Monday, April 23, 2012

The Hex House

Remember those tales from your childhood of witches enslaving people? Well, the legends are true for the Tulsa, OK, "Hex House".

In 1944, Police raided a home owned by Carolanne Smith in Tulsa, OK. During the raid the police found a casket containing the remains of a dog buried in the backyard and two women living in squalor in the basement. The women, Nell Willeta Horner and Virginia Evans, were dressed in tattered clothing and were forced to sleep on orange crates. Meanwhile, Smith lived a life of luxury upstairs. When interviewed the victims claimed that Smith had forced them to live in squalor by both threats of spells and witchcraft as well as promises of a big reward that was to come. The women also claimed to have been beaten, or rather "purified" in religious ceremonies and that they were forced to turn their paychecks over to Smith. Additionally, Smith was conning the father of one of the women into paying her $31 a month for a "nurse" and treatment of one of the women whom she claimed was mentally ill.  Several books on witchcraft, hypnosis, mesmerism, and mind control were found in the house which seemed to support the accusations. Additional research revealed that Smiths husband had allegedly shot himself and that Smith was living off of the insurance money. Smith's housekeeper also strangely died soon later when she walked out into traffic for no apparent reason and was struck and killed. Smith had taken out a life insurance policy on the housekeeper as well and also collected a large sum of money.

Due to the nature of the case the police dubbed it, "Hex House". Smith would eventually be sentenced to 1 year in jail. In all the woman claimed to have been kept prisoner for seven years.

Was Carolanne Smith a witch? Did she use her powers to make her husband kill himself and force her maid into walking out into traffic? Was Smith using the dark arts to enslave the female victims and make them give her their money? Did Smith plan on taking out life insurance policies on the two victims and was this the big reward that she spoke of?

In 1975 the Hex House was torn down and became the parking lot of the Akdar Shrine. Legend has it that only the house was demolished and that the basement containing Smith's witchcraft paraphernalia still exists underneath. The Akdar Shrine is no longer located there but the parking lot still remains. There have been reports of all kinds of paranormal or supernatural occurrences at the location. The most common report is of parked cars moving. The location of the Hex House is still a popular hang-out location and place to explore around Halloween-time. The OKC public library allegedly kept a file on the Hex House until the contents of the file were stolen. The Hex House has also inspired the formation of a local haunted attraction of the same name that operates around Halloween.

The Hex House, or rather the parking lot, is located at the corner of 10 E 21 St, in Tulsa, OK.

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  1. I don't believe a leopard changes its spots....and she was doing that for almost 20 i'd like to know what REALLY happened to her after she got out of jail.