Thursday, May 31, 2012

Face-Eating 'Zombie' May Have Been Under "Voodoo Curse"

The girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, the 'zombie' who was shot and killed after eating the face off of a homeless man, believes that Eugene was the victim of a "voodoo curse" that caused the incident.

Girlfriend: 'Miami Zombie' may have had voodoo spell placed on him

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Visit To A Local Botanica

Below are some photos of a local botanica I visited this past weekend. It's the same place I bought my St. Peter statue from. As you can tell from the photos Santa Muerte is quite popular where I live. While I was there taking pictures an older gentleman was praying at the altar of Santa Muerte (the one with the biggest, gold statue). I didn't take a picture of him for privacy reasons, but I sensed his strong devotion to Santa Muerte and I sensed that he credited her with the saving of his life. I love visiting botanicas and occult/metaphysical shops. I will probably post more blog entries and photos on other shops in my area.

My St. Peter Statue

I saw this statue at a botanica a few weeks ago and knew I wanted to get it. It's not quite 14 inches in height. Unfortunately the price was a bit too high for me. So I petitioned St. Peter and asked him if he wanted to work with me to make a way for me to get the statue. St. Peter came through and came through fast. Not only did I get the money needed to purchase the statue but I also was able to get the statue for less than the price being asked for the statue.

So a huge "thank you" to St. Peter. I'm glad to have his statue and I'm glad for the opportunity to be able to work with him.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Truth About Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte has come up a few times now over the last few emails I've received. I've written blog entries on this before but I think it's time to be straight-up blunt to really hit this information home.

1.) Santa Muerte has nothing to do with hoodoo.
2.) Santa Muerte has nothing to do with ATRs.
3.) There is both an inner circle and an outer circle of followers. The inner circle are the "initiated" or "enlightened" ones who actually hold her tradition and keep her ways. The vast majority of followers are part of the outer circle who know little to nothing about how she is actually worked with.
3.) There are only 3 forms of Santa Muerte. Those forms are the red, white, and black forms. Colors like blue, green, yellow, gold, silver, and even "7 colors" are created by people of the outer circle. Even the road way shrines in Mexico are created by people of the outer circle and not the people of the inner circle. The meaning of the colors are as follows

White - The cool aspect of Santa Muerte. The white Santa Muerte is for peace, blessing, general protection, healing, and prosperity. She supposedly represents a quick, peaceful death, such as in unborn children or elderly people who die in their sleep.
Red - This is a hot aspect of Santa Muerte. The red Santa Muerte is for love and relationships. She supposedly represents people who die at the hands of a lover.
Black - This is a hot aspect of Santa Muerte. The black Santa Muerte is for protection from witchcraft, protection from evil spirits, and for enemy work. The black form also has a negative association with people who turn to this form of Santa Muerte to do evil. She supposedly represents people who die painful or violent deaths.

I've been told that these three colors represent three distinct personalities that have merged into the one "Santa Muerte". I've also been told they represent aspects called, The Bride (or Virgin), the Wife/Mother, and the Widow. However, again I'm not an expert so don't take my word on this.

4.) Santa Muerte is far darker than people realize. In the inner circle she is honored with blood sacrifice and I've heard from several people now that part of the "initiation" into the inner circle involves a blood oath or pact by which a person "sacrifices" a family member to Santa Muerte. This is a form of pact by which the "initiate" allows Santa Muerte to kill a family member. This doesn't mean that Santa Muerte will actually do that, but it is the allowing of it should Santa Muerte choose. I'm not expert on Santa Muerte and this information may be wrong, but I have heard it several times now.
5.) Santa Muerte has absolutley nothing to do with Wicca, Neopaganism, or "Traditional Witchcraft". Santa Muerte is not your "dark mother". Santa Muerte is not the Mexican form of Hecate or Kali. If you can't honor her properly then keep her statues off of your Wiccan altars.
6.) Santa Muerte is not a goddess. There is no evidence that Santa Muerte is a pagan Aztec goddess.
7.) Santa Muerte's main role has nothing to do with keeping men faithful. Don't believe everything you read online. Santa Muerte is the angel of death. She can offer you protection, to make sure you don't die before your allotted time, and can perform any manner of miracles, such as healings, prosperity, protection, etc. In Mexico there is an important belief in "dying right", meaning not dying in a manner that will bring shame upon your family. "Dying right" is kin to "living right" in a sense. So you don't want to be found dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation, for example. You want to go peacefully in your sleep at a ripe, old age. That's what this concept means and this is also what Santa Muerte represents.
8.) The belief that Santa Muerte is for criminals to help protect them from the law is of rather recent origin and came about by the pre-existing belief in other folk saints, such as Jesus Malverde, who perform a similar role. So it was easy for certain criminals to also believe that Santa Muerte would likewise protect them.
9.) Because Santa Muerte is the angel of death and because death doesn't discriminate, she therefore accepts all those who have been rejected by the Church. People such as criminals, drug dealers, prostitutes, and homosexuals believe that Santa Muerte comes through for them and believe that she is their special patron.
10.) In other traditions there is a "male form" of Santa Muerte called "San La Muerte". His appearance is almost identical but he comes from a separate tradition.
11.) Santa Muerte is not the skeletonized form of the Virgin Mary. Santa Muerte is the angel of death.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Letting Spirits Control You - What Not To Do And How To Keep The Spirits & Saints In Their Place

I received an email today from a distraught woman and it encouraged me to speak out on something I've seen happen online as well as something being taught by even good teachers. This is a form of bad teaching that needs to be stopped. That bad teaching I'm referring to is to allow a spirit to control you.

The email I got was from a woman who was working with some tough spirits and was taught by certain people to allow them to control their entire lives. It got so bad that the woman began to actually fear negativity and evil energy from her saints and spirits when she didn't immediately do what they wanted. She had made the mistake that so many good workers make, allowing the spirits and saints to dominate them and control them. Below is some of my personal advice I would give to workers out there. I believe this advice is a must for people who are being improperly taught about working with the spirits.

