares of cloth that are simply tied up with string to form a bundle. If the specific colored cloth is not available, a mojo can be made with any cloth. Mojos can also be made with leather bags as well.

-With regard to the items placed in the bag, it should be an odd number of items. No less than three items but no more than thirteen items should be used. Use items with the magical reputation of the condition one is making the bag for. For example, roots, herbs, and stones with the magical reputation for protection and to reflect or drive-way evil would be used in a mojo made for protection, while items that are believed to be 'lucky' are used in mojos created to draw luck. Make sure to include as one of the items a personal concern, such as hair or fingernail clippings, of the person for whom the mojo will work for. When the items have been included, close the bag (or bundle it up if it is a square of cloth), and tie it off.

-The next step is to consecrate or charge the bag. The Wiccan woman who taught me this advised to hold the bag in between one's hands in the praying position while meditating and visualizing for the proper outcome. (This is a standard practice called "charging", which is a term used in Wiccan magic for the imbuing of an object with the spell caster's intention.).

-After the mojo has been 'charged' it then must be sealed by dressing it with a magical condition oil proper to the intent of the mojo. For example, one would use 'protection oil' to dress a protection mojo bag. The bag is then carried on the person.

-After the spell has worked and the mojo has outlived it's purpose it can be disposed of by burying it in the ground.

In the years since 1993 I have met many wonderful people (and a few not-so-wonderful ones) who have taught me more tricks for making a mojo bag. Much of the following is more traditional to the practice of hoodoo/rootwork. Note: I have not listed how I make mojos. Instead, I have just listed various tips that I've received over the years. Perhaps in a future blog I may reveal my method of making mojos.

-Mojos can be made on specific days, at specific times, and specific moon phases to draw various energies and astrological influences.

-When adding items to a mojo bag, make sure to speak to each item, addressing it and telling it what you want it to accomplish, such as to draw a new lover, for personal protection, to draw luck or money, etc.

-"Hard" items such as roots, nuts stones, or coins can be dressed with a magical condition oil prior to being placed in the mojo.

-A trick to getting around the rule of no more than thirteen items is to combine items. For example, if one was adding two separate powders to the mojo bag, by mixing them together before adding them to the bag then such item can technically count as "one" item. Another example would be to us a paper with one's name to fold up a coin and snip of hair in order to count as "one" item.

-Before tying up the bag make sure to breathe into it 'to give it life'. This is accomplished by bringing the open mojo bag or loose cloth bundle to the lips so that it covers them. Then one exhales completely into the bag and immediately closes it so that the breath does not escape. One can then inhale once the bag is closed.

-Instead of breathing into the mojo or in addition to breathing one can also spit into the mojo bag. The spitting is believed to activate it. Spitting is employed in hoodoo/rootwork to also activate powders one has thrown or lay down.

-Instead of 'charging' the mojo, one can recite various Psalms or pray over the bag.

-To seal the mojo one can dress it with a magical condition oil, smoke it by passing through incense smoke, or one can pass the bag through a candle flame. If the practitioner prefers, all three ways can be performed.

-A mojo bag should be 'fed' regularly, usually once a week or month. This is to keep the power alive. One feeds a mojo by dressing it with more condition oil, wetting it with whisky, wetting it or spraying it with one's cologne or perfume, and in the case of mojo bags made for gambling spells, having a man's girlfriend/wife/lover pass the bag through her stream of urine. (Note: The urine of a woman is only "lucky" if the woman is in a romantic/sexual relationship with the man. Male urine is not considered lucky and is not used to feed a mojo.)

-Never let another person see or touch a mojo. If another person touches the mojo it is believed to kill it's power.

-Mojos are generally worn on the body or kept in a pocket or purse. Otherwise a mojo may be deployed in the home for peace or protection purposes, or in the case of a drawing a new lover, such can be placed under one's mattress. Mojos made for black magic purposes or 'enemy work' are deployed by burying on the property of the enemy close to where they will walk over it or else hidden in their home or even car.

-Mojos are believed to have life-span of seven years, though many practitioners will remake them every year. This is done by opening the bag, washing the hard items in whiskey and re-oiling them, and replacing any loose herbs or powders with fresh ones. The bag is closed up, consecrated and sealed accordingly.

In the clip below, Muddy Waters sings about his frustration over the woman he desires being immune to his mojo.


The Straight Dope - What Is A Mojo?

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Planets In The Night Sky

Just wanted to let my readers who are interested know that we are currently in a time where it is extremely easy to identify three planets in the night sky. I know that many people have no idea how to tell a planet from a star, other than say Venus which is recognizable as either the Morning or Evening Star.

After sunset look to the west. The brightest "star" is the planet Venus acting as the Evening Star. At 10:00 o'clock from Venus is the planet Jupiter. You can't miss it. It is sightly less bright than Venus.

