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I've received several emails from people asking about my services and pricing so I decided to write this blog entry. If you are interested in hiring me as your worker then please email me at


All new clients require a consultation. A consultation is free via email. However, if the client wishes to speak to me on the phone then it's $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for one hour.

Psychic Readings

These readings are separate from any reading I may decide to give in a consultation. The cost of this service is $100 for one hour or $50 for 30 minutes. Clients can also choose email readings. Any question can be asked during these readings. Please read my blog entry at the link below for more information on readings.

Crystal Ball Readings

A crystal ball reading is different than a normal reading, is more in depth, and takes longer to both prepare for and carry out than a traditional reading. A crystal ball reading is $150 for up to one hour or $150 for up to 20 questions via email. It is strongly recommended the client has a pen and paper with them during the reading to take notes.

Medium Readings

A medium reading involves contact with and communication with disembodied spirits of loved ones and friends who have crossed over to the other side. During a medium reading the client can ask questions and I will convey the messages the spirits have for them at this time. Although having a medium reading in order to communicate with a specific spirit is a common practice the client should be aware that other spirits can and often do come through. A medium reading is $150 for 30 minutes.

Cleansings/Uncrossings Or Removing Witchcraft, Curses, Hexes And General Negative Energy

The cost is $300. I will need something from you such as a photo, personal object, as well as your full name and birth date.


All prayers are performed free of charge. To be included on the prayer list send me an email with your full name, birth date and situation. Please put "Prayer Request" in the subject line or else the email may get accidentally deleted. Please limit prayer requests to serious situations.

Free Setting Of Lights

For emergency situations only. The type of candles used will vary depending upon what supply I have on hand. Such candles will either be white tapers, white emergency candles or household candles, chime candles, or tea lite candles. I do not answer questions on free setting of lights nor will I email the person a report of the burn or send the person pictures.

Paid Setting Of Lights

The type of candle used will be a 7 day glass candle, a.k.a. vigil candle or hoodoo candle, in the color(s) corresponding to the situation. These candles will burn 4-5 days. I fix and bless each candle personally and will burn them at my altar. The candle is worked with prayers, scripture, and reciting of petitions on a daily basis. Additionally, the appropriate incense for the situation is also burned. When the candle has burned out I will email you the results of the burn. I do not send pictures of the burn nor do I answer any questions concerning the burn. When the burn is finished I will inform you of the results. The cost of this service is $30. Due to cost of shipping I cannot mail a fixed 7 day candle to you for you to burn yourself.

Note: I will not set a light for you for any type of enemy work. If you want me to perform enemy work for you then you will need to purchase a full, complete work. As of 4/28/13, I no longer set paid lights for love work due to certain abuses of this service. If you require love work you will need to purchase a full, complete work.

Blessed & Fixed Offertory Candles

I can bless and fix an offertory candle for you for burning either at my altar or for burning in your home. These candles come in the following colors: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, brown, white, or black. They are approximately 6 inches in length and will burn about 4-5 hours. I bless, mark, and fix these candles and pray over them for about 30-45 minutes or longer. I then dress them with the appropriate spiritual oil. If you wish me to burn these on my alter then the cost is $20 per candle. If you wish to burn these at your own home then I can mail them (Continental U.S.A. Only) to you for an additional $10, or $30 total. I do not give reports of the burn of these candles, nor do I provide pictures. I will email you when I have set the light.

Mojo Bags

I was taught from teachers who strongly believed that a mojo bag or conjure bag must be completely fixed for the client. In real-life no worker would ever give a client an open mojo bag with instructions on how to put it together. So in order to remain true to traditional, old-school conjure work I do not sell open bags with instructions for clients to fix themselves. I will fix and tie the bag for you. For this I will need something from you, such as a photograph, snip of hair, or fingernail clippings. I will provide instructions on how to care for the mojo bag. The cost of this service is $100. If you prefer, you can get a "triple-strength" mojo bag for $175.


I now offer packets for those who cannot afford a mojo. A packet is smaller than a mojo but is powerful. The cost is $50.


I can fix a doll-baby for you and one unique to your situation. I include items you need to work the dolly and complete instructions. I will need a personal effect, such as a photograph, snip of hair, or fingernail clippings, from the person the dolly is meant to represent. The cost of this service is $100.

Herbal Mixtures For Spiritual Baths, Floor Washes, And Sprays

I can prepare for you a traditional, herbal mixture for you to brew up into a tea for use in your spiritual baths, your floor washes, and your sprays. Your herbal mixture comes with a reusable muslin bag to brew your herbs in and complete instructions for use. Each herbal mixture package will provide you enough herbs for several spiritual baths, floor washes, or sprays. Each package will be created unique to your situation. The cost of this service is $35.

