Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Workers Turn Down Requests For Work

True traditional, old-school workers do not take on every single case that comes their way. People who take on every single case tend to be only interested in your money. Below are some reasons why real-life workers turn down cases.

1.) If the request is unjustified.

A real worker will not do unjustified work. A real worker knows this stuff works and they know what could happen to them if by chance unjustified work is done and it is then taken off by the person or another worker. It's going to come back on them and it will hit them hard. Unjustified work is considered witchcraft.

2.) If the request is unachievable or has a very slim chance of success.

Requests that are not obtainable or achievable, such as requests to transform a man into a woman, will be turned down. I've had such requests in the past and I would recommend that such person do money-drawing work to have the funds for a sex change operation. Other requests that are often turned down are requests to win the jackpot in the lottery, or to bring back a lost love that has been separated by multiple years, and in some cases even decades. In these cases the cards are not stacked in the client's favor and the chance for success is slim.

3.) If the client is mentally ill.

I'm talking about actual mental illness here and especially if the client informs me that they are mentally ill. Now, there are some workers who will sling out the accusation of mental illness against clients but I am not one of those workers.

4.) If the client is financially destitute.

If the client has told me they have lost their job, their home, their car, and is living on the street but has just enough money to hire me I will turn them down. In those case I will either set lights and pray for them, do free work for them, or will give them works they can do themselves.

5.) Healing work where the client has not been to the doctor or refuses to go to the doctor.

6.) If the request is not in the area of the worker's expertise.

Many workers won't do specific type of works. For example, there are a lot of workers that will not do reconciliation work simply because it requires a lot of energy and the client often has unrealistic expectations concerning an idealized version of how they think it's going to be.

7.) Spirit tells them not to take the case.

Real workers listen to Spirit. If Spirit says not to take on the case, then they won't take on the case.

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