Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Amulet & How You Can Keep Yours Too!

A couple of hours ago a special necklace I wore broke. It broke while I was playing ball with my nephew and my brother. I almost had a panic attack. I dropped to my knees and began going through the grass like a mad man in a desperate search for it. There's a reason why.

Circa 1994 I stumbled upon a temporary African boutique that was set up near a store I was visiting. I stopped to check it out. I ended up buying an African mask (which I no longer have), and was about to leave when the nice woman who ran the boutique told me that a certain necklace was calling out to me. I turned around and when I saw the necklace my draw dropped. There was something about it. The woman told me the culture it came from and that it was believed to funnel energy into the wearer. Later I would go on to look it up and it is extremely rare. I wanted it but the price was far more than I could afford. I told the woman that I loved it but unfortunately couldn't afford it and then the woman offered me a discount. Even with the discount I still couldn't afford it. The woman then smiled and gave it to me for free. I kid you not. I wore it 24/7. I showered with it and even slept with it on. Now I know better but that's just how much I loved it. Then one day in 1997 the necklace broke. The pendant mysteriously disappeared. I tore up the couch I was sitting on trying to search for it but to no luck. I was so depressed. Finally I decided to do work to bring it back to me. It took 10 years. One day in 2007 the notion of me going on eBay and searching for the pendant entered my mind. There was exactly one listing for it and there was only 2 of the pendants in stock. I immediately raced to purchase it. My heart was pounding so fast. So I bought it and was so happy. Then I began to question if I should buy the other one just so I can have a "back up". So I go back online and the listing is gone. I contact the seller and the woman advise me that about 15 minutes after I purchased my pendant another person purchased the last one. I asked her if she would be getting anymore in and she advised she had never seen these types of pendants before and had no idea if she would ever run across any in the future. So my pendant arrived and I was happy. I had completely forgotten about the work I did to bring it back to me. I believe it took so long because the pendant is so rare.

So now I'm in the process of stringing it anew. I've lost some antique beads that were on the necklace but it's the pendant I was really worried about. So what happened was that while I was acting like a crazy person trying to find my pendant my brother helped me search. He finally found it and I was overjoyed. I figured we only had about another 5 minutes or so and then it would have been too dark to continue searching.

So, now that I've told my story I'll touch on our own little personal amulets or special jewelry that we wear for protection. Basically any piece of jewelry can be used in this matter. Some prefer silver, other's prefer gold. Still others want some type of gemstone. It's really all up to the person. You can pray over the item and even dress it lightly with oil or smoke it in incense and then you can wear this necklace out in the open without having to worry about people knowing you are 'charmed'. The only thing I would caution people about is that one should not let anyone touch this special jewelry. Also, sensitive people can and will pick up on it. If you are talking to one and notice they keep staring at the jewelry then realize they are definitely picking up on it. You might want to slyly act to conceal it before they can bring it up or try to touch it. Now, the lore is that should such fixed jewelry break that it took the hit for you, meaning that it protected you by absorbing a large amount of negative energy or even the energy of someone throwing for you. This belief actually originates with the various ATR's like Santeria, where the breaking of a sacred necklace (collares or elekes) was said to be caused by the same thing. Of course most modern silver and gold necklaces and such do not easily break so this may not ever come into play for people who choose these items.

If you have had such a fixed jewelry break then you need to immediately do an uncrossing/cleansing or even a reversing just to be safe. I would follow it up with protection work and then would fix another item of jewelry to use.


  1. Of Mayombe. A seashell is used for protection. The manner of bring life is buried during the crescent moon and it is ready.

  2. According to Catholic doctrine a rosary should be made of some organic material such as wood or stone to contain the blessing they were to receive. Otherwise, if made of plastic, can not sustain any spiritual influence imparted and of course here also knows that if it breaks you lose the blessing because it escapes the influence contained, in which case you have to fix it and return to bless him.

  3. I had many years ago a necklace of Kimbanda, a Bantu origin cult originating in Brazil. This necklace receives a first revival when it is closed by a boss or Tata, and delivered to the person.
    When it came time to give more life energy burst no sooner touched the blood of sacrifices. Obviously everyone looked at me scared because they saw this as a bad omen and in fact it was.

