Friday, May 25, 2012

May Water

There are two forms of May water;

1.) May Day Dew

May Day Dew is the dew that is gathered early on the morning, or before sunrise, on May Day (May 1). A traditional method for rural dwellers is to roll naked in the dew. The performance of such ritual was believed to either maintain or restore beauty and youthfulness. Another method of performing the rite is to rub your hands in the foliage and then spread the dew over one's face, neck and arms. Cloth can also be spread on the vegetation and then rung out to release the dew which is then gathered and bottled.

2.) May Rainwater

May Rainwater is collected from the first rainfall in May. The water is then used on the body to maintain or restore beauty and youthfulness. May Rainwater can also be employed in love and fertility works.

Both forms of May Water can be bottled and used throughout the year. They just must be collected either on May Day or from the first rainfall in May. In addition to maintaining or restoring beauty and youthfulness, May water is also believed to be able to heal and, believe it or not, make one's hands nimble enough to untie any knot.


  1. Heres another charm we use with may water. Just gathered 3/4gallon last night. May water was and is still used in some families. Rinse your hair in may water after all is collected an you and all heads rinsed in it will be lice proof. Feel free to use and add this if yould like too

  2. This is exciting to learn! It rained on May Day here and I collected a good bit of it.

  3. I need some May water now for protection against my neighbors--2 cups. Can anyone help?