Saturday, April 28, 2012

Phil Donahue - Voodoo (1988)

Note: Though Lady Bishop claims to be a Voodoo priestess she is actually a hoodoo woman.


  1. Thanks for sharing these videos Doc.

  2. @ Wendy,

    You're welcome. They're pretty cool, huh. :)

  3. What a wonderful find Doc. I love her saying Bury in the West to remove. Some folks still don't get that. Momma Starr

  4. They are! She's articulate, has a good sense of humor and a definite presence.

  5. @ Wendy,

    Yep. She has a very likeable persona and her stuff is very fascinating. I don't buy into her being a "Voodoo Priestess" but it's obvious that she has indeed recieved actual and proper training from real-life, old-school workers. And this was far before the Internet age!

  6. @ Momma Starr,

    Yep. What did you think of that pineapple can lamp? I was just blown away by her and because this is before the Internet. It's obvious she has been properly trained it's just that I don't think she is "voodoo". She's a spiritual worker from before the Internet and I would love to see more from her.

    1. I loved it. It was good to watch her work. Momma Starr