Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blue Water

Blue Water is an easy and simple substance practitioners of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure use to rid a person or dwelling of evil and negativity and to promote peace and protection.

The use of the color blue comes from Jewish and middle-eastern influences in hoodoo, where the color blue is believed to warn off the evil eye and to provide protection. This is actually why the color blue is associated with baby boys, for in these cultures male infants were deemed extremely vulnerable to negative attacks. Mothers would use blue thread, cloth, or charms to protect their sons. The sighting of such items in association with an infant was a good indication that the infant was male.

Blue water can be used in a number of ways. The simplest method is to use a glass bowl or cup and pour into it spring water. If spring water is unavailable, tap water can be used but add a pinch of salt to it first. To achieve the color blue, laundry bluing is preferred. If in a pinch blue food color can also be used. Add the bluing to the glass and then top it off with Florida Water or a splash of Holy Water. One can then pray over the glass the 23rd Psalm and make the sign of an "x" three-times or the sign of the cross and then place the glass in a prominent place in the home. The water should be changed weekly. Blue water can be a ritual that is performed weekly or something that is done from time-to-time, usually accompanying rituals to spiritually cleanse the home.

Another use for blue water is a blue water bath. For this one will add laundry bluing, a handful of salt, and Florida Water or Holy Water to one's bath. One then wipes one's self in a downward fashion. The left over water can be saved to use to mop or scrub the floors as well.

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