Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Intranquil Spirit

The Intranquil Spirit is a black magic spell originating in Mexican Spiritism and Brujeria but which has been adopted for use by various witches of many traditions. The spell calls on "the Inranquil Spirit" as a single entity in order to force a lover who has left to return.

What many people may not realize is that the Intranquil Spirit is not one entity but actually encompasses all damned earth-bound souls who wander the world without rest and without peace. In some version of the spell, the Intranquil Spirit is actually summoned from Hell! These are the souls of witches, rapists, murderers/serial killers, child-molesters, and other horribly wicked people. When the spell is performed the nearest of these spirits to the practitioner will be summoned. The Intranquil Spirit spell works by having the damned soul torment, even possess, the target of the spell, causing them misery and suffering until they return. The target of the spell will not be able to rest or sleep. nor have any peace of mind until they return.

The consequences of using the Intranquil Spirit is that the spell may backfire and that the Intranquil Spirit may be too powerful for the practitioner to control. I do not recommend working with the Intranquil Spirit, but if one is foolish enough to do so then below one can find tips on how to minimize the negative consequences.

- Never work with the Intranquil Spirit inside one's home.

- Do not use the traditional spiritual supplies sold for the Intranquil Spirit. They often have a picture or image of God and the color most associated with such products is pink. The Intranquil Spirit is demonic. If you want strong results, substitute a black candle, scrap the image of God, and use something like 'Black Arts' oil and incense instead. You will also need a photo or personal concern from the targeted person.

- You will need to make offerings to the Intranquil Spirit. The most common offering is a glass of water. (Reminds me of that saying, "....and people in hell want ice water!", with regard to a want or desire that will not be met.) Place the glass of water on the workspace where one will be burning the candle.

- If your spell is successful and the person returns, keep in mind that that person will not truly love you. You cannot force someone to love another person. The Intranquil Spell only works by forcing the target to obey and return.

- The Intranquil Spirit is strong black magic. Therefore please don't fool yourself into thinking that it's not.

- Also, and this is very important, according to some folks, if you work with the Intranquil Spirit you are literally swapping places with the spirit when you die. If the spell works, meaning if the person is brought back, then you will go to hell and that Intranquil Spirit will be freed from hell. Other folk just say that if you work with the Intranquil Spirit then you are damned no matter what because you would be a witch (person who performs unjustified black magic).

- The most often reported consequence of working with the Intranquil Spirit is that after the targeted person returns, the spirit 'won't let go' and is too strong to banish.

- The second most often reported consequence of working with the Intranquil Spirit is that they require more and more offerings. They will start out being satisfied with a glass of water. Next they want slice of bread. Next thing you know they will be demanding a full course meal, a bottle of whisky, and a pack of cigarettes. If their desires are not met then they will either stop working for the practitioner or they will turn against the practitioner. These spirits truly are "the hungry ghosts".

- The third most often reported consequence of working with the Intranquil Spirit is that the practitioner's home is now haunted as a result.

- The Intranquil Spirit spell is not permanent. The practitioner will have to keep repeating it and keep making offerings to the spirit. If the spell is broken and the spirit banished, the targeted person will leave once more.

- The Intranquil Spirit can actually be summoned for any purpose. One will just need to reword the prayer.

- The official prayer and spell can be found below in the first link. Just remember to scrap the pink candle crap and the image of God. Go for a black candle and black arts oil and incense. Recite the prayer listed at that site. As with the tip above, if you want the Intranquil Spirit to do something else, say to torment your enemies, simply reword the prayer.

Below is one practitioner's take on the Intranquil Spirit.



The Unfortunately Popular Intranquility Spirit Spell


  1. You know.... its wrong for people to sell this product to look innocent and harmless. I mean if you want to conjure up an Intranquil Spirit, that's your business, but I don't think most are aware of what it truly is.

    Most people who buy that product are not in the right frame of mind, heart broken and desperate. If you got to conjure something from Hell, to make someone love you, it isn't worth it.

    1. @ benita
      I couldn't agree more.

