Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hoodoo Radio Shows, Podcasts, & Blogtalk Shows

A reader asked me in email what shows on hoodoo do I recommend people listen to. Well, this is just my opinion and you can take it or toss it as you seem fit.

I've scoured the Internet in search of good shows. I have found only two shows that are worth the time to listen to. Those shows are:

Old Style Conjure Blogtalk Radio Show

Papa Ce Blogtalk Radio Show

The rest are utter bull shit. Repeat the rest are utter bull shit. Do you know that a couple of days ago I decided to go ahead and listen to a hoodoo radio show and was shocked to learn that the first 45 minutes of the show was nothing but ego stroking and advertising. By advertising I'm not talking about commercials. Instead, I'm talking about bull shit self promotion that crosses the line. Sure, people should be able to self promote but there has to be a balance. Get your self promotion out of the way at the beginning of the show and then dedicate the show to the work or topic at hand.

Why I do not recommend any other shows:

1.) The meat of the show is ego-stroking and self-promotion.

2.) What is presented is not actual hoodoo. Most of what is being presented on the shows is witchcraft that the host is claiming to be hoodoo. Big Hint: If the host is not telling people to work with the bible then it's witchcraft, not hoodoo.

3.) Shows run by Wiccans, witches, and people from other traditions who claim to practice hoodoo but are not traditional workers. If you want to learn hoodoo you go to a worker, not a Wiccan, Witch, etc.

4.) The hosts spend far too much time gabbing and laughing about their personal lives instead of talking about the work.

5.) The show only serves as a money-making or fame vehicle for the host.

6.) The show is a flash in a pan. The majority of the shows on hoodoo last for a few shows and then cut off. They stop because all the hosts do is sit around and gab and laugh about their personal lives or they only do a show in order to self-promote. So if they don't have something to self-promote then there won't be a show.

7.) Fraud (I can't get into it here but I got some dirt on some people!)

8.) Fake Readings (Ditto as above)

9.) The advice given is to purchase their goods/services.

10.) Bad advice given.

So there you have it. It's my blog. I'll write what I want to write and unlike other people, I don't kiss any other "workers" (used loosely as most of them aren't traditional conjure workers) ass.

Note: Just because I recommend these shows doesn't mean that I agree with everything the hosts say or do. My recommendation only means that the show is good and has good content and does not have the problems that plague all the other shows. Momma Starr & Dr. Lovebug give out tons of real work, unlike the bull shit witchcraft given out on other shows. Papa Ce is not afraid of talking about aspects of the tradition that the big names online don't want you to know about.


  1. I love Momma Starr and Dr. Lovebug! (Love you too Doc, of course.)

    Your list of why to avoid shows could easily apply to blogs and forums as well.

  2. @ Wendy,

    Agree, and to programs and shows on other topics too. I know that I occasionally listen to a certain show about another tradition and they are just as bad at times. Sometimes I just have to shut it off.

    1. So true, I also get peeved with people that claim to be a real (or powerful or traditional or expert) whatever that clearly only know what they've read on the internet.

      I deal with those people all the time IRL, why would I want to listen or read that online? Even my willingness to watch a train wreck has its limits.

    2. @ Wendy,

      ..or read in books, especially Hyatt. I'm so sick of a Hyatt-knowledge-only people being touted as experts. Some of it is not their fault but the fault of the ignorant people who follow them for not being intelligent enough to realize these people's knowledge comes from Hyat or primarily from Hyatt.

    3. Lol. At least they are reading books, I'm pretty sure some only read product descriptions-- and maybe not the whole product description. Yeah, definitely not the whole product description.

      I'm awfully tired of people quoting she-who-must-not-be-named's website and acting like they learned it on their granddaddy's knee.

    4. @ Wendy,

      There are several "she-who-must-not-be-named". LOL One of them even copies off of the other one. LOL

    5. I actually had the chance to get onto one of the she who must not be named's show(good Lord that quote is right out of Harry Potter for Lord Voldemort?!! rofl), because I wanted to get a feel for how well the advice seems to fit. Well one main worker gave advice that I had already new and was only basic info that I got from a doctor when first diagnosed with major drepressive disorder, the other well just didn't feel right so I never did do what was recommended.(that was not long before the 2 split out of a fued.) I was active on the boards but just couldn't do anymore of the only our stuff should be recommended and used. I couldn't take it the fact some of the advice given was just not jiving with me. Yes it got my foot in the door..just got a bad gut feeling about some of the advice given and that things should be more simple!!!

    6. @ L.M. Tea,

      I hear you. I'm sick to death of the hoodoo "empire building" and ass kissing going on online. I try to stay out of it and I generally will have nothing to do with people who are involved in that crap.

  3. @DocConjure: So true.

    @L.M. Tea: Not rootwork but try getting a full spectrum light, craft stores carry small OTT lights (get one on sale they are expensive) and they really do help alleviate depression symptoms. Some of the advice you'll find on forums are actually really dangerous even when a chemical imbalance isn't present-- but your system is going to be even more delicate.

  4. What exactly do you recommend for someone who might feel a calling towards conjure but doesn't necessarily have anyone around to teach them in person?

  5. I finally get why most root workers stick to themselves. Alot BS going on online.

  6. I've listened to Poppa Ce before. Aside from his teachings, he is very entertaining lol. He reminds of an Uncle I used to have.