1.) Only some spirits are potential trouble-makers. Usually the spirits who can pose problems are going to be "tough-natured" or even dark-natured. Spirits like St. Martha, St. Barbara, St. Expedite, St. Simon, Santa Muerte, etc., are notorious for controlling people and doing so in a way that the worker never realizes it. Because if the worker realizes the relationship is not right then they will do something to fix it or put them in their place. Cooler spirits, such as the Virgin Mary, St. Anthony, St. Jude, etc., rarely if ever cause these types of problems.

2.) Please note that you don't need any spirit in your life. All you really need is God. So don't fall into the trap of thinking that you must work with a given spirit.

3.) Fat Saints are lazy saints. If you are feeding your saints without them doing any work for you then they already have control over you. So for example if every week you are making food offerings, offerings of tobacco, rum, fruit, whatever, and you are not calling upon that spirit for any help then you just may find that the spirit has become fat and lazy and no longer works for you when you need them. You need to put them on a diet. Do not feed them unless you are actually working with them. Instead, only offer them glasses of water.

4.) The saints who demand their own altars and expensive items. Some saints are notorious for demanding their own altars. For some, this is traditional. However, other saints with no tradition of this behavior will also demand their own spaces. You do not have to give in to them. For example, St. Martha will often demand her own altar. St. Martha does not need her own altar. This is how you handle this type of situation. It's happened to me so I am sharing this from personal experience. Go to St. Martha and tell her that you will be delighted to give her her own altar when she grants you a larger home or win the lottery. Then tell her that if this is beyond her power then she needs to make her peace with the other saints and be happy where she is. It works. After I did this I have never had a problem with St. Martha ever again. I didn't get a new home and St. Martha doesn't have her own altar!

5.) When a spirit doesn't deliver you need to punish it. First you should talk to your spirit and find out if there is something the spirit is trying to communicate to you. However, in some cases the spirit won't deliver because it is mad at you for something it should not be. This is where punishment comes in hand. The first form of punishment you should try is scolding in the name of Christ. The second form of punishment is to withhold feedings and make sure the saint sees that you are feeding the other saints so that it knows it is going without. If even this fails then the next form of punishment is to turn the statue of the saint facing the wall or else hang the saint's picture upside down and tell them they won't be turned right until they start to behave and deliver. Usually by this point the saint will shape up and begin to act right. From my own personal experience I can say that 90% of the time scolding the saint in the name of Christ usually is all that is needed.

6.) Dismissing the saint. If you have tried putting the saint on a diet and punishing the saint then you may need to dismiss the saint. When you dismiss a saint this sends a signal to your other saints that you mean business and that they too can be done away with if they don't behave. To dismiss a saint you sprinkle holy water on it and you state in your own words that you are severing your ties to the saint and that your are dismissing the saint in peace. Make sure to close with, " the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and in the name of God the father, God the son, and the God the holy spirit, Amen.". You then must get rid of the saint's image. You can give it away, give it to your local thrift store, or even place it on some one's porch as a surprise gift, but you cannot keep it as you have dismissed the saint. Note: Please think long and hard before dismissing a saint.

7.) Dark Spirits - Spirits like Santa Muerte and St. Simon are dark-natured spirits and it is their nature to control and have power. If you are working with Santa Muerte try to only use her white form as this is her cool aspect. The red and the black forms are hotter, more demanding, and will attempt to control the worker if they aren't careful. It is traditional for Santa Muerte to have her own altar or space. She does not like to share space with any other saint or spirit. She should not be placed with other saints. The same goes with St. Simon. St. Simon is far darker than people realize or are being taught online. St. Simon is believed to be Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ. In actuality he is a pagan god that is still served with blood sacrifice to this very day by the inner circle of his cult. Guess what? -SO IS SANTA MUERTE!!!!! Santa Muerte is indeed offered blood sacrifice by the inner circle of her cultists. So please keep in mind that Santa Muerte and St. Simon have a taste for blood. You have to know this before you start to work with them.
8.) Spirits who have abandoned you. Spirits can and do abandon people for whatever reason. Sometimes it may take a while before the worker realizes this is the case. If you know the spirit has abandoned you then it's best to not to try to bring the spirit back. I would advise putting the statues or images away for a set period of time and if the spirit hasn't returned by the end of that time to dispose of the items and never ask anything of the saint or seek contact with that spirit again.

9.) ****IMPOSTER SPIRITS******

This is the number one problem I know is happening. People online are not being taught this. Just because you buy a statue of a saint doesn't mean that you are working with that saint. Sometimes a dark or negative spirit will pretend to be that saint and if you aren't in tune spiritually-wise, then you may be deceived. I've personally seen this happen a lot with Santa Muerte. For example, I've talked to a woman who claimed that she has this feeling that her Santa Muerte is male. She even described it dressing a sort of way. She had no clue that it's a negative spirit. If you are dealing with an imposter spirit you must banish the spirit in the name of Jesus Christ, get rid of any images, and do a strong cleansing. Imposter spirits can happen for any saint but tend to focus on the tough-natured or dark-natured spirits like St. Martha, St. Barbara, Santa Muerte, St. Simon, etc.  I can tell you from personal experience it has happened to me. I once had an imposter spirit pose as St. Barbara. It turned out to be a lesbian woman who had committed suicide. I picked up on that she was a lesbian but later found out that she had committed suicide by a neighbor. I had to perform an exorcism, banish her, and I burnt the picture of Saint Barbara. Remember, negative spirits lie and they will deceive you. Negative spirits will use people's own ignorance against them. You can combat this by actually researching and learning about a saint before trying to work with them. Please be careful because there is so much nonsense online and negative spirits will thrive on people who are ignorant and fall for the nonsense.

