Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shout Out To The Ancestors

I think a lot of people seem to want to turn to other spirits before approaching one's ancestors for help in our lives. So I wanted to post this to let my readers know that we should all be approaching our ancestors first before attempting to work with other spirits.

I had a weird weekend. Saturday I went to the Casino and hit a good amount of money. Then Sunday I split a tooth in half. I went to the dentist but found out that it would require surgical extraction. I simply couldn't afford it but I also could not continue on in pain and being unable to eat. So I went to my ancestors and explained the situation and petitioned them for help. At the last minute they kicked in. I ended up only being charged for a normal tooth extraction. And let me tell you it was the most painful experience I have ever had! I had to be given double the amount of shots and had gas on top of that and my back was still arching off that chair! I think it was because the injury was so fresh and the tooth was still healthy and had strong roots. She had to cut my gums open to get all the roots. I'm just glad I feel better. So it's been a few hours now after the extraction and the pains is diminishing. I'm just so grateful for the ancestors for pulling through for me.

Go to your ancestors first. They are closer to you, they recognize you as their own blood, and they will work for you perhaps even faster than other spirits might.


  1. oh, i am so sorry for your pain, doc!...any pain of the head is the worse there is--sending healing thoughts your way...
    i do have a question about ancestors: what if you don't know your ancestors directly (they passed on before you) can you still call upon them?...thank you :)

  2. I agree, I never understood going to others first. At times yes I have included other spirits when laying out my problems to my ancestors, key words is included with!

  3. @ K,

    Thank you. If you don't know any of your ancestors then you just petition them as a whole, i.e. "Blessed ancestors, blood of my blood, those who have gone before me...." However, if there's a way for you to be able to find out about your ancestors then try to do so.

    @ L.M. Tea,


  4. Praying that you have a speedy and full recovery Doc.

  5. Poor Doc--your weekend started out "hero" and quickly went to "zero!" I hope this weekend turns out much happier and healthier for you!!

    As a part of my renewed interest in hoodoo, I have been studying ancestor work. My sweet father passed into Heaven seven years ago this past Tuesday. Last week, I went to his grave petitioning his help in prospering our family's finances. Two days ago, my husband received a job offer entirely out of the blue from a company Daddy used to work with--the gentleman who hired him (at more than twice his current salary) told my husband that they decided to offer the job to him in part because he is my father's son-in-law.

    So, based on my personal experience, I would advise folks to work with as close of an ancestor or crossed over spirit as possible!

    Bright blessings, Kristina

  6. @ Kristina,

    Thank you so much and that was a wonderful story!

  7. I am still new to conjure work , how will you know when your ancestors spirits come around . can you asked them to make some kind of knock or something to let you know that they are their