Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ponder This Scenario

So a woman believes that hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is evil and is witchcraft. She is talking to her daughter and based on what the daughter is saying, she believes that her daughter has had roots put on her. So she tells her daughter to light a white candle and sprinkle red pepper around the house.

Just ponder this scenario because you will encounter this type of scenario a lot in real life.


  1. The more I read and learn about hoodoo/conjure/rootwork-- the more I realize that I grew up with parts of it but words like hoodoo and conjure weren't used in my family. Instead someone was going off to "pray" or "working to set things right" or some other euphemism.

  2. @ Wendy,

    I've blogged on this before. Most people have no name for this. This is just what you do when you have a problem. People online are obsessed with the word "Hoodoo", but in reality that word is viewed as a synonym for witchcraft and people will deny they do hoodoo even if they are workers. It's really strange. The term conjure refers to the magic-side of the tradition. Most black people refer to it as "roots" but there is also this shifting of the term toward the negative, as a synonym for a curse. So it's very, very strange and hard to digest. It's everywhere in the South and most people have no real name for it. It's just what that which you do when you have a problem. There is no desire to label it with a word.

  3. It kind of makes sense though, labeling anything that isn't exactly mainstream would make it easier to suppress.