10.) If you feel negativity, evil energy, or that a saint or spirit is angry then you need to take control of the situation. First try to calm the spirit down by sprinkling cold water on it or offering it a glass of cold water. Then try to communicate with it. If it's anger is not calmed by this then you use some of my advice listed above. If the saint or spirit is angry about something it should not be angry about then try to use a creative approach. If worse comes to worse then punish the saint by turning it around. Don't be afraid to dismiss a saint. I've done it before and I'm about to do it again if a particular saint doesn't deliver. There's no use in wasting time and energy on a spirit who won't deliver. Remember, we don't worship the saints or spirits, we work with them. If they aren't "working", then we can and will get rid of them.

I hope this information is helpful and helps to serve to allow people to take back their personal power instead of living in fear and allowing spirits or saints to control or dominate them.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

Tomorrow, Monday, May 28, 2012, is Memorial Day. This weekend is referred to as Memorial Day Weekend. Most people today still don't know that Memorial Day was started by Southern black people. It was originally called Decoration Day and it occurred circa May 1st or May Day. It was a time when black people honored those black and white men who had died during the Civil War. With time the holiday would evolve to officially honor all those souls who gave their lives in order to protect the nation or those who served in the military. Most people today honor all of their dead and not just those who served in the military.

Memorial Day is a major holiday in the South. It is a time of celebrating the memory of the ancestors as well as a celebration of family and life. Memorial Day is also viewed as the unofficial start of Summer. Typical holiday celebrations center around visits to cemeteries where graves of loved ones are cleaned and offerings of flowers and flags are given. Many families hold picnics at the graves of their loved ones and this custom has evolved to where the cemetery itself may hold a barbecue for the families of all who have loved ones buried at the cemetery. Later on, family get-togethers are held. Activities like swimming and sports, and the shooting/watching of fireworks may occur. It is not uncommon for some families to visit local lakes or rivers for relaxment and entertainment. For my family at least, Memorial Day, save for Independence Day, is the one day of the year where we all eat homemade ice cream. The eating of watermelon, the fruit of the Summer, is also popular.

As you celebrate Memorial Day take time to honor those who gave their lives protecting our freedoms and our nation as well as honor the ancestors who have gone before us.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

May Water

There are two forms of May water;

1.) May Day Dew

May Day Dew is the dew that is gathered early on the morning, or before sunrise, on May Day (May 1). A traditional method for rural dwellers is to roll naked in the dew. The performance of such ritual was believed to either maintain or restore beauty and youthfulness. Another method of performing the rite is to rub your hands in the foliage and then spread the dew over one's face, neck and arms. Cloth can also be spread on the vegetation and then rung out to release the dew which is then gathered and bottled.

2.) May Rainwater

May Rainwater is collected from the first rainfall in May. The water is then used on the body to maintain or restore beauty and youthfulness. May Rainwater can also be employed in love and fertility works.

Both forms of May Water can be bottled and used throughout the year. They just must be collected either on May Day or from the first rainfall in May. In addition to maintaining or restoring beauty and youthfulness, May water is also believed to be able to heal and, believe it or not, make one's hands nimble enough to untie any knot.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Those Who Speak Do Not Know, Those Who Know Do Not Speak....

If you know what this is, then you also know what it can be used for in works. Shhh! If you know what it is, keep the secret! I don't think there's anything about using this herb online. Warning: Don't ingest it and don't give it to other's to ingest. That's not how it's used.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Woman Busted For Putting Menstrual Blood In Boss' Coffee

A 24 year-old maid will stand trial for placing menstrual blood in her boss' coffee. The maid has pleaded guilty.

Maid charged over adding menstrual blood to employer's drink

My guess would be that she may have read a certain website online and believed that she could use this to magically gain control over her boss.

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Another Wal Mart Find....

Dragon's blood incense at Wal Mart! I'm stocking up on this because stick form of Dragon's blood incense is very hard to come by.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Important Information On Readings

When people contact me for a reading I normally tell them my policies. I thought it would be best if I go ahead and post them here for interested people to read prior to contacting me.

I currently give two forms of readings, phone and email.

Phone readings are $50 for 30 minutes or $100 for 1 hour. I do my best to keep to the time limit. The clock starts at the time you pick up the phone. Once I receive payment I will email the client to schedule a time period. I will call the client from a private number because I have had problems with people calling me at all hours of the night as well as giving my phone number out. I only allow up to 2 reschedules. If by chance the client cannot answer the phone or be home to answer the phone after the second reschedule then the reading is forfeit and the fee will not be returned.

Email readings are $100 for a full email reading. For a full email reading the client can ask up to 20 questions as long as only 1 (ONE) email is sent.  I will not answer multiple emails with multiple questions. It must be only 1 email. All questions must be numbered. If a question is not numbered I will ignore it. Remember, for this price you can ask as many questions as you like but once you hit "send" it's over. No more questions can be asked for that price. If you have up to 10 questions then you can purchase a normal email reading for $50. If you have more than 10 questions you need to purchase a full email reading. Some clients prefer email readings because they can then print them out and keep them. However, it's up to each individual client as to which method they prefer.

Crystal ball readings are $150 for one hour. Crystal ball readings are very powerful and often far more in depth than traditional readings. A crystal ball reading can be either done via phone or email. Clients are strongly advised to have a pen and paper with them to take notes.

Medium sessions are for clients who wish to receive messages from spirits who have crossed over. A medium session is $150 for 30 minutes or $250 for one hour. Email sessions are also available. Wanting to communicate with a specific spirit is fine but is not guaranteed. Other spirits might come through instead. The client is strongly advised to have a pen and paper to take notes.

Also, please keep in mind that under no circumstances will I call people and speak to them for free. This goes for phone readings as well as phone consultations. If you have questions or are in need of a consultation and want to speak to me over the phone then you will pay me. Otherwise you can communicate with me and ask me questions via email for free.

If you are interested in getting a reading, email me at:

Thank You,


Monday, May 21, 2012

Shout Out To The Ancestors!

