Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Tell If You've Been Cursed (Hoodooed)

Many people may wonder how to determine if one has been cursed or hoodooed. The following is provided to help people recognize the signs that one has indeed been cursed. Please keep in mind that the majority of people who have been cursed never realize they have been cursed and if they happen to be non-believers they will normally deny they are cursed, even as well-wishers on the outside watch as their lives are destroyed.

Signs One May Be Cursed Or Hoodooed

- An out of the ordinary string of bad luck with multiple negative experiences occurring in a relatively short time frame.

- Feelings of physical exhaustion or fatigue

- Financial difficulties and the loss of one's job or income

- Difficulty sleeping, especially if experiencing odd nightmares or dreams.

- Developing a troubled mind, such as depression, mania, inability to concentrate, feelings of fear or panic, feelings of hopelessness or else periods of extreme anger, confusion, and general angst.

- Experiencing a negative presence (can be either the feeling that one's home has suddenly become haunted even though one never had any supernatural problems before or the feeling that something is pressing down on one's self or may even be "riding" one's back. In most cases the experiences is described along the lines of being smothered in a cloud of negative energy. Another often reported phenomenon is of catching a glimpse of a moving shadow where one shouldn't be and especially out of the corner of one's eye.)

- Demonic or Spirit possession (usually causing the person to act like an animal, crawl on their hands and knees and even bark like a dog, according to folklore)

- The death of pets

- The breaking up of relationships, friends who have abandoned you, a lover or spouse who leaves, etc...

- Unusual accidents (both of yourself and the people around you)

- Unnatural health complaints (especially if one was of good health prior to the onset of these negative experiences)

- The finding of strange powders, bags, bottles, dolls, charms, or fetishes in one's home or property. (These are tricks a practitioner throws or places as part of cursing the enemy. Often such items are concealed or buried)

- Someone telling you that they cursed you (especially of one is experiencing these negative things listed here)

- Divination indicating one is cursed (especially if one is experiencing these negative things listed here)

- The death of loved ones and or of the person who was cursed (This is actually rare. The level of power needed to manifest this extreme outcome is usually beyond the scope of most black magic practitioners. This said there are indeed cases where it is believed that a black magic practitioner just happened to invoke enough power to pull it off.)

Some things to keep in mind:

- Curses ebb and flow as well as come in waves. One might experience times where one thinks things are back to normal only to have another round of these unfortunate experiences.

- With regard to a curse's effect on one's health, keep in mind that a curse will act on one's dispositions and weaknesses. If one is prone to a certain condition or disorder then that is how the curse will attack or manifest itself with regard to destroying one's health. Otherwise, a good guide to understanding curses is that they will attack the extremities first, usually the feet, legs, hands, arms, head, followed by hair-loss, skin and teeth-problems. (Teeth problems are very commonly reported!) These are areas of the body that are normally effected first before serious conditions arise. Another thing that is also commonly reported is repeated sickness and an illness that doctors cannot diagnose.

- Most curses will eventually fade away with time, especially after the curse does what it was supposed to do. An example of this is a female co-worker who curses another female co-worker who is also her rival for a promotion. She wants that woman gone from the job and her curse is successful. Her rival is driven out. Now that the rival is no longer employed there, the curse has done it's job and it fades away. The poor unfortunate victim can now put her life back together.

- Most curses are not meant to kill their victims, but rather bring pain and suffering to their victims' lives. Most people tend to jump to the conclusion that somebody is trying to murder them magically but such is usually not the case at all. Real death spells take an incredibly amount of personal power and energy and most occult practitioners simply don't have the power or will to see such spells through.

- Curses cast by someone who has been truly wronged, i.e. revenge or vengeance spells, are usually more powerful than curses placed on innocent people.

- The most powerful curses of all are the generational curses or family curses, when an entire family or generation of a family is cursed. This type of curse appears in the bible. It is usually the most destructive and may be near impossible to remove. What makes it so sad is that most of these people are paying for the sins of their ancestors. It takes an extraordinary amount of power to place a generational curse.


  1. Is there a way to tell if there's a generational curse on a family or an age where a person starts getting affected by a generational curse?

    Given the family history that I know I wouldn't doubt that my ancestors did something bad enough to truly earn a curse.

  2. @ Wendy,

    You can go to a worker and get a reading but the signs of a generational curse are pretty much evident. One can look and their own family and determine if this is the case. I'm not God, so I can't tell you if there is a specific time it "kicks in". Some would probably say the age of accountability. But I'm not going to say one way or the other. I will blog on generational curses in the future.

