Friday, May 11, 2012

Justified Work vs. Unjustified Work

The term 'justified work' refers to a type of enemy workpracticed in the hoodoo/rootwork tradition. When enemy work is 'justified' it means that the work is morally and ethically sound to perform and the practitioner should not fear any repercussions from such work. Some examples of justified work include; a woman cursing her rapist, a family goofering the person who murdered their loved one, a woman who hot foots her physically-abusive husband, a married woman who performs a break-up spell on her husband and the hussie who he is cheating with, a man who hot foots his ex-girlfriend-turned-stalker who has damaged his property, poisoned his pet, and accosted his new wife, etc.

Justified work literally entails such a severity of situation that any pain, harm, or suffering to the targeted person is deemed acceptable due to the risk they pose. This does not mean that one can have the intention of causing more pain, suffering, or damage than the person has caused. To have the intention to inflict additional harm or injury is usually unjustified.

Below are some basic situation where 'justified' enemy work could be performed.

- If the person has performed acts of physical violence or has threatened violence.
- If the person is attempting to get you fired or trying to run you off from your job.
- If the person has damaged your home or property.
- If the person is having an affair with your wife/husband.
- If the person is trying to run you out of your home, neighborhood, or is trying to get you evicted.
- If the person engages in severe character assassinations, extreme and continuous harassment or bullying, or repeatedly spreads vicious lies about you.

To put it in more simple terms, if a person messes with your personal safety, income, marriage, home, career, and reputation, one is usually justified in performing enemy work against them to a certain extent.

Unjustified work would include black magic used against an innocent person who has done no wrong. Such would be more appropriately referred to as witchcraft or sorcery.

Practitioners who perform unjustified work, black magic against innocents, need to be worried as the gift of conjure can be taken away by God. The spells can back-fire and the practitioner can screw-up and cross themselves, especially if they are new practitioners. Also, keep in mind that when one does these sorts of works one is channeling the powers of destruction. Such forces are bound to manifest in the practitioner's life as a result.


  1. Great post Doc.

    I think a lot of new people get lead astray by those that claim they can get away with unjustified work if they *feel* its justified and wash-up good (psalm 51) afterwards.

  2. I grew up hearing what goes around comes around...glad I listened as stubborn and bull headed as I was!!

  3. This is all good. But you have "witchcraft" (which typically adheres to the maxim, "Harm None") and "sorcery" (which involves the evokation of higher being that would never stoop to the levels you suggest) all wrong. Likewise, "Black Magic" is to witches what justified work is to Vodouisants. There is really no term for those who manipulate energies and such to the harm of others. I think a phrase we can all universally agree upon is "in for a taste of their own medicine."

    1. No, I used the term 'witchcraft' correctly. The belief that witches are really good, part of this ancient religion, etc., is just Wiccan b.s. and propaganda.

      Also, there are indeed various supernatural entities who are dark-natured and will indeed hurt and kill on behalf of any witch or practitioner.

      Please realize that I'm sort of biased against Wiccans because I'm tired of their lies and distortion of history. The Wiccan religion itself has Satanic origins and almost every single person who claims to be Wiccan has no clue about this at all. The early Wiccan founding fathers and mothers, claimed to be initiatied with sex with their high priests, priestesses, via incest or forced sex with a relative, with bloodletting (having to cut themselves) and with animal sacrifice. Additionally, Wiccans of the past decades were not opposed to using figures or images of Satan in their rites. They believed Satan IS Pan. So today we have Wiccans lying and claiming that the devil has nothing to do with Wicca when in reality they are ignorant of the history of their own religion.

      Sorry, I just needed to make that clear to you. If you are a Wiccan you are welcome here. but this is not a Wiccan blog and I'm not that fond of Wiccans. I respect their right to do what they want to do, but that's about it.

    2. Sorry forgot to add that you used the term "Vodouisants". That is the wrong term. Voodoo is a religion. I'm a conjure worker and practice what is referred to as conjure, a.k.a. hoodoo or rootwork. Just wanted to clear that up.

      Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is centuries older than Wicca.

  4. What if I don't know where the person lives to place the jar. Any alternatives?

  5. So, if I do negative work on my abusive ex new girlfriend to make her go away from him (giving her a taste of the hell he put me through) is considered unjustified? Because he is a Narcissist and it seems impossible to do work on him. Yes she's innocent, she doesn't even know he was cheating on me with her, and altought I feel angry towards her, when I cleanse myself with hyssop I do feel sorry. I try to be specific too, giving this woman the same bad things I endured while with him (like insomnia, gastritis, fights with friends and family, issues at keeping a job, nothing life-threatening) stating that she runs for the hills away from him, as a result and that it's only this bad when she interacts with him and as long as she has a relationship with him.
    I don't want to harm this woman but I want her to see the truth about him and just go, he's a wicked, manipulative, heartless man that needs to be alone and get a taste of his own medicine.