Friday, April 27, 2012

Unbinding Work & Unbinding Spells

Unbinding spells is a category of spells designed to undo or break binding spells.

In the hoodoo/rootwork tradition, binding spells are quite often deployed for all kinds of situations and for both white magic and black magic purposes; therefore it's incredibly important for practitioners to know unbinding spells. The only information I'm willing to divulge is to state that when a binding spell is performed it's not an immediate thing. The energy takes time to seek out the person and trap them. Because it's not immediate, if one has advanced knowledge or if one senses that someone wants them bound and tied then one can do things to escape or give them the slip. Even if one is caught good by a binding spell then one can still weasel out of it if one is knowledgeable and knows the tricks and symbolism to use.

On a side-note, one of the more humorous things I've noticed is practitioners who believe they've come up with a spell or trick that will permanently bind a person or even to remove their powers or gifts. This is impossible as only God can give a gift or take it away.

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