    1. @ Unknown on December 1, 2016 at 2:21 PM

      I am a worker. Email me at MySecretHoodoo@mail.com

  3. hello you mentioned about spiritual cleansing on wisdom forum. wat exactly would you recommend for the bath and wat can i use to wipe the house with.


    1. There are bath oils but make sure you pray while using anything

  4. Hi, I have been told that there is a generational curse laid on my family and i think its affecting me. I'm almost 16 and im a girl, i guess i have just constantly had problems happen to me. More than anyone else in my family, Almost every relationship with boys i go into fails with in a few weeks for no reason and i just have lots of the problems as described in the text. My friendships always fade or end in tradgedy. i can never ever get outstanding results in school- even if i try so so so hard. Basically the only good thing about me is my looks (which sounds good but really just causes problems). I do beleive there is a curse on my family because my dads going blind, my mum has health issues and both my dads parents died unexpectedly. What the hell do i do!?!

  5. Does sage really work for curses or am I wasting my time

  6. Can it make a woman have more sex with many people and her mother is playing apart she use her to get guys tohave sex with her and tring to control the kids baby girl

  7. feel confused left my 3kids 5years ago, dont miss them most of the time, nott employed, business went down, i make one big step foward in life then back 10times behind, nothing seems good in my life, living with my aging parents n i have been proposed for marriege but wont go reasons being am taking care of my parents tho not fun here i just cant find me self leaving. was i cursed or jinxed by my x husband, i cant get employed coz when am working long hours either of my parent will fall sick n am left to blame myself for this, i either loose my job like this or quit, please help me i want to live a nomal blessed fruitful happy life. xx

  8. I don't know if this is a family curse or its just me. My great grandmother apparently was involved in voodoo. My mom told me some strange stories. My grandmother was murdered when my mom was five. around age 5 or six for me my aunt and my cousin got murdered by my aunts new husband who was also involved with voodoo. I lost my great grandmother at 7 my great grandad at 9. I almost lost my mom at age 11. 2 brain anyerism, a stroke, and a coma. She's alive and well today thank god. Now right now, my family is going through financial struggle, hard for me to make friends and have a stable relationship. And just recently in my great grandmothers chest we found a kind tut dream book,: policy player and fortune teller we talked to my uncle about it and he told us to get rid of it. I really think my family is cursed and I don't know how to break it. I don't want it to continue to my kids in the future

  9. How do you remove roots that was put on you through food?

  10. I was fired from y job when I asked they could give me a real reason. All they said it was due to changes in the company. I have a strong feeling that someone has put a root on me. Because when things goes right something bad happens.

  11. How do a person have the curse removed

  12. How do a person have the curse removed

  13. What can we do to remove a curse.

  14. I was told i have had a curse on me for sex and that came from a man i never met before or know on fb hes been telli g me there is a shameless man who wants me and some how this curse will not go away tell he gets what he wants...me! How do i know who it is and how do i get this to go away if its true.?

  15. Hi 2 people have told me that a person has done roots on me and my ex fiance and kids which broke up my family I have experience all except one of the symptoms my ex fiance is now with the girl whom a psychic told me do this I've tried to speak to him about this but he is so love struck on her that he doesn't care nor does he care about our children I need help please I want all of this to stop but I sound crazy when I talk about it please help me I need to save my family and get rid of this root I've been attacked in my sleep and all

  16. Ill health.Financial problems.
    Divorced children problem.
    Going through tough times at work.
    Age against me. Need help to remove evil and curse

  17. My life has never been right. Something is wrong i feel like my life is a stand it stoo for one year i gave birth to a child. When i was 20 a lady who knew little about me told me i was cursed but being who she was she said that's all she can tell me. I should of pushed her to tell me more. It's almost been 7 years since she told me and it cross my mind often that it's getting worse now my child in this world and i think that it effect are passing to her and her father. I need help i don't know what to do. Or how much i can take please help

  18. My son skin is peeling and the doctors don't know why. Could this be something from a curse that was meant for me and my son got into it

  19. Doc Conjure, it was prophecied to me that there's been a curse placed on my life, and from reading some of your article, it's all making sense. My question to you is, how do I go about removing the curse from my life and my two children's lives are well?? And also how can I find out exactly who did this to me??

  20. I want to know how I can find out if someone put a curse on my kid's life and mine. Also, I'd like to know who it was! Please help me