Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Don't Work With Palo Spirits

I received an email from a person who claims they contacted an alleged conjure worker online who advised them they needed to make an offering to a certain Palo spirit.

We don't work with the Palo spirits in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Real, authentic, traditional conjure work only works with the biblical God, Jesus, the saints, angels, prophets, etc. We do not work with pagan spirits in hoodoo. The closest thing would be the black man at the crossroads which may have an African origin as such a pagan spirit or which may be something that was brought to the U.S. by the Scott-Irish. Perhaps he is a mixture of both. However, pagan spirits are not worked with in this tradition.

What you or anyone else chooses to do or incorporate into their practice is your choice. However, such is not and will never be part of the tradition.


  1. I would say that another common point between hoodoo and Palo(besides the black man) is the veneration of ancestors, although each in its own way.
    Then there are some tricks I've seen that do exactly the same way in certain cults of Bantu origin and hoodoo. And it makes sense when one considers the legacy of the Congo which includes hoodoo.

  2. @ Geomante,

    Yes, Hoodoo derrives much from the Congo peoples but the religious aspect was done away with a long time ago and the slaves took up Christianity and made it theirs. Ancestor veneration is pan-African.