Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the most powerful book of magic used in the practice of conjure or hoodoo/rootwork. In fact, for many practitioners the bible is the only book of magic they possess and/or use.

In order to use the Bible, the practitioner must have "eyes to see" granted by Spirit. As to how the bible is used, various chapters and verses are remedies for specific conditions and for both white magic and black magic purposes. The bible may sometimes be used in ways that outsiders might consider offensive, such as pages torn out to be used in the creation of a packet for example.

It is been said that a true test of a rootworker's power is his or her knowledge of the magical uses of scripture. It is also said that a rootworker's altar is not complete without a copy of the holy text.


  1. Amen, Doc! The first thing I put on my altar was the Holy Bible. I remember reading somewhere that many workers only had the Bible and used no other conjure books. Makes you think about all the books on "hoodoo" you can get on Amazon nowadays.

  2. @ Midnight Conjure.

    Yes, and I'm going to blog on this more. People online will talk about every single black magic grimoire in existance and act like those are more powerful than the bible. They aren't.

  3. It is a magical book for sure. & let you search, study, read or listen to the the Bible online in almost 200 translations/dialects.