Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweetening Work

Sweetening Works are a type of work in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork, and folk magic in general, that are designed to "sweeten" a person's attitude, speech, thoughts, and actions. Sweetening works can be used on just about anyone for anything but are especially goood to use to heal a friendship or other relationship after a spat, to use to sweeten-up a boss, or in love work. Sweetening works, as their name suggests, involve the use of a sweetening agent. Any sweetening agent will suffice, though one should stay clear of artificial sweeteners.

Catherine Yonwode of the Lucky Mojo Curio Co., has shared a wonderful sweetening work called a honey-jar spell which you can read HERE. Otherwise, I was taught to roll a candle in sugar toward one's self three times and then burn it on the person's photograph. Another version would be to place a plate on top of the person's photograph and light and set a candle in the middle of the plate. One then pours honey, pancake syrup, or fruit syrup (left over from a can of fruit in heavy syrup) around the base of the candle.

With regards to using the fruit syrup from an empty can of fruit, here is a hint with regard to making the best sweet tea ever. Use the fruit syrup to sweeten your tea. Now it must be from a can labeled 'in heavy syrup', because it has more sugar content. What is really good to use is peach syrup because you will get "peach sweet tea". It's an old trick that most of the older folk know about but for some reason it is not being passed down to younger people. So don't just pour the syrup down the drain. Save it and use it in your tea.

Extra Hint: If you are using jar work, such as the honey-jar spell in the link above, you can use the sweetener from that jar to sweeten the person's drink and they will never know it. This hint works really good on families, since it can be easily deployed. Simply use your jar of sweetener for as long as you want to do your work and then use it to sweeten a batch of tea and then serve it to your family members or loved ones to help calm the atmosphere and put an end to squabbles.


  1. Some good tips there Doc. Sweetening work is one of the great things about hoodoo as you can use things lying around the house. It costs very little to do. That being said, I have seen commerical honey jar spells online for $20 or more.

  2. Yes thank you. I think this might be something I try today.

  3. @ Midnight Conjure,

    They are easy works and they can be used for so many situations. The thought of purchasing a sweetening kit is absurd to me. LOL

    @ Wendy,

    Blessing snd well wishes for total success! :)