Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A "New Orleans"-style doll-baby or "voodoo doll" I made for decoration purposes.

A Doll-Baby, Dolly, Poppet, Effigy, or "Voodoo Doll", is a representation of a person used in occult magic but mostly associated with the practice of hoodoo/rootwork and folk magic in general. Despite the more common name of "voodoo doll", such dolls have little to do with the actual religion of Voodou. Another popular misconception is the notion that doll-babies are only used to curse or bring harm to an enemy. In reality, doll-babies are used for all types of spells from love, health, blessing, domination, protection, banishing as well as cursing. Doll-babies are used for both white magic and black magic purposes.

A doll-baby can be constructed of just about any material. Common materials used to construct doll-babies include, cloth, wax, clay, feathers, roots, twigs, corn husks, and straw. Doll babies can be either hand-made or bought from an occult store. One can also use a doll meant as a toy for a child.

A good, basic guide for the creation of a doll baby can be found below.

Items Needed

-Cloth (One can utilize color symbolism if one prefers. Also, the cloth can also be clothing or the bed sheets from the person whom the doll represents. In this case one would prefer the clothing/bed sheets to be dirty or unwashed. If such can't be obtained then any cloth will do.)
-Card stock or Cardboard (or any other stiff paper or material)
-Needle & Thread
-Spanish Moss (or whatever one wishes to stuff the doll-baby with)
-Personal Concern or Item From The Person whom the Doll-Baby Represents (photograph, hair, nail clippings, name-paper, etc...)


Use the pen to draw a basic "gingerbread man" pattern on the card stock. Cut it out with the scissors. Trace the pattern onto the cloth twice and then cut them out. With the needle and thread, sew up the doll-baby leaving the top of the head open. Turn the doll-baby inside out and stuff it with Spanish moss. Add the personal concern from the person whom the doll-baby will represent. Add whatever else one wants depending on the purpose of the spell and sew the head closed. Facial features can be drawn on with a permanent marker or else added with buttons and thread. The doll baby is then consecrated or "baptised" in a ritual where one names the doll for the person it represents.

As far as how doll-babies are used or deployed, such depends on the purpose for creating the doll-baby. The belief that one simple sticks pins and needles into it is misleading. Such can be done of course, but in practice a doll-baby is worked in a variety of other ways, such as being talked to, "loved up", bound to another doll-baby, hog tied, weighed down, abused, buried, or even set on fire, all depending on the purpose for which the doll was created.

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