A couple of weeks ago I asked my ancestors to lead me to some of their pictures. Last night my Dad gave me a flash drive with stuff on it he thought I would like. There were 2 folders with over 400 pictures combined of my ancestors. Some of the photos dated back to the 1800s! I will post some of them below but I think I will leave out the names just for personal reasons.

A big thank you to the ancestors! I plan on using these pics for my ancestor altar.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Review: The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook

The book is, The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook by Denise Alvarado.

This is a book that is allegedly written from first-hand knowledge and experience in the tradition of "Voodoo Hoodoo". Ironically almost everything in the book can be found online or in easily obtainable books. Very little information in this book seems to actually originate with any person-to-person teachings the author claimed to have received. This would not be a problem had the author not repeat her claim that the book is filled with the teachings she grew up with. How can that be when she references so many source books and when much of the content seems to have been pulled from the Lucky Mojo website?

I will be honest. One of the biggest problems I have with this book is the author's seemingly made-up claim of a tradition of "Voodoo Hoodoo". There is no such thing. What the author is referring to is in fact called New Orleans Voodoo or Louisiana Voodoo. There is no need to invent a new name for a tradition that already has one. One of the reasons why this false notion of "Voodoo Hoodoo" is such a sore topic for me is because I had an unfortunate experience with a self-described witch who claimed to practice hoodoo who fought for the author and claimed there was such a tradition...because the author said so. It is so because the author says it so, right? Of course I disagree with that idiotic view.

The "bad" of the book, other than what I touched on above, is the grammatical errors and unfortunate editing. Some of the spells are repeated in the book. Most of the recipes are taken from online sources or from books and then have seemingly been tweaked and presented as if they were a cherished secret handed down through the family. The spells are also simplistic and when the reader gets to the section on the Psalms, and if the reader is like me, they will be left with the impression that the author has no clue how to use the Psalms in work. Some of the Psalms recommend for various situations have nothing to do with those situations. I believe these errors stem from the fact that the author engages in writing on topics she herself has little experience with. In effect, she is writing to fill pages.

The "good" of the book is that it is a decent introduction. If this is the first book the reader reads on the subject of New Orleans Voodoo or even Hoodoo then I'm sure they will like the content. However, if the reader has been around the block a few times then they will likely find little to nothing redeeming in the book.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 3. I would not recommend spending money on this book. If you must read it then I would recommend checking your local library to see if they have a copy.

Friday, May 18, 2012


The word jinx is slang for a curse and is used either as a synonym for any curse that manifests in extreme bad luck or is used to denote a specific type of curse, usually one that involves "bad words" or pointing.

The word 'jinx' originally meant a type of curse that is cast with what I refer to as "bad words that stick" as well as by pointing at a person. Examples of jinxes would be phrases such as, "You'll never amount to anything", "You can't do anything right", "No girl/guy would ever want someone like you", "You ain't worth a dime", "You'll never be successful", "You screw everything up", etc. When these phrases 'stick' to a person they work to destroy that person's self-confidence and ultimately bad luck will follow. Even yelling the word 'jinx' is enough to jinx someone, which is why many young baseball players will scream it out to their competition when a player is up to bat.

The second form of jinx involves pointing, either with one's fingers or an object. Also included in this is intimidation gestures, such as shooting a pretend gun or even rifle with one's fingers. Of course when doing this one is unconsciously sending ill-will, even possibly death-wishes, to the person. Now, with regard to pointing I'm not referring to the typical pointing where one may indicate directions to a lost person or one may use to count something. Instead, I am referring to pointing that takes place in heated argument. A skilled jinxer will incorporate both pointing and 'bad words'.

In modern times the word jinx has become quite popular and has even developed an additional meaning, such as discussing something before it officially happens. An example of this would be not talking about going to a job interview that went very well for fear that one will jinx one's self and not get the job. Additionally, some people use the word jinx as a synonym for any curse, especially if the curse manifests as bad luck.

In order to protect one's self from jinxes it is important to enforce one's will and confidence. Jinxes only work when they "stick". If one develops a good strong will and self-confidence then the likelihood of a jinx sticking is slim. Other ways one may protect themselves are by crossing one's fingers or by spitting. The latter derives from superstitions regarding the evil-eye and the former is used primarily when a person is discussing something that hasn't officially happened yet. If by chance someone does become jinxed, as in the jinx stuck to the person good, then cleansing or reversal rituals and spells will need to be performed to remove the jinx or reverse it back to the person who caused it.

Note: People can and do jinx themselves with negative 'self-talk'. If you find that you are constantly putting yourself down with negative self-talk, such as "I'll never lose weight", "I'm not good enough", "I don't deserve this-or-that", etc., then make sure to correct such thoughts and counter-act them with positive self-talk.

"Two-Headed Men/Women"

The phrase "two-headed men/women" is a synonym for rootworkers, especially professional rootworkers who takes on paying clients. The phrase "two-headed" refers to the fact that such people have a "head" in the spirit-realm in addition to their earthly counterpart.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Coffin Nails

Coffin nails, the nails used to secure basic pine-box coffins, are items used in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork.

Coffin nails are used primarily for black magic spells against one's enemies but can also be used in white magic spells for protection and to carve names, phrases, and symbols into candles.

In older days, practitioners would dig up coffins in order to retrieve the nails. Since grave desecration is a big no-no and since few people are buried in pine-box coffins these days, an acceptable substitution is rusted nails. The coffin nails that one can purchase at occult shops are in fact rusted nails.

The Conjure Of Sacrifice

The spooky record played in the movie, The Skeleton Key.

The Skeleton Key trailer

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Menstrual Blood

In the practice of hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, men are warned not to accept drinks or foods, especially dark colored drinks or soups or stews, from women who are strangers or who are suspected of being witches. One of the activities associated with witches is that they will sneak some of their menstrual blood into a man's food or drink in order to have power over him and control him.

