Friday, April 20, 2012

The Bible Contains Death Work & Other Nasty Works

Do you realize the bible contains death works? Do you realize the bible contains all kinds of other work for very nasty stuff against your enemies?

There's still a lot of people who don't realize that everything under the sun can be found in the bible. Works for everything. It's all in the bible. And the works in the bible are powerful and not just about love and forgiveness either.

I won't list any of the death works, nor will I give them out. However, I know they are there. I know where they are. And I know that other workers know where they are found as well. I also know that lots of people still don't get into the bible so at least they won't be tempted to use them. It's not just death works either. There's all kind of nasty work that can be done against enemies right there in the bible.

The wonderful thing about the bible is that most Christians are blind to the works. They will read the bible and it will go right over their heads. So a lot of the work remains hidden in plain sight.


  1. That depends on what type of Christian you are referring to. I was brought up a Christian and I don't recall it being lovey dovey, especially in the Old Testament. Most people who just go by the love stuff aren't even Christians.

    The knew thing now is to just quote Jesus's teachings and forget most of the other things.

  2. I agree with Anonymous, it depends on what faith you grew up in to some extent. I was lucky and had learned both old/new testament stuff when in bible studys. I mean a lot of bad is in the old and good in the's not hard to find if you want it. I just am not interested in the bad on others unless it's justified to defend my family.

  3. I was taught mostly from the Old testament. There is a whole lot of stuff in there if you just look at it with your eyes opened. Momma Starr

  4. @DocConjure

    You seem to have an issue with Christians.

  5. @ Anonymous,

    Nope, not at all. There's all types of Christians and you aren't the only type there is. Instead, I don't have time for nonsense, like the kind you are bordering on.

  6. Yup, Fundamental Christians won't tell the side of "death", just love. And I know one and it's from the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

    -Danny Chen