Monday, April 30, 2012

My Thoughts On Break-Up Work

I do a lot of break-up work for clients. I'm good at it. I have no problems breaking couples up. Break-up work is a necessity in situations where someone has run off with their spouse or significant other. You have to break them up before you can draw that person back. Because of this I will do break-up work in a heartbeat. To be honest, I love doing this work.

Even though I have no problems with doing break-up work there is one situation where I will not do it. If a couple is married I will not split them up just because a client wants that man or woman to them self. As far as I'm concerned doing break-up work on a married couple in this circumstance is unjustified. If someone can stand up in front of God and man and make their vows, then I won't mess with that. I respect marriage.

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  1. Isn't it more powerful to preform your own breakup work? Can you tell me of any good one I can preform on my ex and his new girlfriend. or jus reply ... Thanks in advance