Today the practice of sneaking menstrual blood into the food or drink of a man is being taught as if it is a standard and normal practice for female practitioners. In the past this belief was more of an urban legend or fear that men had. It was also a common belief that certain mothers had when they felt their sons had become enthralled with a bad woman. Thus the excuse was that the woman was at fault because she had dosed the son's drink and thus the son was blameless.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Intranquil Spirit

The Intranquil Spirit is a black magic spell originating in Mexican Spiritism and Brujeria but which has been adopted for use by various witches of many traditions. The spell calls on "the Inranquil Spirit" as a single entity in order to force a lover who has left to return.

What many people may not realize is that the Intranquil Spirit is not one entity but actually encompasses all damned earth-bound souls who wander the world without rest and without peace. In some version of the spell, the Intranquil Spirit is actually summoned from Hell! These are the souls of witches, rapists, murderers/serial killers, child-molesters, and other horribly wicked people. When the spell is performed the nearest of these spirits to the practitioner will be summoned. The Intranquil Spirit spell works by having the damned soul torment, even possess, the target of the spell, causing them misery and suffering until they return. The target of the spell will not be able to rest or sleep. nor have any peace of mind until they return.

The consequences of using the Intranquil Spirit is that the spell may backfire and that the Intranquil Spirit may be too powerful for the practitioner to control. I do not recommend working with the Intranquil Spirit, but if one is foolish enough to do so then below one can find tips on how to minimize the negative consequences.

- Never work with the Intranquil Spirit inside one's home.

- Do not use the traditional spiritual supplies sold for the Intranquil Spirit. They often have a picture or image of God and the color most associated with such products is pink. The Intranquil Spirit is demonic. If you want strong results, substitute a black candle, scrap the image of God, and use something like 'Black Arts' oil and incense instead. You will also need a photo or personal concern from the targeted person.

- You will need to make offerings to the Intranquil Spirit. The most common offering is a glass of water. (Reminds me of that saying, "....and people in hell want ice water!", with regard to a want or desire that will not be met.) Place the glass of water on the workspace where one will be burning the candle.

- If your spell is successful and the person returns, keep in mind that that person will not truly love you. You cannot force someone to love another person. The Intranquil Spell only works by forcing the target to obey and return.

- The Intranquil Spirit is strong black magic. Therefore please don't fool yourself into thinking that it's not.

- Also, and this is very important, according to some folks, if you work with the Intranquil Spirit you are literally swapping places with the spirit when you die. If the spell works, meaning if the person is brought back, then you will go to hell and that Intranquil Spirit will be freed from hell. Other folk just say that if you work with the Intranquil Spirit then you are damned no matter what because you would be a witch (person who performs unjustified black magic).

- The most often reported consequence of working with the Intranquil Spirit is that after the targeted person returns, the spirit 'won't let go' and is too strong to banish.

- The second most often reported consequence of working with the Intranquil Spirit is that they require more and more offerings. They will start out being satisfied with a glass of water. Next they want slice of bread. Next thing you know they will be demanding a full course meal, a bottle of whisky, and a pack of cigarettes. If their desires are not met then they will either stop working for the practitioner or they will turn against the practitioner. These spirits truly are "the hungry ghosts".

- The third most often reported consequence of working with the Intranquil Spirit is that the practitioner's home is now haunted as a result.

- The Intranquil Spirit spell is not permanent. The practitioner will have to keep repeating it and keep making offerings to the spirit. If the spell is broken and the spirit banished, the targeted person will leave once more.

- The Intranquil Spirit can actually be summoned for any purpose. One will just need to reword the prayer.

- The official prayer and spell can be found below in the first link. Just remember to scrap the pink candle crap and the image of God. Go for a black candle and black arts oil and incense. Recite the prayer listed at that site. As with the tip above, if you want the Intranquil Spirit to do something else, say to torment your enemies, simply reword the prayer.

Below is one practitioner's take on the Intranquil Spirit.



The Unfortunately Popular Intranquility Spirit Spell

Monday, May 14, 2012


The term 'heavy-handed' in the practice of hoodoo/rootwork means, "to hit back harder" or "to play unfair". The term is used in to describe practitioners who, if wronged, will not only perform a reversal to send back the evil and negativity to the person who sent it, but will also perform enemy work on the person on top of it. Basically, it's a double-whammy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Casino Ritual I Saw This Weekend

I went to the casino this weekend and I saw a woman do this little ritual I thought I would blog about. I was sitting at the end machine on a row and she was sitting at the end machine diagonally up from me and on my right. She would lean over toward the machine and looked to be praying. She would then put her hands around the machine in a sort of hug while rubbing the sides of it. She saw me looking at her and she sort of stopped for a moment but then resumed the behavior a little later. I just thought that was funny.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Look What I Found At The Dollar Tree...

Okay, they are carrying the white novenas to the white Santa Muerte but they still won't carry Florida Water like they use to do back in the 90s. I've heard that the reason why the dollar stores won't carry the Florida Water anymore is because they were informed it was being used for "voodoo". LOL

Friday, May 11, 2012

Voodoo, Rootwork, And Medicine

Voodoo, Rootwork, And Medicine by David C. Tinling, M.D.

Justified Work vs. Unjustified Work

The term 'justified work' refers to a type of enemy workpracticed in the hoodoo/rootwork tradition. When enemy work is 'justified' it means that the work is morally and ethically sound to perform and the practitioner should not fear any repercussions from such work. Some examples of justified work include; a woman cursing her rapist, a family goofering the person who murdered their loved one, a woman who hot foots her physically-abusive husband, a married woman who performs a break-up spell on her husband and the hussie who he is cheating with, a man who hot foots his ex-girlfriend-turned-stalker who has damaged his property, poisoned his pet, and accosted his new wife, etc.

Justified work literally entails such a severity of situation that any pain, harm, or suffering to the targeted person is deemed acceptable due to the risk they pose. This does not mean that one can have the intention of causing more pain, suffering, or damage than the person has caused. To have the intention to inflict additional harm or injury is usually unjustified.

