Thursday, May 31, 2012

Face-Eating 'Zombie' May Have Been Under "Voodoo Curse"

The girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, the 'zombie' who was shot and killed after eating the face off of a homeless man, believes that Eugene was the victim of a "voodoo curse" that caused the incident.

Girlfriend: 'Miami Zombie' may have had voodoo spell placed on him

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  1. The news stories keep saying it's likely an LSD overdose, but what do you want to bet he was dosed with some datura without even knowing it?

    1. It's not LSD. LSD is not and really never was that popular with black people. LSD hasn't been popular since a short revival in the early 90s, and even then it was mostly white youth who experimented with it.

      Supposedly authorities are claiming that it was "bath salts" which is a substance that is being used to get high but it is sold as if it was for some other use, hence the name 'bath salts'. Just like certain alternatives to marijuana are sold as "incense". The effects are said to be like a mixture of LSD, Meth, and PCP. It's supposely causes psychotic reactions. However, I need to state that it is not proven that the 'zombie' was high on these 'bath salts'. That is just speculation at this point. I can't wait until the autopsy results are released.

    2. I'm with you, I've been following the story pretty closely. The way the media is jumping to blame street drugs reminds of me the principal in Buffy blaming a vampire attack on "Biker gang on pcp."

    3. Yes, it's like they have to immediatley have something to blame. They have no evidence that drugs were involved at this point but it's not going to stop people from claiming that's what caused it.

      As far as the Buffy reference goes, I much prefer Joyce's comment in the episode Gingerbread where Joyce comments about people who have "spontaneous neck rupture". LOL

    4. ROTFL I love that line.

      I'd never heard of bath salts-- then again I live out in the middle of nowhere next to nothing in particular. The last great drug (when I lived in civilization) was X.

      Whatever the cause, I'm praying for the family-- what happened to Rudy and his victim is a huge tragedy.

    5. Wendy, there have been multiple 'zombies' in Miami. There was a case in March and then one in April. Overall I've read there were 5 cases so far. If it was 'bath salts' then it would be much more widespread as they can be bought all over the place. Plus bath salts have been out for a very long time now and this is the first anybody has heard of cannibalism being connected to their use.

    6. Just read the webmd summary and FAQs about bath salts-- nasty stuff.

    7. I would never do it but I have spoken with people who have done it and they say it's nothing like that at all, that it just makes you high.

      Besides, think about it good and hard. You can get bath salts nearly everywhere and they've been around for a long time now. Yet amazingly this is the first time that supposedly they cause cannibalism. And amazingly it's centered only in Miami where they've had like 5 cases over the past few months. Something's not right there.

      I really blame the media on this. The autopsy results aren't in yet the media jumps on the claim that it was bath salts, case closed. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that and it smacks of a cover-story to calm down the sheeple who may get worried that something is going on.