Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Animal Parts & Animal Sacrifice In Hoodoo

Animal parts and Animal Sacrifice are a part of the Hoodoo tradition but are often misunderstood by outsiders who are ill-educated on the practice. Below you will find a good, basic guide for the use of such in hoodoo/rootwork.

- For white magic purposes...

Rootworkers who practice only white magic generally do not harm or kill animals and may not work with animal parts. If such practitioners do work with animal parts it is almost assuredly the parts that come from animals who have not been harmed or killed in the process or else parts that come from already deceased animals. An example of this would be a lucky rabbit's foot. Rabbits are raised for their meat and fur. Their feet are sold as a waste-product of the fur industry, so their use in hoodoo/rootwork amongst practitioners who only practice white magic is often considered acceptable.

- For gray magic purposes....

Rootworkers who practice gray magic generally have no problems harming or killing "lower life-forms" such as bugs, insects, ants, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, wasps, snails, crabs, and the like. Some even go as far as harming/killing frogs, toads, lizards, and even birds. Usually these practitioners draw the line when it comes to mammals such as cats and dogs. Now some of these practitioners will not harm or kill the creatures but instead will use animal parts in their work as long as they were gathered from already deceased animals or the animals weren't harmed in the process.

- For black magic purposes....

Rootworkers who belong to this category have no problems with killing or harming any animals in their work. They will just as easily grind up some ants to use in a powder as they would nail a chicken to a tree or boil a black cat alive. Such practitioners also generally do not care if any animals were harmed or killed in order get the parts they use in their work. Let's face it folks. These people are out there and they are psychos.

A Word on the Notion of Animal Sacrifice In Hoodoo

It is important for outsiders to note that when speaking of animal sacrifice in the hoodoo tradition one is not referring to the notion of sacrifice that most people have. Instead, animals are used in magic. So the proper meaning of animal sacrifice in hoodoo is a spell that requires the harming or killing of an animal, either to obtain a part to use as a magical ingredient or to use their suffering and death to bring about suffering and death of an enemy.

Some Animals And Animal Parts Used In Hoodoo

-Cats (especially black cats, said to possess a magic bone, hair)
-Dogs (especially black dogs or junkyard dogs, hair)
-Cattle (horns, hair, tongue, or milk)
-Rabbit (paw)
-Badger (teeth or paws)
-Raccoon (penis bone)
-Cooter (river turtle) (Shell)
-Possum (bones)
-Frogs/Toads (said to possess a magic "stone" in their heads, or whole)
-Snakes (skin shed, rattlesnake rattles, or whole)
-Lizards (whole)
-Alligators (feet and teeth)
-Chickens (feathers, feet, eggs, and bones, or whole)
- Birds in General (feathers)
-Swallow (eye, heart)
-Hummingbird (heart)
-Dove (heart, blood)
-Bat (eye, heart, blood, whole)
-Ants (whole)
-Wasps (whole)
-Scorpions (whole)
-Spiders (whole)
-Snails (shell or whole)
-Worms or Caterpillars (whole)
-Centipedes (whole)
-Crabs (claws and shells)
-Wolf (hair, eye, heart)
-Porcupine (quills)
-Deer (antlers)

***Note: This information is presented for educational purposes only. I do not condone the harming or killing of any animal or creature

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