Paid Complete Work

My prices for a complete or full paid work starts at $300. Justified enemy work starts at $350. I will not do any unjustified work. I will need a personal effect, such as a photograph, snip of hair, or fingernail clippings, clothing, personal item, etc., from the person to be worked on. I will provide a picture(s) as proof that the work was done. The price of $300/$350 is for one work only. If the client wants additional work then I will give a discount and only charge $200 for each additional work if that work is purchased at the same time. If the work is not purchased at the same time then the normal fee of $300 or $350 for enemy work, will apply. Let me give you an example.

Sally's husband John has run off with their neighbor, Susan. Sally comes to me for help wanting me to break them up and bring John back to her. That is 2 separate works. The first work is break-up work which is enemy work, so it would be $350. The second work is to bring John back, which is reconciliation work. Normally that would be $300, but if Sally purchases the work at the same time then my discount would apply and it would only be an additional $200. The entire fee would be $550. I NEVER, repeat, NEVER ask for more money than what is quoted. After the work is complete I send pictures of the work as proof the work was performed. Additionally, I am available to answer all questions and devote my full time to my paying clients.

Special Packages For Clients

Any client who hires me fore a paid complete work is eligible to also purchase a special package. The packages may contain items such as; spiritual bath herbs, reusable muslin bag, blessed & dressed candle, and fixed packet. Each package will be specifically designed for the individual client and for the specific condition or need. The cost of special packages are $100. The price can be added on top of the paid complete work when payment is made.

Blessed Jewelry, Statues & Other Items

I can bless any jewelry, statues, or other items for any purpose. The cost of this for jewelry is $100. The item is then shipped to me with payment and then returned when the blessing is complete. For statues or other items email me at for an estimate on the price.

Healing Work

All healing work that I choose to take on is done free of charge. I do ask that anyone seeking healing work should also seek the advice of their doctor or other qualified medical professionals. I will require a personal effect, such as a photograph, snip of hair, fingernail clippings, etc., from the person to be worked on.

Conjure Coaching

Each conjure coaching session by phone will last one hour and is $100. After receiving payment I will email the client to set up a date and time that is best for the client.

Home Cleansings & Blessings

I can make you a kit to cleanse and bless your home. The kit will come with all sorts of items which I simply can not list here. The kit will also come with complete instructions. The cost is $200. I am also available for in-person cleansings & blessings. For in-person cleansing & blessings email me at

Ghost & Entity Mediation And Removal

Email me at

International Clients

Inquire via email at

***NOTE: All prices subject to increase. For legal reasons I can make no claims and can not guarantee results. All items sold as curio only and all services rendered for entertainment purposes only. All work will be done true to the spiritual tradition of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and by hiring me as your conjure worker the client affirms their belief in the spiritual tradition of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure and affirms their knowing that no work can be guaranteed. Must be 18 years or older or a legal adult. All packaging is in the manner of the old-school, traditional conjure work. This means no fancy bottles, packaging, or labels. For readings, consultations and conjure coaching, I allow up to 2 reschedulings if the client emails me at least 24hrs prior to the scheduled time. If the client misses a scheduled time without sending notification with 24 hours or attempts to reschedule more than twice then the reading or conjure coaching will be cancelled and no refund given. All prices listed are the suggested donations given for the work. No Refunds.

If you are interested in purchasing my services you can contact me at:

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  1. I noticed that you quoted your 7 day vigil candles as burning for 4-5 days. Is this actually a common occurrence with these types of candles? I have yet to have one run a full 7 days.

  2. @ She-Wolf,

    They never burn 7 days and I have no idea why they call them "7 Day Candles". Perhaps it's from the older candles that people marked and burnt a section at a time for 7 days, but I'm not sure. The Novenas are worse because they are supposed to last 9 days, which of course they don't!

    However, I love them. They are really neat to work with and use.

    1. Wow, and here this whole time I thought I've been doing it wrong! Thank you so much for that! Relief can now wash over me, haha.

  3. I have been looking all over for an answere to this question, "How do you fix something in hoodoo?" but so far ive found nothing please help! p.s. that something is a chickens foot!

  4. Hi, I think i was born with a affinity twords Hoodoo/Voodoo, I know hat you do not take any students but is their anyone reputable in tulsa that does? Thanks

  5. Have any one use this worker, if so dif you see results

    1. I have posted several testimonials from clients which you can read below.

  6. hi, i am trying to send you an email but i get a delivery failure notice.

    1. Try sending it to my other email address:

  7. Hi Doc, what are your accepted payment methods?

    1. Email me at