Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: The Conjure Loophole & Stop Using "Non-Tradtional"

There is a loophole in conjure. It exists because hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is not a religion. It's a magical, spiritual tradition, but it's not a religion unto itself.

The loophole is that a person can practice hoodoo while not being a Christian, *if* such person uses the bible and prays to God. People who do this can claim to practice hoodoo. Failure to do this and the person is no longer practicing hoodoo and has no claim to the practice. Another term for this is "non-traditional". I will touch more on this at the end of this blog entry.

The problems are that some teachers online are not communicating this to their students and are allowing them to believe that they can just do whatever they want to do and slap a hoodoo label on it. It's not true. And it needs to be addressed. It also needs to be clarified that this is a loophole and that because it's a loophole there are old-school workers who don't agree with it. Real-life old-school worker do not want people of other religions and magical traditions to learn hoodoo. I don't care what you read online from an online worker. I'm telling you the truth. They do not approve of it. The loophole exists and I won't deny that. However, it's still a loophole.

I used to be naive about this. I know lots of other online workers are still naive about it. The naivety is the belief that people are going to see how wrong it is to just take the tradition, strip it down to just the magic, and then throw away the spiritual aspect. I used to believe that if we could get people to understand how wrong that is then people would realize how important it is to maintain the tradition. I was wrong. The majority of the non-Christians who are attracted to hoodoo do not give a flying f*ck about the spiritual aspect of the tradition. They just want to steal the magic.

Now, let me use Wiccans for an example. Many Wiccans are attracted to hoodoo because they recognize that hoodoo has power and that it is an actual craft, as in an art or skill that must be taught. Wicca itself is devoid of any actual craft with regard to magic. So a Wiccan is not interested in the spiritual tradition. They just want the magic. They don't give a damn what I, nor anyone else has to say about it. A Wiccan is not going to pray to the Christian God and use the bible no matter what any worker has to say about it. They're just not. The overwhelming majority of Wiccans have issues with Christianity. Not only that, it's against their religion. They do not believe in the Christian God, just like they don't believe in the Devil. Wiccans reject the Christian mind frame that is needed to practice conjure. Not only that, but the basic belief of Wiccans is that they are "the Old Religion", the elders of all magical religions and traditions and Christians are perceived as the oppressors and persecutors. So they are simply not going to work with the Christian God and the bible. They're just not.

This problem is a huge one. The majority of people online who are interested in hoodoo do not give a damn about the spiritual tradition. Most of them already falsely believe that it's "just magic". Most of them identify as witches or pagans. So it all boils down to this:

If you cannot work with the bible and pray to the Christian God then you are not worthy of learning conjure. You would simply be a vulture or scavenger who wants to steal from hoodoo to prop up your own religion or tradition. Do you understand this? If you refuse to even take advantage of the loophole that exists then you definitely should not be taught anything. However, we all know that the money-hungry workers online will gladly take your cash and teach you.

Finally, l think we all, myself included, should stop using "traditional" vs. "non-traditional". Because these terms are giving the false impression that someone who is "non-traditional" is still practicing hoodoo. Because they are not. There's no such thing as a non-traditional worker. You are either doing actual conjure work or you are just doing magic, spell casting, witchcraft, etc.


  1. I'm going to play the devils advocate here, so try not to take offense, but where I am from Hoodoo, Conjure and Root work is scene as witchcraft and that using God or the bible for magic is the worst type of offense.

    So this debate about being witches trying to infiltrate hoodoo is interesting. From what I am slowy getting from these blogs, is that a rootworker is like a shaman or healer in a sense?

    Like in Africa witch doctor, isn't a witch, but one who fights witches. Is it that what the difference is?

    Also another question. The bible clearly states not to fool with certain things pertaining to magic, so how is conjure apart of christianity?

  2. @ Anonymous,

    Thank you for the comment. I will do my best to explain this in a bog I will write today. In the past I've already written a blog entry about Witch Doctors. But it's a complex issue and it takes time to sort it out.

  3. This is a really interesting post to me, because I've studied a lot of different religions, denominations and philosophies and my parents' church left a bad taste in my mouth. Hoodoo opened me up to real Christianity, my attitude and relationship with God has changed for the better.

  4. @ Wendy,

    That's great to hear beause true conjure worker in the real-world strongly believe in God.

  5. Wiccans like it because it's a witchcaft tradition to study and learn from. the fact that hoodoo met up with christianity makes it no different than any other african practice that survived in the new world. .

    The church has problem with hoodoo because hoodoo is witchcraft. Period. The word itself refers to someone who can "doctor" your luck, which can be blessings or curses but the fear of being "hoodooed" is the fear of the jinx. Being jinxed/crossed/fixed is the primary reason to see the Conjure Doctor in the first place, or else you want to fix someone else. Why is this hard to understand?

    Baptist congregations operate with a high degree of autonomy so some churches had people who accepted it, but most don't. A lot of black people are conditioned to condemn anything outside their denomination as false and think that traditional african practices are demonic and backwards. Those that mixed the two, were in large part trying to break free of the standard dogma and black folks that did this were in many cases part of a spiritualist church, a masonic lodge or new thought congregation. Look it up.

    Whether or not Grandma or Grandpa "did that stuff" a lot of religious black folks down the line won't touch it because they think it's from the Devil. This is pretty much how the divide has always been for a lot of people. They think its just old people superstition, or outright heathenry. I don't know where all this online foolishness has come from in the last few years but it makes me vomit. Hoodoo is witchcraft. Whether you want to fool with it or not, whether it's good or bad, thats up to you.

    1. You are quite mistaken and your view is the view of an outsider to the practice and not that of a person who has been actually raised in this tradition. The notion that this is all witchcraft is as silly as claiming the miracle workers of the Bible were witches as well. In this tradition there are witches and then there are workers. They are not the same thing. One curses and one cures.

  6. how do you find information on how to become a christian hoodoo worker