Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Higher-Priced Spiritual Oils Do I Recommend?

A reader left a comment asking me the question that if a person could afford buying a more expensive spiritual oil then what oils would I recommend. Below are my opinions only. You can take them or toss them as you seem fit.

If people can afford to purchase higher priced spiritual oils or products and for some reason they don't want to make their own products then I would advise people to purchase from actual workers who make small batches of products which they empower. Avoid the marketers who make large batches of products at a time and do little to nothing with regard to empowering the product. Most of these marketers have an assembly-line manner of making the oils and the "blessing" the oils receive is generally a generic prayer that they be effective. Usually the marketers won't bless or empower their products with prayer. Those that to do tend to say one prayer over a lot of products at once which is not the same as praying over each and every bottle.

I also recommend people check their local shops and look at the quality of the house-brand oils offered. If the house brand is expensive check to see if it is worth the extra price. I know the house brand in my area is worth the few bucks more it costs because it is made with essential oils with an almond oil base and with added gemstones. However, other house brands are simply oils bought in bulk from Indio/Wisdom and are often thinned out further with extra solvent. I would not buy big money for those type of oils.

I would also definitely recommend people learn to make their own oils. It's fun. And you will create a product that has your time and energy put into it and one that you can personally empower to suit your need.


  1. Yes please avoid the marketers, especially a certain one who not only charged me for an item I didn't receive, but then took more money out of my account and has yet to return it.

  2. @ Doc,

    I was so mad I was in tears. And they kept telling me they refunded it, but they didn't. I'm dealing with my bank to get the money back and its going to be a pain in the @ss.

    My friends always wonder why I don't practice Hoodoo like that anymore, its because I have become bitter about it, bc of individuals like that.

    Also bc people are getting cheated, lied to and taken advantage of and its wrong. But this blog is awesome and gives me hope. Not to be kissing cheeks, but you're doing a good thing with this.

    1. @ Benita,

      You are not the first person I've heard this from. I know what shop you are referring to and I can say that you are not alone. It's not happened to me perosnally, but I've heard it before from other people.

  3. Hi there, do you sell oils that you make? Unless you can recommend a honest company that you've used prior to making your own? Thanks