Below are some basic situation where 'justified' enemy work could be performed.

- If the person has performed acts of physical violence or has threatened violence.
- If the person is attempting to get you fired or trying to run you off from your job.
- If the person has damaged your home or property.
- If the person is having an affair with your wife/husband.
- If the person is trying to run you out of your home, neighborhood, or is trying to get you evicted.
- If the person engages in severe character assassinations, extreme and continuous harassment or bullying, or repeatedly spreads vicious lies about you.

To put it in more simple terms, if a person messes with your personal safety, income, marriage, home, career, and reputation, one is usually justified in performing enemy work against them to a certain extent.

Unjustified work would include black magic used against an innocent person who has done no wrong. Such would be more appropriately referred to as witchcraft or sorcery.

Practitioners who perform unjustified work, black magic against innocents, need to be worried as the gift of conjure can be taken away by God. The spells can back-fire and the practitioner can screw-up and cross themselves, especially if they are new practitioners. Also, keep in mind that when one does these sorts of works one is channeling the powers of destruction. Such forces are bound to manifest in the practitioner's life as a result.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Conjure, Magic, And Power

Conjure, Magic, And Power: The Influence Of Afro-Atlantic Religious Practices On Slave Resistance And Rebellion by Walter Rucker

Louisiana Voodoo

Louisiana Voodoo, a.k.a. New Orleans Voodoo, is a tradition or practice originally native to Louisiana but has also spread to other locations due to the spread of books, media, and the Internet.

The practice of Hoodoo is only a minimal component of Louisiana Voodoo. In days gone by, Hoodoo played a more prominent role but Louisiana Voodoo has now slowly evolved into an "anything goes" tradition where practitioners can worship whatever god or goddess they so choose, and much like Wiccans and New-Agers, heavily borrow as they seem fit from other religions. A more proper description is that the practice is highly eclectic in nature.

With regards to the practice of magic, some remnants of Hoodoo can be found in the practice of Louisiana Voodoo. The two practices are alike in the use of candles, baths, and the working with Saints. An example of a small difference between the two would be that Louisiana Voodoo practitioners refer to a mojo as a "gris-gris". The main differences between the two is that there is a predominance of creative magic, magic devoid of an established lore, and differing uses for items found in Louisiana Voodoo compared to Hoodoo. Probably the most obvious difference between the magic of Hoodoo and Louisiana Voodoo is that practitioners of the latter will invoke or call upon pagan gods or spirits while Hoodoo practitioners, being Christians, frown on such. Both traditions honor the Saints, use Christian emblems such as the cross or crucifix, holy water, and venerate the ancestors.

Louisiana Voodoo should not be confused with Haitian Voodou. The two are completely distinct.

Practitioners of Louisiana Voodoo tend to be people who seek a more wider spiritual path than the Christianity of traditional Hoodoo.

Note: To confuse matters further, there are actual Voodou practitioners in N.O. and Louisiana. There are also members of other African Traditional Religions, such as Palo, Santeria, and IFA. These peoples should not be confused for practitioners of Louisiana Voodoo unless they claim to practice Hoodoo. Confused?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why Do I Charge People To Talk To Me Over The Phone?

I got this question today from a man who wanted me to call him. He added that his problem was complex and that it may take a couple of hours for him to explain it to me. He was upset when he learned that I would not call him and talk to him for free, that I charge $100 for an hour-long phone consultation or $50 for a 30 minute phone consultation.

So why do I charge money to talk to people over the phone? The answer is easy. Half of the people who contact me do not actually want to hire a worker. Instead, they just want somebody to talk to, somebody to confide their problems to.

When I first began to accept clients from online I was a pushover. I would spend hours talking to people on the phone whom I knew had no intent of ever hiring my services. They just wanted somebody to talk to. I simply cannot do this anymore. My time is valuable.

So the reason why I charge money for a phone consultation is to weed out the people who already know before they contact me that they do not want to hire a worker. If you want to speak to me over the phone you will pay for my time. Otherwise, I offer free email consultations because I can do these at my own leisure and when I have free time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Storing And Protecting Your Candles From Heat During The Summer Months

An online friend asked me on another forum what is the best way to protect candles from the summer heat. He brought up the idea of storing them in the fridge. This is a wonderful idea, especially for taper, stick, emergency, or household candles.

Now, if you have the 7 day candles with the paper labels then you may not want to store these in the fridge due to possible condensation damage to the labels. If you have a stash of 7 day candles you are worried about you can try to store them in the coolest part of the house or else just keep them upright in an out of the way place. As long as they are not moved, tilted, or knocked over they will be fine. In the past when my AC was not so good I've found that 7 day candles left in the heat will still  be good as long as they aren't moved and are kept upright. The only problem that develops is a slight oily surface to the tops of the candles.

Tapers or stick candles should definitely be kept in the fridge during the hot Summer months as these types of candles will warp easily in hot weather. In fact, I know that in the past that I've lost candles simply due to the drive home from the local shop as the weather was so hot. Condensation will not effect these candles.

Now, another tip in storing taper or stick candles is to either use a separate box per color candle or use a thick plastic bag or even aluminum foil to wrap your candles in. This will keep the colors from bleeding. Thin plastic bags are not good enough and the candles will bleed into each other. Candle color bleeding has nothing to do with the weather but heat may speed up the process.

So here are my recommendations of candles that can be stored in the fridge over the hot summer months:

Taper, Stick, or Household Candles
Emergency Candles

Any candle that is poured in glass, such as 7 day candles or jar candles can be kept in an out of the way place. Just be sure not to move them or tilt them.

Please keep in mind that the quality of the wax is a big factor with regard to how much heat candles can take before melting or deforming. Lower quality wax, such as the wax in most 7 day candles will melt faster than higher quality waxes.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Conjure Doctors: An Exploration Of A Black Discourse In America, Antebellum To 1940 by D.H. Brown, Emory University (1990)

Conjure Doctors: An Exploration Of A Black Discourse In America, Antebellum To 1940 by D.H. Brown, Emory University (1990)

Folk Medicine Among Oklahoma Native Americans

A short article on the folk medicine practices among the Native Americans in Oklahoma.