  4. @ Geomante,

    Very interesting. I also would not recommend anything of plastic as it is artificial and doesn't hold a charge or have a memory. I didn't even know that Kimbanda had special necklaces.

  5. Well, outside the special mandate is in Catholicism, it is possible to give life some plastic but it is the continent worst I know.
    Yes, in Kimbanda the necklaces are called "guides"

  6. @ Geomante,

    They have plastics now that are made from corn and other plant material that will decompose over time. I guess these would be okay, but I still don't like using plastics. I like medicine bottles. I will only use plastic jars if I can't get glass and in those situatons it feels like I have to work them much harder because of the plastic. But I'm not going to tell anyone what to do. If they want to use plastic and love it, so be it.

  7. Doc, do you mind my asking what you string your amulet with? I have mine on a plain silver chain because I want it to be indistinguishable from mundane necklaces, but if I wear more than one chain they tangle around my neck (which I don't like aesthetically or spiritually for my amulet's chain).

  8. @ Sarah Anne,

    I use what is called "Tiger Tail", which is nylon coated steel wire. You can get it at any craft store in the jewelry section. Wal Mart also carries it. I string it with the pendant and then a mixture of seed beeds and antique beads. I could put the pendant on a silver or gold chain but it wouldn't look right and wouldn't function "to take the hit" because it would rarely if ever be able to break.

    1. @ Doc,

      I'm not debating what you say about the chain or string taking the hit, but in the past no matter what I've used to suspend my amulets around my neck the amulets themselves take the hit for me. I just wanted to relay a couple of my experiences:

      One time of extreme stress and tension on the job where I know that a fellow colleague was working against me on a mundane level (and wouldn't be surprised to find out she was doing something on a spiritual level), I had an organic mixed-media amulet I wore daily that included a substantial amount of glass. At night I hung it on my bedpost so I wouldn't roll over on it and inadvertently break it. One morning I awoke in the wee hours to the high pitched sound of glass shattering. Lo and behold, it was my amulet. I had no pets or family members in my house at that time who could have been responsible.

      Recently I had a black line slowly start snaking its way across my metal amulet, like ivy across a brick wall. It wasn't a scratch in the metal, the metal wasn't tarnishing there. I couldn't feel a difference between the silver metal and the silver that was now black when I ran my finger or nail across it. The metal had just changed color there. I got rid of that thing asap.

    2. @ Sarah Anne,

      Don't get me wrong, I was just relating the lore aspect of it, that when it breaks it means it took the hit for you. If you are using something stronger like a chain then it of course isnt going to break that often. And in your case it does look like your pendant protected you. Like for mine, I would love to be able to string it on a silver chain or what not but it just wouldn't be visually appealing.

  9. Just one thing, which can be broken by taking the hit is the amulet, not the string of which depends, unless the chain is the amulet. Is the amulet that has the ability to absorb the hit.

  10. @ Geomante,

    It's both, at least for me. The amulet is not really breakable. The string it's on can break. I view the necklace and pendant as one item. But to each their own.

  11. Well, if the amulet is a stone will be hard to break! depends (in some measure) on the material which is made the amulet. Yes, it is possible that the chain which hangs the amulet is broken, but what I mean is that what is more likely is that which serves "specifically" as deleterious energy magnet.
    Online is sold a ring which is very powerful, composed of precious stones, which tend to break when they bear the burden of negative energies.I know the magician who sells them and is very good, although the ring do not tend to break quickly.

  12. This is a really fascinating subject. I have a pendant that I've worn non-stop for over three years now. It was a gift from an ex-lover and I've blessed it many times. I wear it on a silver chain since the pendant itself is set in silver. About a year ago, I was sitting in my living room watching television when out of nowhere, I felt the chain break at the top of neck. It didn't snag on anything, I wasn't moving around - it just snapped apart. I did a divination and it confirmed the hit that I had already felt. Just think its interesting. I agree with you, DocConjure, that the chain and amulet act as one and that no matter what it's made of, if it's taking the hit for you's taking the hit for you.