    2. @ Benita,

      Yeah, the whole pink candles and sweet-smelling oil is hilarious when it comes to the Intranquil Spirit. I can only assume it's done to try to sugar coat the Intranquil Spirit and make it appear less demonic than it actually is. And yes, most people who work with the Intranquil Spirit are desparate and don't quite realize the dangers or the consequences.

    3. I honestly think it was casted on me because once I went in search of a love spell and started researching Intranquil Spirits I had all the symptoms. Just to name a few depression, not being able to sleep, feeling obsessed with this person and I even tried to attempt suicide because I couldn't have this person which is so unlike me. I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder but I only have symptoms when this person and I are distant.

  2. I wasn't going to comment but maybe this comment might help someone who is inexperienced and doesn't take your warning seriously.

    I won't get into specifics, but I did the intranquil prayer many moons ago when I was inexperienced and had no idea about the consequences. This was long before blogs like this existed and only a few webpages on hoodoo and this prayer specifically existed. All I read was "this prayer will make your ex miserable until he/she returns to you". That was enough to get me prayin' like a madwoman.

    In short, it worked but with side effects. Now with knowledge and age I know if I have to reach for this prayer, this isn't the guy for me. If I have to resort to summoning a spirit from hell to get someone to simply contact me, I may as well go to their house and force them to talk to me at gunpoint.

    I don't say this from a place of all-knowing or supremacy because, at this moment, I'm dying to get a guy back who hasn't contacted me in nearly a month and may very well never contact me again. However, I will work other spells before I resort to such tactics. I'm all for force in some situations but again, if you have to point a spiritual gun at someone's head, you need to think about why you're going to such lengths for one person.

    1. @ TheDevilYouKnow,

      A very wise warning. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    2. I was a novice and used the intranquil spirit spell which to a degree i think it worked, but it has also had an effected me. Does this spell ease with time or is there something i can do to stop it?

    3. @ Anonymous,

      The Intranquil Spirit is something you will have to keep doing to see results. However, it is possible you may get a spirit on you because you are working with a damned soul. If that's the case then you may not be able to remove that spirit yourself and may need to seek a professional worker.

  3. What other spirits can I call on to separate my ex and new girlfriend ?

  4. what herbs and oils from my kitchen and garden can i use instead of purchasing the online intranquility supplies?

  5. i bought this kit intraquel worked it 2 days almost killed myself on the steps got the shit scared out of me i want this pink candel and demon gone. anytips i am going 2 buy cleansing but now i no and am very scared

  6. I can't believe that Lucky Mojo Co sells this! Do they even know?

  7. So i bought the candle lit it then look online im kinda afraid now i never did this before and didnt know wat i bought when i went to the store this one was recommended is it bad if i turn it off? If its bad wit kids in the house i didnt want bad things to happen but i dunno wat to do now any advice?!?i mean i went back to the store and they assures me its ok but i dunno wat to do now....

  8. I had lots of problems..fight and even death in my home..i was doing intranquil..it is dangerous...my premises was invaded by negetative forces

  9. great stuff keep up the good work form Melbourne Australia

  10. YESSSS!! This spell is AWFUL! I, too, casted it many times out of desperation to get back someone I thought was the love of my life. I really didn't know any better and all that ended up happening was my home was haunted!! This spirit wanted me to let it in my home and would knock every night, three times, on a wall in an empty apartment next to me. It was scary and very disconcerting!!! The person I cast it on never did come back but he looks terrible and has had no luck with money. But, I myself have also been terribly affected - I've had no luck finding a FT job, I've gone bankrupt and everytime I try to get back on my feet with a business, a new career or financially, it all collapses very HARD. I told the spirit to leave a long time ago, but the bad luck/negativity on ME has not changed. Now, I need to find a way to reverse the negative energy on this person that has circled back to ME.

    1. I noticed that nobody mentioned anything about cleansing and protection. Did you spiritually cleanse and protect yourself before and after doing this spell? If not, that would explain why you were effected as well. I've performed this spell more than once and I've never had a problem with the spirit coming after me because I made sure to cleanse and protect. If you did protect yourself, the spirit may have found it easy to attach itself to both parties instead of just the target. The Intranquil Spirit isn't suppose to come anywhere near the petitioner. No matter how you perform this spell, the target is the ONLY one that's suppose to be effected.