Friday, April 20, 2012

The Saints Who Curse

I had previously written a blog about how St. Peter had put a death curse on a couple. I was going to blog more about how various other saints and prophets have put curses on people but I decided against it because some of the curses can be used against enemies. So I won't give them in my blog entries. However, just know it's in the bible and if you look for yourself and find them then I can't stop you of course.

Just realize that the saints and the prophets had the spirit of God upon them and they had the power to do these things. People respected and feared them.

People have this notion of the saints as being all sweetness and light and it's not true at all. Some saints are very nice and sweet, but not all of them. Lots of them are tough as nails and they don't put up with crap.

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