Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Client-Worker Relationship Is Sacred

I just wanted to touch on this for people who may be hesitant about hiring a worker. Please know that the client-worker relationship is sacred and professional. It's similar to going to a priest or clergy. Your information is safe and confidential. We workers have heard it all and there is pretty much nothing under the sun that shocks us. True professional workers will guarantee confidentiality and will keep your information secret. You should have full faith and trust in your worker to know that what is said to the worker remains with the worker. It's like that saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". That's exactly how it is with the client-worker relationship. A client should never be afraid of talking about something. There are many clients who are fearful and would rather beat around the bush instead of being direct. I just want to let these people know that we workers have literally heard it all and we will not judge you. Conjure work has nothing to do with passing judgement on people. We are in no position to do that. That thought doesn't even cross our minds. Now, that doesn't mean that we will do whatever is requested. Some things are not justified and we will let clients know when something should not be attempted. We will provide alternatives to help satisfy the client in such cases.

Now, if you are a woman and feel more comfortable hiring a female worker, so be it. That's your choice and it's perfectly fine. Same if you are a man. I'm male and 90% of my clients are female; however, they know they can talk to me about anything and they do just that. There's no need to feign "societal correctness" or that PC b.s. There's also no need for that taboo of talking about certain things in mixed company because the client-worker relationship is in a class by itself. All I request is that potential clients be honest with their desires or what they want.


  1. And I appreciate you touching base on this. Feels good to know I can trust you :)

  2. @ Ci-Ci,

    Thanks for the comment. I just think it's important for people who may be interested in hiring a worker to know these things, that it's sacred, confidential, and that clients can tell a worker anything and not fear being judged.