Folk Medicine

Invisibility Work And Spells

Invisibility Work Or Spells is a category of spells found in most traditions of magic. In the practice of hoodoo/rootwork, such usually takes the form of the infamous black cat bone which is believed to make one invisible. Since the harming of cats is a huge no-no, one can substitute black cat hair for a black cat bone in invisibility spells.

Invisibility work or spells are believed to work by making people over-look the practitioner. One is not actually invisible. To help explain it further, have you ever misplaced an item such as keys and have torn-up your home looking for them only to discover they were laying right under your nose and in plain view the entire time? This is how invisibility spells are believed to work.

Invisibility work is good for many situations. One use of such is when gathering graveyard dirt. The practitioner can gather graveyard dirt in broad daylight and even with other people being in the cemetery, all without fear of being accosted by bystanders. Some people use invisibility work on the Police and other authorities to either not fall prey to such things as racial profiling, to avoid harassment, or to even hide their criminal activities. The one area I was taught not to use invisibility work on is one's vehicle. The shop owner who taught me this claimed she had a few customers over the years who told her their sad tales of putting an invisibility spell on their vehicle only to experience being rear-ended by other drivers who "didn't see them".

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Funny Occult Shop Story

These past few blog posts on occult shops reminded me of a funny story I thought I would share.

Circa 2003 I visited a local shop to find that the normal employees weren't there. A male employee was working, which is odd because the owner seems to only hire women. So this employee was following me around everywhere I went and was just talking nonstop. He seemed to have a crush on me. I was actually in a hurry and only stopped by to get a couple of items. So I finally stop the guy and tell him that I'm running short on time and need to get these items checked out and the guy gets offended and says, "(sigh & snarling of mouth)...You're aura is BROWN!".

To this day I still chuckle at that.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Disposing Of Empty 7 Day Glass Candles

I just wanted to take the time to express my opinion about how to dispose of the empty glass from a 7 day glass candle. I know many people know or have been taught to dispose of any remains from a work at the crossroads. So I'm sure people are disposing of these containers at the crossroads as well. I would like to discourage that. Leaving an empty glass from a 7 day candle can prove to be a hazard to drivers and will only serve to tempt attention from local authorities. So instead of leaving the empty glass behind, I would advise to thank the glass for doing it's job and then cleanse it with holy water. Then simply dispose of the glass in the trash or a recycling container. That way no drivers will have issues with flat tires and other damage and the likelihood of the police taking interest will be little-to-slim. Again, these are only my opinions so take them or toss them as you seem fit.

Friday, May 4, 2012

'Black Gypsy Blues' FURRY LEWIS (1928) Blues Guitar Legend

Tips On Shopping At Hoodoo Shops, Botanicas, Yerberias, Wiccan, Occult, New-Age & Metaphysical Shops

Below are listed some good tips for people who are interested in shopping at these stores, especially people who have never visited stores like these before. This information will help give potential customers an idea of what to expect as well as basic knowledge of when they need to take their money elsewhere.

- Most large cities have one or more of these shops. One can find these listed in the yellow pages under such things as candle shops, botanicas, spiritual supplies, religious items, curios, metaphysical, new-age, herbs, etc. Also check out your local flea markets as often there will be one or more of these types of booths set up.

- The owners and employees of these shops will usually put spells on their customers. The spells are money-drawing spells and can be either general or specific in nature. General money-drawing spells are designed to attract money while more specific spells might be to separate customers from their cash or to get them to purchase more items than they should, and with a smile on their face! A frequently heard saying is, "I went in there to only get such-and-such, but left with all kinds of things." Online stores do the same thing. If you order from an online store, you will normally receive an invoice, insert, or flier with your package. These papers may have been fixed by being dressed with powders and oils, again to keep you spending and to purchase things one may not need. One may want to do a little ritual before visiting these shops in order not to be influenced by these spells. A good simple trick to use would be to put a pinch of salt in one's palm, tell it that you want it to allow you to walk shielded from the spells put on you when visiting these shops and that you will only buy what you either go their to purchase or what you need. Make the sign of an "x" and sprinkle it in your shoes. In the case of online shops, when the package arrives do not immediately bring it in the house. Instead, open it up on the porch and sprinkle salt into the box.

- So you find the shop and you decide to visit. Upon entering one should be greeted and asked if they require help. Keep in mind that in some shops one can browse and gather what they need themselves, while in other shops the products and items for sale are behind glass or on shelves and one has to either ask for them or they must be prescribed before they can be bought. In the latter case, one tells the owner or employee the problem they are having and then the person makes recommendations or prescribes things for the customer to purchase. Today, most shops, especially the new-age or metaphysical ones, allow one to browse and select what they want. One will usually not find a basket to use, so when a customer wants to get multiple items they will usually place these items on the counter and then continue to browse. It's quite humorous to visit a shop at a busy time and see the front counter piled up with things customers want to purchase. Just make sure you keep your pile separated from the other piles of other customers.

- Be polite. friendly, professional, and know your boundaries. This last one is very important as the owner and employees are not your friends.

- If you require help, ask. Keep in mind that owners or employees may not be practitioners and may not know how an item is used or may not want to give advice. Usually, if the owner is not a practitioner they will hire at least one employee who is and who knows the use of products.

- Owners and/or employees may be a bit too paranoid about perceived "negative energy". One may have the experience of an employee following one around with a lit smudge stick or incense stick. This has happened to me and I have seen it done on other people as well. One shouldn't be too offended by this behavior. Usually as the owner or employees became familiar with you this behavior will stop. If one has been shopping at that location for years and the behavior doesn't stop, then one should really consider taking one's money elsewhere.

