Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still Blogging On Hoodoo Here!

Just wanted my readers to know that I'm still going to blog on hoodoo here. I just needed to get the hoodoo out of my other blog because that blog is not dedicated to hoodoo. I will just do things differently from now on and I'm no longer going to try to reach people and get them to see the difference between real hoodoo vs. the online crap. However, please note that this blog will be different. I will transfer the blogs I have written on the other blog over to this one and I will continue to write more blogs here, so don't worry. :)


  1. @ Sarah Anne,

    LOL...Yes, I will continue to blog here. I should have never started to blog on hoodoo over there because it started to take over the blog. LOL

  2. WHEW...BIG sigh of relief!! We novice hoodoo practicioners need that "voice crying out in the wilderness" to keep our feet on the right path--we need a reality check from so much online homogenized baloney. Thank you so much for what you do! God bless, Kristina

  3. @ Kristina,

    LOL...shucks, I ain't nobody special. Just a fellow student of the tradition like everyone else.

  4. Doc, I am sooooo happy! When I read that you were giving up on Hoodoo posts on your other blog, my heart sank. But, like I said before, Spirit tells me that you are a genuine worker, and I just knew that a genuine worker wouldn't abandon those who really want to learn. So, it's good to know you will still be posting on Conjure hear. God bless!

  5. @ Midnight Conjure,

    Thank You. :)

  6. Well I had mixed feelings at first about you continuing blogging on hoodoo, but your blogs are excellent. I like that we are able to discuss different topics openly, without worrying about a" censor mafia". Also you seem very grounded and want people honestly to know" the hoodoo truth".

    Good luck with this blog and I hope to read more from you soon:-)