If you turn to the east and to the right of the Big Dipper, somewhere near the constellation of Leo there will be a bright, pale red or pinkish "star". That is the planet Mars. You should easily be able to identify it as well as it is the brightest "star" in that area.

Happy Sky-Watching!

St. Jude In The News

An article on the popularity of St. Jude in Mexico.

Mexico's San Judas packs churches with motley crowd

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Person Stealing My Blog Entries And Posting Them On Their Blog

I was just told that there is a person stealing my blog entries and posting them on their blog, complete with the term, "posted by DocConjure at (time)". So I went to the site and sure enough, it's true. So it's like I'm a contributing poster at this blog yet I never posted those there and never gave my permission to anyone to post them.

I'm not sure how they managed to do this. If anyone has an idea, please let me know. Also, if anyone else finds my blogs posted at someone else's site please let me know because nobody has ever asked to use my writing and that means they have stolen it.

Thank You.


Addendum: L.M. Tea, this is not directed at you. This is about someone who is posting my entire blog entry and even making it so that it looks like I actually blogged on it at their site, with my name and time stamp and everything. It's really weird. For my readers, L.M. Tea will blog on a blog I have done and will list like a few sentences or so with the link. That's fine.

UPDATE: It looks like this person has also stolen writings from other conjure workers too. The weird thing is that the other stuff he has stolen from other workers is not posted under their name. So how was he able to get this stuff and make it look like I posted it there? I have no idea.

For People Who Think They Have Been Scammed By A Worker

Over the years a few people have told me their stories of how they believe they were scammed by a worker or had problems with a worker. I will do my best to listen to them and hear the person out. Last night I received an email from a person who was having issues with a worker and wanted to know what I could do to help her. So this is why I am writing this blog entry.

I will be here for anyone who needs somebody to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, etc. However, there's nothing I can do with regards to a person having problems with a worker. If you believe you have been scammed then by all means try to contact the Better Business Bureau, contact your credit card company or bank to stop payment, dispute charges, or to see what can be done. If the case warrants it, contact the police. There are also sites online that take complaints from the public concerning scams and scammers. If you believe you have been scammed out of a rather large amount of money then you can even sue the person. If you win, the person will usually have to pay you back not only the money you were scammed out of but also cover your court costs. I would advise that when considering this scenario that people consult with an attorney.

Finally, if you feel like you have been scammed by a worker or if you have had bad experiences with a worker then you can tell other people about it. Just make sure that you are not slandering the person because slandering can wind up causing you further problems. Just be honest and state that in your opinion you would not use such person's services and if anybody asks why then tell them of your experiences. Just don't go run around to every forum online and post about how bad a worker is and that nobody should hire them, because once again, that's slander and if you slander you could be sued.

So, if you believe you have been scammed by a worker then I will gladly be here for you to listen to your story and to be a "shoulder to cry on". However, there's nothing that I can do personally for your situation rather offer the above advice and also offer prayers and emotional support. We workers are supposed to be here for people and to help people reclaim their power and take control of their lives. However, there are also the con-artists and scammers out there who only care about the money and that is just a shame.

Addendum: I wasn't going to share this story but I decided to go ahead anyway. A couple of years ago a woman contacted me and told me that she was scammed by a worker. She payed the worker $1,500.00. The problem is that she wanted me to refund the money to her. Of course I was like, Mam, you are not my client and I did not scam you. The woman had it in her mind that I needed to refund her and that I should go to that other worker and make them reimburse me. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that.

The River Made Me Do It - Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder is a name for a strong  banishing formula found in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork. The name 'hot foot' refers both to the ingredients in the powder which are meant to magically burn and bring pain and suffering to the victim who steps on it as well as to the phrase, 'hot foot it out of town', meaning to leave in a hurry.

Recipes for hot foot powder vary from practitioner to practitioner, but a basic recipe for the mixture is made from the following:

- Powdered Red Pepper
- Powdered Black Pepper
- Brimstone (Sulphur) Powder
- Salt (or Talcum Powder or Corn Starch)

The mixture is ground into a fine powder and is deployed by sprinkling in the path of the victim. When the victim steps on the powder it is believed to magically poison them through their feet. People who have been afflicted will experience bad luck, nervous complaints such as mania, agitation, anger, physical restlessness, and a troubled mind, all of which will work together to force the victim from the worker's life. Unfortunately the effects may be permanent. The afflicted may never again find peace in this world.

Although originating as a powder, the hot foot recipe has been adapted into an oil, incense, and even floor wash form which are sold commercially. Let the buyer beware. Some occult shops sell products with the 'hot foot' label that do not contain any genuine ingredients. A good way to judge if such is the case is to smell the product. If it smells "too nice" then it's probably not the 'real deal'.

Hot Foot Powder

Note: Please use caution when using Hot Foot Powder. If a person has done you no wrong then one may wish to try another less-gently method for magically removing them from your life. The effects of Hot Foot powder may be life-long, so please keep that in mind.