- Owners and/or employees may be a bit too paranoid about potential shop-lifting. One may notice an owner or employee following one around everywhere they go and watching one closely. This behavior will usually stop as the owner or the employees become familiar with you. If you have been shopping at the location for years and this sort of thing is still going on, one should really consider taking one's money elsewhere.

- Owners/employees may assert the house brand of products as being superior to the competition. They may even go as far as bad-mouthing the competition. Don't fall for it.

- Most owners/employees will up-sell. This is a business standard. Up-selling is the practicing of getting customers to purchase more items than they normally would. For example, the employee notices one is buying protection oil and then advises the customer that they also have protection incense that one could use with the oil.

- Most of the shops will have readers available, either in-house or via appointment. Normal rates for readings vary from $25-$50. I would advise to pay no more than $50 for a reading. Another thing to keep an eye on is the times that are posted. Normally readers will charge by a set time, either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour. One needs to factor in the time when considering the price. For example, paying $50 for 15 minutes is simply not worth it. If one has a reading and is not satisfied then do not bad mouth the reader. The professional thing to do is simply not to use that reader again. Keep one's opinion to one's self unless asked by another person and only then feel free to share why one would not recommend that particular reader's services.

- Most shops have classes, workshops, or courses available. Some of these will be free and I highly recommend taking advantage of these. Most of these will cost between $75-$100 and are sound and worth the money. The only problems one might look out for is over-pricing and the scam where one is forced to purchase items from the shop in addition to paying for the workshop.

- After purchasing items one needs to cleanse them. Preferably this needs to be done before the products even enter your vehicle. A good trick to use for this is to bring some salt in your pocket with you when you visit the store. Most of these shops will place your items in a paper or plastic bag. After leaving the store and before getting into your vehicle, sprinkle some salt into the bag. Upon arriving home one needs to thoroughly cleanse the items. Candles can be cleansed with Florida Water, whisky, rubbing alcohol, saltwater, or can even be washed with soap and water. Items that would be damaged from getting wet can be passed through incense or tobacco smoke. Stones and crystals can be cleansed by placing them in a bowl of salt for up to 24 hours. If one has purchased goods from an online store, then one should open the box on the porch and sprinkle some salt into it before taking it inside. Then proceed to thoroughly cleanse the items as with locally bought items.

- A word for men.... Many of these shops are owned by females and most of their employees tend to be female. Some shops only hire women employees. There are many 'man-haters' and sexist women in the biz. When I shop at these stores I go "in the zone" or shielded so they can't bother me, but be prepared to hear a lot of man-bashing from owners, employees, and female customers. Just a heads-up so you don't get offended. I guess the motto to have is, "get-in-and-get-out". Get what you need and scram.

- If one had a bad experience with an employee, by all means feel free to speak to the owner. Remember, this is a business. Keep in mind that a lot of these places are run by families, so one's complaint may not be properly addressed. One might be forced to suck it up and bear it if one wishes to continue to shop at the store. If the problem occurs with the owner then I recommend that one take one's money elsewhere. I've heard horror stories over the years and all I can recommend is that if one had a bad experience with the owner then one definitely doesn't want to purchase spiritual supplies from their shop. If you do have a bad experience with a shop owner then don't bad-mouth the owner. If one is asked one's opinion about the shop by another then one should feel free to state why one would never shop from such store again.

This information above may appear a bit negative but I assure you that this advice will help ensure you a more pleasant shopping experience. I shop at multiple occult shops, both locally and online, and over the years I've only met two women whom I befriended and felt comfortable enough with to open up to. By keeping the relationship between customer and owner/employee professional and polite one can avoid many problems.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

This Is Why Cinnamon Is Used To Heat Up Love, Business, & Money Works......THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE!!!

Most people know that cinnamon is used for love and money works but they don't know why. For one, it's in the bible. The second reason is that it heats up the work.

This is called "The Cinnamon Challenge". After watching these videos I'm convinced that cinnamon would also work great for "shut up work".

Note: The Cinnamon Challenge can be dangerous and may prove fatal if the person inhales the powder. Please do not imitate what you may see in the below clips.

J.T. "Funny Paper" Smith - Seven Sisters Blues Part 1

Memphis Jug Band - Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues

Edward Thompson - Seven Sisters Blues

Hoodoo At Miller's Rexall

You can visit the store's website by clicking below.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Higher-Priced Spiritual Oils Do I Recommend?

A reader left a comment asking me the question that if a person could afford buying a more expensive spiritual oil then what oils would I recommend. Below are my opinions only. You can take them or toss them as you seem fit.

If people can afford to purchase higher priced spiritual oils or products and for some reason they don't want to make their own products then I would advise people to purchase from actual workers who make small batches of products which they empower. Avoid the marketers who make large batches of products at a time and do little to nothing with regard to empowering the product. Most of these marketers have an assembly-line manner of making the oils and the "blessing" the oils receive is generally a generic prayer that they be effective. Usually the marketers won't bless or empower their products with prayer. Those that to do tend to say one prayer over a lot of products at once which is not the same as praying over each and every bottle.

I also recommend people check their local shops and look at the quality of the house-brand oils offered. If the house brand is expensive check to see if it is worth the extra price. I know the house brand in my area is worth the few bucks more it costs because it is made with essential oils with an almond oil base and with added gemstones. However, other house brands are simply oils bought in bulk from Indio/Wisdom and are often thinned out further with extra solvent. I would not buy big money for those type of oils.

I would also definitely recommend people learn to make their own oils. It's fun. And you will create a product that has your time and energy put into it and one that you can personally empower to suit your need.

AA Allen - Witchcraft, Wizards & Witches

This is a Christian sermon against witchcraft. The "witchcraft" being referenced here is hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

Arthur C. Clarke's World Of Strange Powers - The Roots Of Evil

Voodoo, Hoodoo, Witchcraft, & Curses
There is a nice segment with a hoodoo drugstore in South Carolina and a cemetery where people go to have the spirits remove crossed conditions.

Part 1

Voodoo And Hoodoo